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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 22

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The endless dark corridor was illuminated by some mere candlesticks. The one who first raised his suspicion was Donny.

「This is so weird. It didn't have this kind of structure when I saw it from outside……」

「Maybe it's the Demon King-sama's magic? I don't know which one is right anymore」

Soon, another double-leaf door appeared. Even that door was opened by itself.

The moment they stepped inside, they closed their eyes from the excessive brightness.

The marble floor reflected the light from the sparkling silver chandelier. The high ceiling that one will not get to see without looking up was adorned by a glass porthole. It sounded like the ceiling was being hit by rain. Right and left, the wide white-walled space was filled with extravagance; the seemingly endless velvet carpet was placed on a straight path to the throne.  

It was the King's space.

Even Elmeier Kingdom's Imperial Castle was inferior to this place; Irene straightened her back.  

The only one who sat on the throne was Claude. His legs were crossed while he propped himself up by resting his chin on top of his hand. His long eyelashes were lowered.

「Claude-sama. I brought the guests in」

At Keith's voice, Claude lifted up his eyelids.

His pair of profound ruby-like red eyes was lording over everything.

「……So that's the Demon King?」

Isaac muttered softly.

Keith walked out from the end of the line and stood at the left side of Claude's throne. At the same time, Beelzebub made his way down through the glass ceiling with his wings spread open, and then, stood at the right side of the throne.

It's the Demon King and his two greatest authorities. It was something that was being clearly pointed out.  

(……。Beelzebub-sama's entrance was quite normal than usual)

If Claude-sama did stop him from making a grand entrance, then I'm grateful. There was an enormous sense of intimidation when Beelzebub silently stood next to Claude who similarly possessed extraordinary beauty.

「I only have one wish from all of you. Don't hurt the monsters; or, in other words, do not threaten their life」

While still maintaining his position in the throne despite the questionable atmosphere, Claude spoke.

「Since this is inside of the barrier, everyone general movement will be leaked out to me. (1) I will not know anything if I don't consciously look for and hear, but conversely if I had thought of doing those, I can do whatever I want――Remember that. Keith」

「Yesyes. Regarding the remuneration, everyone will be paid according to what Irene-sama had suggested. All of you can rest assured that it won't be an illusion or something」

「Umm……Can I say something? Umm, we came here to repair the castle, but which part of this castle that needs repairment?」

Donny only showed his face from behind Isaac. Claude snapped his fingers. As soon as he did that, the white-walled throne room disappeared, and the shabby throne that Irene was familiar with appeared.   

「Heh? Eh?」

「Woahwoahwoahwoah, rain! The rain is!」

「――So, there you have it. You don't want the rain to pour down on you, right? There are a great number of things that you have to fix」

When Claude snapped his fingers again, the space returned back to what it was before. In short, he probably wanted to explain the situation by creating a space using magic.

Everyone who was instantly drenched by the rain made a miserable face. Luc wiped away the drop of liquid by using his hand.    

「U~m……I wonder if I should say thank you for your consideration here……?」

「……。If the weather is bad, then it'll be difficult to raise the plants……」

「We have no choice but to put in more effort regarding that. I as well shall put in more effort to make sure they are not going to be destroyed as much as possible」

While they were having a mini-discussion between them, Claude swept his hand sideways.  At that moment, the dampness on everyone vanished. Isaac muttered while looking at his dried jacket.  

「Awesome……This is magic, isn't it?……It's too convenient」

「That's all from us. Do you have any questions?」

「Ah, yes! What kind of castle should I make?!」

As someone who is fearless when it comes to architecture, Donny's eyes were sparkling while he was asking the question.

「Whatever you plea――」

「Please wait a moment, Claude-sama. If you tell Donny to do as he pleases, he'll truly do whatever he likes」

「Ah, yes, if I can do as I please, then!」


Claude made a gesture as if acknowledging that he will properly think about Irene's warning.

「……。If possible, ask the monsters of what will they be comfortable about」

After rounding his eyes, Donny crossed his arms.

「Monsters……Monsters, is it?……U~n……I'll ask the monsters for their preferences……」

「Beelzebub. Be their interpreter」

「Understood, King」

「You can ask Keith for minor details. If something happens, I'll make the decision as needed. Then, excuse me」

Done with his instruction, Claude stood up from the throne. Irene knitted her eyebrows and called out to him.

