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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 13

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The academy that became the stage of the game was large.

Irene understood that recklessly trying to look for the pup was a waste of strength, so first, she headed out to the dormitory: the place where a monster was defeated event took place.  

(It's okay even if Max were to stand guard, but if I could find the pup before the event takes place, it'll be my success. After all, there's no reason for Max to stand guard in the first place if it's not connected to the event)

After passing through the back gate of the dormitory, there was a cobbled path leading to the training ground of the Holy Knights. Max, whose aim was to join the Holy Knight would secretly go there to join their training after the classes were over――that was the kind of setting there is. And that was supposed to be details of the event in which he would encounter a monster along his way.

I have to consider that the lost monster was irrelevant to the event if there was no figure of a monster around there in the first place.  

「It will be helpful if I can find it as soon as possible――」

「Shit! Its horn is tough; it's impossible with just a wooden stick」

「Hurry up, we need to kill it while it is still caught in the beast's trap!」

「First, let's strike it to weaken it! If we manage to defeat a Fenrir, entering the Holy Knights will not be just a dream」   

Irene understood the whole situation just by listening to their short exchange.

Irene headed back to the dormitory with a quick pace while holding on to the sword. And then, she finally found the back of the male students who were crowding around something.   

At the same time, she also found the shadow of an innocent beast that was growling desperately.

「Don't hurt its horns and fangs. Fenrir's horns can be sold with a high price――」

「What are you guys doing?」

The backs of the male students were trembling. Irene quickly checked their faces as soon as they turned around to face her.

(Aren't they the children of the Holy Knights? They made fun of Max status as a young master from the shadow――in spite of that, they do something as pathetic as this)

She could see the forefoot of a white beast was caught in the so-called (1) bear-trap through the gap formed by the standing male students.

I know it was a small and fluffy pup, but contrary to its seemingly cute appearance, there were two sharp horns growing from its forehead. Its claws were also large; no matter how you looked at it, it was not a dog. But, after watching its figure desperately trying to find a way to free itself from the blade that was biting its feet and still had the spirit to inflict pain upon it, these students certainly did not fit the Spirit of the Holy Knights at all.  

Without hiding her scorned, Irene gracefully smiled.

「Are you guys trying to kill the monster? I wonder if you all are not aware of the peace treaty?」

「――I, Irene-sama……I, I heard that you've been expelled from the academy」

「D, d-d-don't be scared. This woman……」

Her time was too valuable to deal with them, so Irene slipped through between the male students.

(If I'm not mistaken, Onii-sama supposedly had taught me how to disengage this……!)

Together when she reached out her hands to the trap, a growl flared up next to her.

The sound of her arm's clothes being teared up caused the male students to let out a shriek.

「S, she was bitten!」

「Shut up!――It's a smart child, this child」

Her blood was continually oozing out, but it was not like her flesh was being scooped out.

It was still going easy on her. It remembered Claude's order.

With a breath, Irene gave a smile to the growling pup.  

「Nice to meet you, I'm Irene. I am here to pick you up」

She gently presented her wrist to the tip of the pup's nose.  

The fluffy wind gently swayed the ribbon and the pup's eyes started to twinkle.

「You understand, right? It will certainly hurt, but endure it a little. If you move, I can't take off this trap」

The eyes that had been looking at the ribbon was perplexed.

But at the next moment, Irene's body was being pulled backward. The pup's ankle made an unpleasant sound and when it tried to stand up next, it fell on its bottom.

「What are you doing?!」

「Shut up! Because it had hurt a human being, isn't okay to kill this thing?!」

Once again, the pup whole fur stood up and growl loudly when it was being surrounded by the male students who were holding a hoe.

「I told you to stop it――」

Her words stuck half-way. At the same time, she raised a surprised face, the male students let out a loud pathetic shriek and flee as fast as they could.

Something had jumped over the wall with its feet finally touching the ground. A monster had appeared.

The pup that got caught in the trap, cried out in a sweet voice.  

(――Isn't that, the event's monster……I see, its parent!)

It had break Claude's order and went beyond the barrier to find its pup. Its pair of eyes were burning with anger.

It was a natural response in this kind of situation. Its pup was caught in a trap and the pup forefeet were oozing with blood with an unnaturally twisted hind leg. It was impossible for the parent to think that the humans did not lay a finger on the pup

The monster was glowering at Irene, and its pair of fearsome fangs could be seen when its mouth was opened. Judging from its gesture, the monster was about to let a howl. So, Irene immediately raised up her voice to stop the monster.

「Wait! Don't howl, people will come!」

Irene who had managed to restrain it tried to stand up, but she immediately fell on her knees. It seems like she sprained her feet when she was being pushed away by the male students just now. But, clenching her teeth, she crawled while reaching out to the trap.  

「I understand why you're angry. But, get angry later; right now, your priority is this child, isn't it?!」

The monster had decided not to howl, but its glare was shifted to Irene's hand that was currently trying to disengage the pup from the trap. Meanwhile, Irene hurriedly started to release the pup from the trap. If she operated it according to the procedures that her brother had taught her, soon enough the mouth of the trap that was biting its leg would be opened.

The pup who let out a feeble voice was trying to head towards its parent. Irene thought that the parent of the pup might probably understand people's words, so she decided to speak to the pup's parent.

「Immediately bring your child to a secluded place. Claude-sama is going to come and fetch both of you. The child also needs to get treated for its injury. Both of you need to go back to the forest」


「Hurry up and go. Leave the rest of this mess to me, hurry!」

But it's already too late because noises could be heard from her back. If Max were to turn up while armed with a sword, the event would start. As one would expect, she didn't have enough strength to resist Max sword's arm.

The monster was fixedly staring at Irene, but it bit the back of its pup's neck and swiftly jumped over the wall. Irene let out a sigh of relief, but her relieved was only just for a moment.  

「――Irene. Why are you here? Didn't you voluntarily quit from the academy?」

Over there, there was Max with a stern look on his face followed by his followers and Lilia.

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  1. The literal translation of this was traversami. 

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