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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 23

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She wasn't really satisfied with the way their conversation ended just now, but she properly finished her greeting to Claude.

(1)Irene immediately wanted to discuss work. She can see the clear sky that was due to the shabby King, then looked back on everyone who had a strange look/expression on their face.

「Now, let's talk about work」

「You're quick to switch over to work as usual!And, what's with the conversation just now?」

「Stop it, Isaac-Bocchan!」(2)

「Who are you calling Bocchan, pretentious Hero of Justice-ossan!」(3)

「It seems like phenomena such as tornado and lightning strike happen when the Demon King's emotions are being disturbed」  

Isaac silently grabbed both of Jasper's shoulders. Luc muttered with a serious look on his face

「……Which one do you think is better compared to Prince Cedric ?」

「……。It's difficult to compare」

「But, the Demon King-sama seems like a good person. He's such a beautiful personーI want to make a sculpture of him」

「That's enough everyone, let's focus on work. I don't have time to waste for all of you」

When she clearly declared that, while exchanging looks with each other, everyone reluctantly turned around to face Irene.   

「Donny, I'd like you to renovate the castle according to Claude-sama's wish. Beelzebub-sama, please interpret the words of the monsters for him」

「Can't be helped. It's the King's command, come, child」

「I, even though I look like this, I'm 16 years old though……」

「Japser will be investigating the embezzlement issue. Keith-sama too will cooperate with you」

「……understood. Look forward to working with you, attendant-san」

「Yesyes, best regards. Let's exploit those people thoroughly, okay!」

Jasper showed a cramped smile at the sparkling Keith. But, Irene thought that it would be alright even if she left those two men alone to do their job; Then, Irene began to talk about the most difficult issue.

「Isaac, Luc, Quartz. I'll have all of you to help me launch my new business」

「New……is it? If it's the prescriptions of the things that I've made such as the soap, I remembered them you know? How about making the same thing as that? If you wish for some improvements, I can make it just a little」

「……。There are still some materials left, too」

Isaac spoke before Irene could.

「We can't. Although Prince Cedric is a jerk, he's not stupid. During the evening party that's gonna be held in two months, Irene is to sign the transfer document of the new medicine development business. The business monopolization should naturally be included in that document. By the way, with only a slight improvement and if it happens to have a faulty, the possibility for the sales to be stopped or taken away is high. That's why, if we want to do it, we need to do another business. We must develop something that can't be called medicine. So, what are we going to make?」

Irene laughed while thinking that the discussion moved faster with him around.

「I have something I want to do. Cosmetics」


「Noble ladies spend their money like hot spring water for their good looks. That's like regular medicine for those ladies. We're going to take advantage of that fact. But, I just want to avoid the situation in which I'll be stripped of my noble reputation」

Doing business with nobles is prone to a political problem as the nobles have the tendency to siphon off profits. It was an idea that she voluntarily withdrew in consideration of Cedric's position as not to make as many political opponents as possible for him.

But even then, her Brothers and even her Father told her it was an interesting idea at the beginning. So it should be promising.  

「……It's worth doing. I'm in. Luc, Quartz. What about you guys?」

With his arms crossed, Isaac shifted his attention to Luc and Quartz who were going to be in the center of the development.  

「Even after that explanation, I still can't get the point……I mean, I understand why medicine is out of the question, but」

「Think about it like this, Luc. These things called cosmetics are the kind of medicine that can clean women's skin」

The women in this world, just a little while ago, would apply beeswax to the face powder as though they were painting a picture.

But, applying makeup was different from painting. Cosmetics were products with chemicals that actually considered the condition of the skin. In her previous life, like her body, her delicate skin gave her quite a hard time; she eventually leaned towards a hand-made product. So, she remembered the basics.

And now, in this place, cosmetics were still paintings and wasn't even in the field of science.

「Please cure skin diseases――or something close to it in a sense. We apply ointment to the roughened hands to prevent callouses, right? It's something similar as that」

「……I see I think I understand. I'll try to do it……What about you Quartz?」

「……。First, it'll be made from water because it's called a face lotion. Similar to the smooth hands that had been washed……like liquid cosmetic made from loofah extract​ as such?」

「Yes, that's right!」

I had a feeling that I've heard about it.

(Something like deep ocean water or hyaluronic acid, but still I don't know how those can be obtained, though!)

I want them to develop it sooner or later. But, it seems like it might take a considerable number of years.   

「Basically, it should be rich and moisturizing. Water and essential oil――it'll be good if we can mix in an aroma. Ah, maybe we can sell the aroma as well? There isn't something like aroma massage or something like that, right?」

「Aroma……?What is that?」

「I'll explain about it again later. Please complete that by the time of the evening party. Since I'll be using it, and if Claude-sama is next to me, there should be a synergy between us」

「Are you planning to become an advertising sign? That Demon King-sama is excessively beautiful, after all」

「That's right! That's why at least, please make it to the level that I won't lose to him when I stand next to him」  

Isaac drew back at Irene's desperation.

「So that's your purpose!?」

「That's right, is there something wrong with that? I have the self-confidence to sell those products. Beauty is a matter of life and death for a lady, after all!」

「Irene-sama is beautiful enough」

「……The Demon King is, so to speak, is nonhuman. So it's better if you don't compete with him……」

「It doesn't matter if he's a Demon King or a human, but for men to have that kind of beautiful skin and hair, it's just nothing but a disgrace for a woman like me?!Like what's going on?……I can't afford to lose as a woman……!」

「……。I see, certainly, we can make money with this」

When Isaac secretly murmured at everyone, they quietly nodded their heads.

Unexpectedly, Irene managed to convince them about the usefulness of the new business by expressing her own mind.   

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  1. 早速仕事の話だと、アイリーンは晴天が見えるうらぶれた王の間で、微妙な面持ちになっている皆に振り返る。 <– maybe
  2. ““
  3. ““

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