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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 16

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Did I enter the bullying route even when I was aiming for the loving route?

(No, calm down. There's no such route. I haven't completely recovered all of my memories yet, but I'm certain there isn't such route)

Irene crossed her arms with a serious look on her face, facing the oven across her. Her head was covered with a bandana, and her hands were covered by her favorite mitten.  

(I wonder if Claude-sama was that kind of character in the first place. Certainly, if we're only looking at the setting of a Demon King, it's pretty common for them to be a sadist, but he was a sad character with scarce feelings and calm loneliness)

 ――I wanted to make you cry.


「O-Ojou-sama? Are you okay?」

「N, no, it's nothing……When I saw the oven, I ended up wanting to scream」

She turned to the servant who was working in the kitchen and managed to gloss it over while fanning her reddened face with her hand. The servant made a seemingly baffled expression, but he probably didn’t want to have anything to do with whatever on her mind, so he withdrew.

She repeatedly took a deep breath while wiping off the sweat on her forehead.

(First of all, I need to calmly analyze the…… in the first place, only a beauty could be permitted to say those words; oh no! Claude-sama is a beauty!)

That kind of words sounded unbelievably lewd. And for someone with a low immunity against that kind of thing, like me, those words were bad for my heart.

By no means, I meant to say that it made my heart to flutter. Or how should I put it, it would be bad if my heart was to flutter.

「I would like to refuse the perverted SM route…… I also want to avoid the "merry bad end"……!」

She took out the deliciously baked apple pie while muttering those words. It was today's present.

While waiting for the apple pie to cool down, she thought it would be better to start making preparation to go out. After leaving the task to the servants, Irene went out of the kitchen. When she told them she's going to have a trip midway, she got a cheerfully positive response.  

(When she's not the『Crown Prince's fiancee』, she's pretty easygoing, isn't she?)

So far, every place she had gone to, she had made some considerations before going. If something happened to me, it would become Cedric's weakness. Even before going to a tea party, and also her favorite store, she must make a judgment using a reason 『Isn't this disgraceful for the Crown Prince's fiancee 』

That was her pride as the Crown Prince’s fiancee. However, she felt more at ease after she was released from that role.

「Ojou-sama、are you going out? 」

「Yes, it's on Father's command. I won't be taking the carriage since I'm going to the third layer 」

Only by saying that, the excellent servants would not inquire further about her purpose.

Irene had concealed her real destination: the Demon King's forest. So, after she finished changing her clothes, Irene put on her coat and went out.

It was a nice weather again today.

However, since it was still in the middle of the day, she must be careful and prudence about her destination.

「Oi, you over there!」

She was walking down the paved road connecting the first layer to the third layer when she was stopped by a familiar voice.  

「My, Jasper. How do you do?」

「I was right, you're Irene Ojou-sama. Is it true that your engagement has been annulled?」

Irene smiled at the reporter's familiar face who wore a shabby coat with his hand raised in a friendly manner.

「That's true. However, I'll decline an interview」

「Ah, I don't mean something like that. I am in Ojou-sama's debt and more than anything, I am a hero of justice」

Grinning, Jasper shows a friendly face while spinning his favorite fountain pen around.

Irene shrugged her shoulders.

「You, are you still saying that? You're more than 30 years old」

「I'm fine with it, in the first place, if I were to write something bad about Ojou-sama in the article, it won't sell to the commoners. If it's an article without content for the nobles, I also won't write it. But, I was struck poor. Even though I’ve devoted myself to Cedric-sama to that degree――eh」

 Jasper who was facing Irene's cold gaze had a feeling that he had a slip of a tongue, so he covered his mouth with his hand out of reflex. Jasper always managed to get on her nerves, but he was a sharp man with a superb talent in crisis prevention.

Jasper Barry. A president of a small newspaper company in the third layer of the commercial district and a man with a staunch disposition to pursue matter like collusion amongst the nobilities and political corruption. His newspaper is written for the commoners with strong evidence to support his articles. His newspapers are also placed in a high reputation for its fair point of view.

Once, Irene had formed a joint front with this man to pursue corruptions amongst the nobles who had been using Cedric's name for their dirty business. Irene made a move to protect Cedric by striking a deal with Jasper who was chasing the case. In exchange for her intel, Jasper had to make sure that Cedric's name won't be dragged into the scandal.  

With that kind of connection, Jasper occasionally came in contact to drop off information. There were times when Jasper would secretly whisper into her Father's ear, the Prime Minister. And conversely, there were also times when Father would pass Jasper the information that he was aware of. In short, he's a broker.    

(I'm sure that Jasper is not a character that had appeared in the game, so I think he's safe, but)

She wanted to minimize her involvement with the people involved in the game. Just in case, she probed him.

「……Then Jasper, do you know Lilia-sama?」

「Ah? Oh, Cedric-sama's lover? I don't know her directly. Don't really have the interest to do so」

With that answer, she felt relieved. It seems in spite of herself, she has become a skeptic, so she changed her mind.

「I see. Then, that's just fine. However, I have a job for you」

「Wait a minute. I apologize, but I have a prior engagement. I can't be of service. Ojou-sama, you are trying to start up a company for civil engineering and transportation industry, right? I heard it would serve for the public」

「In that case, I heard it had become a propitious public project. I can no longer be concerned about it」   

「The truth is, the people that Ojou-sama's hired were fired. They ended up coming to me crying」  

While scratching the back of his neck, Jasper continued.

「Ojou-sama had developed something useful for hygiene that's cheap and accessible even for the commoner. That market for transport and roadway development will increase civil-related employment and in return will increase money――is what you thought, right? Even if it's just a little money, those people who are living in the fifth layer can get a fixed income. And then, due to the increase in revenue, the kingdom will be rich」


「That's why I also cooperated in advertising job employment and such. However, Prince Cedric had terminated the contract related to the civil engineering. He said that transport and roadway were unnecessary because the place of origin was a land owned by the royal family, thus making it limited to only the royalties. Because the project barely started, there was no compensation whatsoever」

「Does the penalty for breach of contract was paid properly?」

Jasper shook his head at Irene who was pressing him for an answer.

「No, I heard he didn't even pay for the starting-up cost. Cedric-sama thought that he did not need to use it for business.…… It seems like Rudolph-sama had somehow managed to make a budget with just the amount of work done, but he will also help to pay for the breached contract for the time being」

「――Otou-sama is……」

Father's reason to cut down Cedric is understandable.

Even as a joke, for someone who's bearing the title of a Crown Prince, this was unacceptable.

「It was a massive long-term employment after all. Everyone had not accepted any of the other jobs, and were troubled since they did not have their next job lined up. Isn’t there any sort of good job around? Even the charity that nobles specialize in would be good too

「Don't say something stupid, the economy will not be turning in that way, and sooner or later, the Country's future will be eaten up completely」

When I decisively abandon his idea completely, for some reason, Jasper squinted his eyes.

「I like that part about you Ojou-sama」

「I have to properly prepare a somewhat reasonable remuneration, so I have to prepare a promising job――Ah」  

Suddenly, she thought of something, her lips formed an arc.

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