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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 29

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The human whom Beelzebub dragged out was dressed with a seemingly lovely appearance.

Sweet features with soft looking hair. She looked cute with her plumped lips and her big eyes as well.  

(So this is the woman that Cedric chose over Aileen)

Claude looked down on her while propping himself on the throne by resting his chin on his hand.

In between the King and the monsters that were surrounding her, the young lady was standing on the recently remodeled marble floor while blinking her eyes nervously.

「……I'm sorry for making you show me the way……Ah, I, my name is Lilia Rainworth. As I thought, you're the Demon King-sama, aren't you?……Thank God. Do you remember me?」(Lilia)

Recrossing his long legs, Claude asked her the only thing he was curious about.

「How do you get into the barrier without me noticing?」(Claude)

「Eh? What do you mean?」(Lilia)

Claude narrowed his eyes towards the young lady who was candidly fixing her gaze on his red eyes. There was no uneasiness in her eyes.

(Her tolerance towards magic is strong。……Is she related to the Maiden of the Holy Sword?)

That's why she could go past the forest's barrier.

As understanding dawned upon him, Claude turned towards Beelzebub whose gaze seemingly indicated that he wanted to say something. Claude stood up with a sigh.

「Whatever, let's return」(Claude)

「Eh……Umm, please wait a minute! Y, you're angry, aren't you? Because Max was being rude to you the other day……!」(Lilia)

「I'm not interested」(Claude)

「I always thought that I need to apologize. And, I want you to reconcile with Cedric……!」(Lilia)

Frowning, Lilia crossed her hands in front of her chest while standing.

「I heard a story. You've always been raised separately from each other……so, you're interested in Claude-sama. Surrounded by monsters, sure enough, you took upon the Demon King's role to prevent conflict between humans and the monsters. That kind of thing is too sorrowful. It's terrible when everyone left everything to you. All alone……」(Lilia)

 ――I respect your strength. (Aileen)

He recalled the exact opposite of those words. He wondered what he would think if he was to listen to those words before listening to Aileen's.   

With his gaze, Claude restrained Beelzebub who was about to say something. Then, he spoke to her.

「But right now, this forest is currently surrounded by the troop sent by that Cedric, though?」(Claude)

「That's a misunderstanding. Both Max and Cedric are kind; they're just worried about me……They're being impertinent because of the threatening letters」(Lilia)

「Isn't your mistake the cause for their impertinence? (1) Because the culprit behind the threatening letters is you after all」(Claude)

Lilia's big eyes were gazing at him in wonderment, and she stopped moving. After that, she dropped her shoulders.

「……So, you're aware of that. I do think that it was bad. Even I feel ashamed of myself for doing that……However, this is the only way to stop Aileen-sama」

「Stop her?」(Claude)

「I wanted to tell you that I've seen through Aileen-sama's scheme. I know at first glance that you're a kind person; however, isn't it easy for conflicts to be triggered when there's poor contact between humans and the monsters?Isn't there a conflict with Max the other day as well?」(Lilia)

Exactly right now, the one who made the chance to violate the peace treaty due to poor contact was this woman, but Claude said nothing and continued to listen to her.

「That's why I, before Aileen-sama can commit a crime, I will run away myself. Since Cedric and Max are excellent people, they will end up capturing Aileen-sama. Those three are childhood friends. That kind of thing is bad」


「If I were to run away in my own self-made performance, Aileen-sama will not be charged with crimes. I'll properly explain to everyone later because I'm sure they will understand」

Sure you will, Claude agreed with that chilling thought.

In that foolish surrounding, those people would definitely be moved by the kind Lilia who was lying for the sake of covering up for Aileen's crimes.

And then, Aileen would be handled like a criminal without evidence――No, before that.

「First of all, based on your story, it seems like Aileen had a reason to inflict injuries upon you?」(Claude)

「……Because Aileen-sama truly like Cedric-sama, after all」

So, it was natural to feel resentment towards her.

When she meekly answered that, Lilia frowned.

She didn't even realize how arrogant that thought was.

「Moreover, I can't leave you alone no matter what……I want to meet you once again and have a talk with you」

Lilia's cheeks were faintly dyed in red color; she softly looked up at Claude.

At that moment, Claude "uncomfortable index" broke off its threshold.

A gust of winding wind occurred. Together with a mocking laughter, a tempest blew violently around the King; the monsters blocked their ears and huddled their bodies together. Lilia finally seemed like she was in a difficult position. However, she still raised her voice while blocking her ears from the shock wave. She had rather admirable guts.  

「F, forgive me! You would be troubled if I suddenly told you something like that. But, I」(Lilia)

「Troubled? I'm not troubled with that. I can't help but feel pleasant. Aileen too, there's a cute thing about her, isn't there? To think that she had been done by a woman of this standard」(Claude)


With a snap, a pillar supporting the throne cracked. Without minding about that, Claude silently walked forward into the tempest of emotions that was blowing violently.

「However, it feels unpleasant if you think that there's Cedric in that cause」(Claude)

Because Aileen was blinded by her love for Cedric, she had been done by this kind of woman.

Even now, didn't Aileen approach him to exact revenge upon Cedric even if it's in the smallest amount of desire? Isn't that the reason she made a condition『better than Cedric』 when she asked him to be her escort?

Why is it? It's unforgivable even if it was only a possibility. I want to tear it apart even if it's just a delusion.

「My amusement had been reduced」(Claude)

The tempest stopped precisely along with those words.

With a cold cutting look, Claude brought his face closer before the human woman's eyes.

「Get out of my sight, woman. I am busy」(Claude)

「Eh……B, but, my story is yet」(Lilia)

The figure of the flustered woman paled. The reason why she wasn't teleported instantly was certainly as one would expect: she possessed the resistance to opposing something evil. But, Claude who had already completely lost his interest on her ability, turned his back on her and faced Beelzebub.

「Let's go, Beelzebub。We’re late」(Claude)

「Yes。However, outside of the forest is」(Beelzebub)

「Keith should have made the necessary preparations in secrecy. In any case, I think they will not be able to enter this forest」(Claude)

「Uh, Umm――Please wait for a minute! W, why?Why?What went wrong?」(Lilia)

The woman with disheveled hair who had become as thin as the spring haze was confused. Claude gave an easy-to-understand explanation with a cold look on his eyes.

「I don't have the slightest interest towards you」(Claude)

Undoubtedly, no one had ever done something like rejecting her from the moment she was born.

When she finally understood his words, Lilia had a look of shock on her face; and finally, the noisy human woman vanished.

With a snap of his fingers, the ruined throne was fixed; he arranged his appearance and looked at his pocket watch.

It had been a while since the evening party had started.

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