「Claude-sama. Do you feel any discomfort within your body?」

「……What do you mean?」

「Claude-sama was expressionless and didn't do any idle talk as usual.  Because you properly understand your own position, I understand why you stage this kind of thing in public, but……aren't you being tense more than usual? And I had a feeling that even the rain is gradually becoming worse……」

It's like watching Claude's depressed feeling. I can't help but feel bothered by it.

「Please tell me If you have any complaints. I'll deal with the situation properly」

「……。But, I have no particular situation that needs to be dealt with. Oh right. I do, however, have one question」

「What is it?」

「Do you think that Cedric will truly be pleased if you succeeded on regaining your honor back?」

Towards his unexpected question, she ended up staring at him in puzzlement.

(……Cedric-sama? Why is he mentioning Cedric-sama now?)

She didn't understand. Maybe Claude had expected Irene's response, so rather than hearing her answer, he said something first.

「……Well, nevertheless, Cedric's way of doing something isn't something that I can give my affirmation to」

「What is it that you want to say? Please be clear about it. You and Cedric-sama is different, right?」

Claude gazed at Irene in just a little wonderment at her strong tone. After that, the serious look on his face returned.

「Then, what is it about you probably becoming a commoner?」

This time, it's Irene turn to gaze at him in wonderment.

「……。That story, from where did you」

「I told you not long ago, but if I had a thought to listen to a story inside this barrier, I can listen to it. You had that conversation with that man over there, right?」

Goddamnit. While fully realizing her elementary mistake, Irene casted her eyes downward.

「……I mean, isn't it embarrassing that even though I spoke sharply and declared to keep you and invited you to the evening party, I'll probably no longer be the Duke's Daughter?」

「……。Just for that reason?」

「Just for that reason, you said? Claude-sama don't know how unfashionable a commoner can be!」

Mad, Irene glowered at the Demon King's beautiful face.

It seems like Claude was flinching, but still, he didn't lose his beauty and his elegance.

「If I become a commoner, I won't be able to wear any of this modest one-piece dress! But if it's Claude-sama, even if you wear rag or your birthday suit, I'm sure you won't mind because you're a beauty!」

「……No, being naked is still……」

「Claude-sama, you don't have to tsukkomi (2) about what she said just now」

「Right now, I can be brazen in front of Claude-sama because I'm armed with expensive dress, cosmetics, and social status!If I was to be an ordinary lady, I'd rather die than stand next to you!I was able to invite you to the party because I am still a beautifully dressed up duke's daughter!Do you understand!?」   

Claude stayed silent for a moment even after Irene finished rambling. While breathing heavily, Irene continued to glower at him.

「……I will keep my promise. No matter what your position is」

At last, Claude spoke and his pair of red eyes was gazing on Irene sincerely.

「Moreover, I think nothing will change even if you're the duke's daughter or  not」​

It was a promise. In this society, things won't go as smoothly as that.

And yet, there's a strange throbbing inside my heart. Claude's gaze seemed to pierce me.

「Of course, right. Rather being naked was――Felzebob-shan, vat ayu zuin?」(3)

「Our king directed his murderous intent towards you. I don't really understand why, but it's the King's wish. Die」

「You just have to cover his mouth, Bel.……Then, I shall excuse myself」  

「Please wait a minute. In the end, why did Claude-sama is in such a bad mood?」

There's no solution to whatever his problem was. And yet, Claude was suddenly smiling broadly.

「Who knows? I don't quite understand as well」


Even if she wanted Claude to repeat what he had said, his figure had already disappeared. At the same time, the white-walled throne room began to disappear as well.  

「What the heck……is it……」

「Wellwell, isn't it fine? It seems like Claude-sama is in a better mood now」

As he said that, Keith pointed at the sky. The rainy sky had turned sunny.  

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  1. 意識して見る、聞くをしなければ分からないことだが、逆にそうしようと思えばいくらでもできる <– ??? help? 
  2. べるべびゅーほはん、はひふるんへふか = berubyuーhohan,hahifurunhefuka = beruzebyuuto-san, nani surun desu ka = Beelzebub-san, what are you doing

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