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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 20

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Did I mentioned I HATE translating JASPER? He is so informal, so sometimes it took me about a half an hour to get the gist of what he’s trying to say and even then I am still not too sure about it! UGH~ Anyway Enjoy.

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「Yeah, you see, I had a thought that Ojou-sama isn't just an ordinary person?」

Jasper yelled while lifting his beret with his fountain pen.

「But, even so, normally, how can you do repair work for the Demon King's castle!? By humans!? Is it okay!?」

「We won't be caught by the law. I stayed up all night to do some research on the regulations and all, so please don't worry」

「Including the previous laws as such, right!? Ah heck, are you sure we won't be eaten!? Are you really sure that it's okay?」

「Those who are afraid will not come, right? If so, then it can't be helped. But, there are also people who will come. Someone like you」

When Irene pointed that out, Jasper made a face as if she caught him off guard.

No one other than Jasper has arrived yet at the front yard of the ominous abandoned castle, which could be called neither flattering nor unique. Irene was waiting with an imposing stance, so it was reasonable to say that her agitation was justified since only 30 minutes left before the time for their appointed meeting.

「Well……Since I'm single I have no family to protect, even if I said that, it's like the reporter's nature to end up jumping into it if there's a smell of exclusive news……」

「The people in the fifth level were grateful to the Demon King.――The one who said that to me was you, right?」

「Eh, is it my fault then!?」

「I didn't say that.……But, Claude-sama is」

I want to see if he really is the ruler's device. (1)

Irene personally blocked those words that were mixing with her wishful thinking.

That is a story after I saved my life.

「If they don't come, I'll have to think of other ways. It's a thing in which I'll be demoted into a commoner; I'm desperate」

「A commoner……I understand the reason why Ojou-sama is being reckless. D'Austriche Prime Minister as well told you something reckless. But maybe if it's Ojou-sama, you can unexpectedly live as such」  

「That's impossible. It will be similar to you taking a risk with your information while I am being the Ojou-sama who is ignorant with the ways of the world」

Jasper clicked his tongue at the laughing Irene.

「If that's the case, as for someone like me who spread information around, I have to say it won't ever happen」(2)

「fufu, right? Still, I have faith in this」

「――Cedric-sama is stupid. To think that he let go of such a good woman」

Jasper stared back at Irene who was staring at him in puzzlement.

「My, a compliment? It isn't like you」

「If you ended up being a commoner, immediately get in touch with me. 'Cause I'll find you a job and a place to live」

As if avoiding Irene's gaze, Jasper pulled his beret lower.

The wind roughly blew through in between them. It was a strong wind that didn't match the clear sky.  

「……Well, in any case, she's just too much for me to handle」

「Oi, girl! Give me a status report!」

Beelzebub appeared from the sky with his wings spread. Jasper took a step back after being startled.

「Mo, monster……!」

「You don't have to worry because he is easy to deal with.……Beelzebub-sama, it's still too early for the appointed meeting time, you know?」

「Then, between appearing from the sky by flying while being accompanied by the monsters and coming out alone after showing off my power by reducing the whole area to ashes, which one do you think is more fitting for the King's right-hand man?」

「If that's the case, flying from the sky is still the――no, I think it's cool. Humans can't fly in the sky, after all」

「I see. Then, I'll make a proposal to the King to do it like that. And then, the human over there」

「Yes!? Are you talking about me!?」

Beelzebub coolly nodded his head at Jasper's nervous voice.

「That's right. Are you our enemy?」

「N-nonsense!! I'm Lady Irene's gofer, an insignificant reporter」

「Then, don't displease our King any more than this. The King knows everything that's happening inside of the barrier――The King's wind can easily blow away the likes of a human」

Bewildered, Jasper was frozen on the spot while Beelzebub flew back towards the direction of the castle.

(Wind? Displease he said……towards Jasper?)

I wonder if he was talking about the sudden blow of wind just now. However, no matter how I think about it, I still have no idea why Claude-sama would be displeased.

「Jasper, you, did you do something to Claude-sama?」

「Nonono, I haven't even seen the Demon-King-sama's face, you know!」

「Of course……I wonder what is it about? If the weather turns bad, I'll be troubled, but……」

「Ahー, If there's a disturbance in Demon King-sama's heart, there's going to be wind, rain, and lightning?……eh?」  

Similarly, Jasper casually turned his head to look at Irene's face directly.

「……So, Ojou-same is acquainted with Demon King-sama, right?」


「――Ehー……Then don't tell me just now was? Is that how it is? Eehー……」

While turning his head, for some reason Jasper took a step back to distance himself away from Irene.

「……。What? Tell me if you understand something」

「No, it'll violate my principle as the Hero of Justice to spill information without conviction. Somehow, even now the wind blows rustlingly……Is this the pressure from the Demon King……!?」

「Claude-sama is not someone who will do something meaningless like that」

Irene didn't realize the wind stopped blowing as soon as she said that.

Because she saw the figures of the people she's been impatiently waiting for.

The figures of the people who were walking on the bright forest's trail were increasing. Jasper whistled.

「They're here. As expected from Ojou-sama. You have many enemies, and your allies are selected few」

Translator corner:

  1. 本当に為政者の器なら、見てみたい。<– not too sure about this tbh.
  2. 「だったら絶対くるって言わないといけなくなるだろうが、情報流した俺としては」<– and this as well. So really, translation suggestions are always welcome.

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