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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 24

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「That's right! This, this is the scent! You've extracted it well……!」

Irene smiled, feeling satisfied with the lavender scent that didn't differ much from the scent she remembered from her previous life. Luc looked at Donny.

「It's all thanks to the steam distiller Donny made for me」

「I also want rosemary scent. That's my favorite scent」

「Certainly, that's a pleasant scent……Something in that sense is perhaps chamomile?」  

「That's right. I want fruits like orange or lemon to be blended. And, let's divide the effects and make a foundation lotion. If we increase its rarity value, we can sell it expensively」

「Heave-ho, that's a present from me」 

As he said that, with a thud, Isaac made Luc hold a big envelope with documents inside.  

「I put together clinical cases showing effective usage of herbs and essential oils. They're even widely known common talk amongst the common people」

「……Lavender essential oils are effective for burns……Herbs can be used as protection against the plague? Is this true?」

Luc flipped through the documents one after another together with Quartz who was looking into them from Luc's side.

「The herbs used were thyme, sage, mint……one of the herbs is highly effective for sterilization purposes. So, by pickling these herbs thoroughly, we can produce herbal vinegar? If so, strong bactericidal action can be expected……」

「In other words, it's a disinfectant。…… This, I wonder if we can even spread this to the commoners? It's similar to the things that the commoners had made after all……」

「But we can devise a method for selling them without making it look like we're selling a medicine」

Isaac showed a villain-like smile. Irene nodded her head.

「Let's start working on that in the future. Right now, our priority is to make a profit. Face lotion first and after that, I would like to apply them to things such as bath salt, soap, and many other things. Please report in any time if you find something else」

「Understood. This forest is awesome」

「――In addition of being an environment for the monsters, there are also plants that I've never seen before……」

「It's the ironclad rule to harvest just to an extent that it won't affect the monsters ecosystem, remember? Claude-sama will get angry at you, you know?」

Quartz nodded repeatedly. In the first place, for a guy like him who cherishes plants, warning him regarding that instance is probably unnecessary.

「Next is about the castle's repairment matter. Donny, how's the progress?」

「It's doing well! At first, I thought of what would become of me because a residence for the monsters was something I've seldom make; now, I can't help but feel excited about it! And, don't you think I did a good job with this kitchen as well!?」

Donny smiled broadly with both of his arms spread out.

As per the monsters' wish, the kitchen was completed first and was used as the gathering place for Irene and the others. Since there were no other good places available, meetings were held at a long table that would normally serve as a dining table for the servants.  

According to Keith, the castle's kitchen was too small to be used for entertaining guests. However, it was designed with a perfect layout for placing fire, food storage, and a convenient back door that could be used to go outside.  

「All I'm doing was boiling grasses and flowers, though」

「But with all the completed ingredients, Irene-sama can bake sweets here too」

「I don't have time for that. And, there's still one big problem left」  

「That's right! Girl, bake cookies!」

A crow wearing a bow-tie flew out from her shadow behind her. After that, the monsters came out bustling and gathered around Irene's feet and above her head.  

「Ore-sama, Almond! (1) Cake with strawberries!」

「Pie, give me……」

「Tart, I don't know, I want to eat」

Without turning around, Irene felt the veins on her temple throbbing. (2)

「How many times do I have to say that my shadow is not a convenient passage……Go back, right now!」



「Don't chorused! The other day, it was you lots who ate all the sweets inside my room while I was sleeping, right!?」

「You, didn't bring them, bad!」

It became extremely defiant. But instead of being outnumbered, the others started to make a ruckus as well.  

「If you don't want to make it, we'll take the sugar, nuisance!」

「Other plants as well, we won't take them! We won't tell anything anymore!」  

「Donny is different! Roof, rain, hiding place! Useful!」

「Fine, once my work is done, I'll make them for you; and, I'll even listen to what you want to say, so please wait!」

Irene firmly caught a crow that flew around with her barehand. Then, she forcefully tried to stuff it down into the cracks of her shadow.  

But, the crow resisted cheekily by flapping its wings vigorously.

