Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita


Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 14

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(……As expected, this is for the event)

A pup got lost in the human settlement and was injured, so the parent of the injured pup got mad and attacked the humans; but in the end, it was defeated by them. If it was that kind of extremely unreasonable event and even if it did not have anything to do with my course of action, if I could avoid it, it's a matter for a great celebration.

Feeling good, Irene showed a graceful smile.

「I came back to pick up something that I had forgotten」

「Something you had forgotten, is it?……I heard there was a monster here」

「Yes, there was. I helped to set it free from the beast trap over there」

「Set if free you said? There's no way you could release it from this kind of beast trap」

Upon hearing his voice that was filled with conviction and distrust, Irene was too stunned to refute him.

(……Well, certainly, normally, I could not do it)

Maybe Max had somehow misunderstood her silence, he straightforwardly interrogated her.

「I had received a report that you had injured a monster using a trap and tried to use the monster to attack Lilia」


「This place is directly below Lilia's room, isn't it?」

As Max had pointed out, Irene looked up at the dormitory beside her.

Together with a strange understanding dawned upon her, she couldn't help but laugh.

「What a foolish plan. There are too many holes in that plan, I'll die before I'll be able to execute it」

「Even so, you are capable of doing anything. In fact, I also heard that you were attacked by the monster in retaliation」

She shifted her gaze to the people behind Max. They were the male students that ran away earlier.

They were using Irene to cover up for their ill intention earlier by putting all the blame on her. Now that I think about it, Max would definitely buy those lies made by them.

(My, What should I do, I can only see the future where Max falls into ruin)

Looking at Irene who was laughing coldly, Max strictly informed Irene.

「Do you not know there's a peace treaty with the monsters? Even though you are the daughter of the Prime Minister」

「Wait, Max. I don't think that Irene-sama would deliberately do something like that. There must be some misunderstanding. Isn't it like that, Irene-sama? I will trust you」

As expected of the heroine. She had arrived at the right conclusion. But, Irene deliberately said nothing, not offering any kind of explanation.

「……There's no way she didn't do anything, but I'll let you off in consideration of Lilia's kindness. Leave this academy immediately. Excuse us. Let's go, Lilia」

「Max. Irene-sama, you're injured」

「She reaped what she sowed. She can crawl her way back」

Max, who was looking at Irene’s feet, must be aware of her injuries. As expected from the future candidate of the Holy Knights Leader.

(But with this, I managed to put it to rest before the commotion can happen. It was annoying that they blamed me in just about everything, but it's not like my reputation will fall because of this ――)

Her heart did not feel hurt. Maybe because she had given up long ago. She vacantly saw the back of Max and others leaving. It was at that time.     

The sky that was painted twilight was twisted.

「Wha-, th――」

Max protected Lilia by moving her behind his back, his hand that was tightly gripping on the sword had become tense.

His jet black mantle and twilight hair fluttered under the twilight sky. His red eyes slowly opened.

It was unlikely that the figure who was currently floating in the sky was a human.

「Demon King……?」

「I never thought that he'll come out of the forest」

Someone murmured.

Irene's eyes were wide-opened.

(……Why, Claude-sama is?)

Right now, there should be no reason for him to come out.  

The humans as if being enthralled by the Demon King's figure froze with their whole feet. Even their toes were stuck to the ground.  

The one who managed to dispel himself from Claude's binding spell was Max.

「――You, what are you?! Are you the Demon King!?」


「Answer me.…… If you don't, you'll be treated as a suspicious person and will be apprehended!」

The tip of the sword was sparkling due to the evening sun. But, right before Irene who was standing still, Claude had stopped the blow from Max's sword. Max's eyes widened. But, he immediately sent out the next attack.

Claude continued to stop Max series of attack that couldn't be captured by Irene's eyes, without glancing at him while staying on the same spot.

「――Shit! Lilia, stay behind my back」

「y, yes」


Together with a war cry, Max regained his grip on the sword and charged at Claude. But, Claude landed on the ground with a sigh along with a murmur.

「What an annoying human」

She didn't see anything that had happened. 

Max, with his eyes wide open, had fallen on his back looking dumbfounded as his sword was thrust before his neck.  

Claude did not look at Max until the very end, not even when he sheathed the sword into its scabbard. When he heard that sound, Max shouted.

「――Wait, why did you not finish me!」

「Irene Loren D'Austriche」

「Y, yes?」

「You have my gratitude」

Claude, who was completely ignoring Max, put his hand on his chest and bowed his head towards Irene.

Immediately, a commotion started to run around her. Similarly, Irene had lost her composure as well. Her comprehension still had not caught up with what was happening. Meanwhile, Claude continued his speech.

「You had helped me to save my brethren. And yet, even when you were bitten by the Fenrir's pup that was caught in a trap, your noble soul had not faltered to reach out a helping hand, I as the Demon King, want to directly say my gratitude to you」

The way Claude talked was different from the usual. She could guess why he used a formal language, but she did not understand why he used that kind of speech to her; Irene, in her bewilderment spoke to him.

「……Gratitude, I didn't do anything……」

「For the sake of preventing a dispute with the monsters, you were willing to bear the false accusation of hurting the monster that was made against you. Even when you were injured, no one stood up for you; it's for that kind of sorrowful reason」

Hearing Claude's words, the people at the scene were exchanging looks with each other.

Max frowned while he was comparing between Claude's statement and the accusation made by the male students that said Irene had hurt a monster child.

「The monsters that you had saved were angry at the humans that had insulted their savior」

At that, Claude turned his eyes towards the human behind them. As expected, the male student that had used violence against the pup was the one currently trembling in fear.

「――But, if you forgive them, I shall let them go this time」

It was finally dawned on Irene, who was dumbfounded, after listening to Claude's words.

(……He, came here to help me)

He came here to clear up the false accusation made against Irene.

Even if he did that, there's nothing good that Claude could gain from it.  

「……No. It's good enough with those words」

With her hand on her chest, Irene finally, responded with only those words. Claude nodded his head.

「I see. Then I will overlook it――in consideration of you」

He did not forget to be mindful even after everything that had happened; and then, Claude snapped his fingers. The moment he did that, a grain of light danced around Irene.  

It was magic. The cloth that was torn had recovered its original state. The dirt and stain had disappeared, too.

「Do you have any injuries?」

「I, I'm fine」

「Then, I'll send you back to your residence」

The moment Claude snapped his fingers once again, a silver-colored sparkling carriage appeared right beside them.  

It was a luxurious carriage pulled by two black horses with an elegant mane.  

「W, where did that come from!?」

As expected, Irene was surprised; Claude's eyes widened briefly, then he faintly smiled.


It was winter, and yet, there was a sweet scent of flowers. Currently, somewhere around here, there were flowers blooming. She did not know why, but she'd like to believe that the flowers were really blooming.    

「It's still too early to be surprised―― your hand」

When she was being told that, Irene offered her hand. Claude pulled her hand and opened the door of the carriage.

「This carriage will fly in the sky」


 The horses neighed and from their backs, pairs of wings were spread. They were Pegasuses.

Surprised, Irene body moved by itself to hug Claude's waist, and the carriage softly floated.

Flabbergasted, Max and other people's mouths were gaping open with a blank look on their faces, and the carriage started moving towards the twilight sky.

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