「Violence, violence! I'll tell Demon King-sama!」

「That's my line. Didn't I tell you guys that I'm still in the middle of working……!」

「……Don't get in her way」

The quiet voice caused the hustle and bustle made by the monsters to suddenly cease.

「And, even if all of you can use that shadow, don't carelessly use it to get out of the barrier」

「OK, OK!」

「You said that the other day as well, but for eating snacks……Wait, are you trying to run away!?」

Irene stomped her feet on the ground while watching the monsters flew back and disappeared into her shadow one after the other.

Reluctantly, she glared at Claude who was standing at the entrance with Keith.

「Claude-sama, don't you think you've been pampering those monsters way too much? They often come into my room to pester me for sweets, especially those crows!」

「Aren't you gathering information about the forest in exchange for the sweets?」

「That is that, this is this!I wonder if I should mix in anesthetics one more time……!」  

「If you do that, perhaps they will no longer tell you about the interesting places in the forest like where you can get the delicious fruits」

Keith laughed meaningfully. Irene crossed her arms and sighed.

「……I'll give the reward, but etiquette is important. Please give them a proper warning, Claude-sama. If the monsters were to be found in the mansion of the D'Austriche Ducal House, there will be an uproar, you know?」  

「I thought that you would be able to do something about the monsters」

「Yes, but……!」

「Ok, ok, that's enough talking about the monsters educational policies. It's about the funds.  As soon as we filed the report, we are able to successfully procure the funds. Wow~ it's rapidly solved; Jasper-san is excellent, isn't he?!」   

Jasper who wasn't pressed for the deadline was able to write an adequate article; Keith looked at Jasper with cold eyes.

「Jasper, you were scared, weren't you? But in a blink of an eye, you manage to obtain the evidence. It was as if you've been prepared for it」   

「No way, it's a coincidence」

「Moreover, it seemed like Jasper provided other corruption evidence without telling the identity of the embezzlement victim. What is your intention?」

「EhーI mean, isn't it uncool to make the story about Demon King-sama who doesn't have living expenses into a news?」

A bundle of lavender flowers on top of the table withered immediately. Donny was the first to exclaim.

「Ah, Demon King-sama's feelings were hurt!」

「That's why everyone shouldn't be worried and keep on working hard with a peace of mind. All that's left is the evening party, in which I'll be eagerly making the preparation for! Since I'll be making Claude-sama wear the best suit he has, that's why Irene-sama as well, don't lose, okay?!」

The grinning Keith amused everyone. Irene showed a lady-like smile.

「Yes, I'll do my best」

「Uwaa, we look forward to it. Right, Claude-sama?!」

When Keith called out Claude-sama's name, she felt shaken to an amazing degree. But, without showing it, she looked like she was free of worries thanks to the invulnerable smile of a lady she was trained to put on as much as possible during her training as the Empress candidate. She looked at Claude as naturally as possible.

But, Claude's extremely beautiful features stiffened. (3)


It was supposed to be just a simple chat; but, for some reason, the silence was deafening. For heaven's sake, I want him to at least say something even if it is just perfunctory. Then, the moment Irene's smiling face seemed to twitch a little, Claude moved his lips as if he was struggling.  

「……Not really」

With only that, he suddenly turned his face away and simultaneously, his figure vanished into thin air.

A strange silence was in the kitchen's air. Already composing herself, Irene muttered in a low voice.  

「……。I wonder if he wanted to say that nothing much would change even if I wear to dress up……?Listen up, everyone! No matter what it takes, we will turn this face lotion into a perfection and render that Claude-sama speechless!」

「Eh~……Is that what you end up saying, Irene-sama? You'll hurt Demon King-sama's pure heart!」

「Such a shame. It looks like Irene-sama isn't aware of the reason she's getting so worked up, though」

Keith and Isaac were astonished. With a bang, she placed her hand on top of the table, interrupting the current air.

「Come on, work! There's only a month left before the evening party……!」

「Ah, the lavenders are blooming again」

Everyone shrugged their shoulders at Donny's comment, but Irene was too angry to catch the sight of that blooming lavenders.

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