Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days Chapter 3 part2



“we’ll toss a coin to determine who the gong and shou will be”



“Choosing an auspicious day is not as good as any ordinary day, let’s start tomorrow.” Zhang Lingyi rubbed his hand together, his voice had traces of excitement and eagerness, “I’ve thought about it. If we do one thing every day, then we can pretend to be gay for exactly thirty days.”

Wang Guangning though it over, then nodded, “That works as well. Then we’ll do it for thirty days, I also don’t want to be a gay couple with you for too long.”

Zhang Lingyi rolled his eyes, “Don’t act out an appearance of being wronged, ben shaoye³ is also very respected and important, alright?”

[3] 本少爷: means ‘this young master’, which is used in a quite arrogant manner by Zhang Lingyi here.

Seeing that the tomorrow would be the start of their cooperation for thirty days, Wang Guangning decided not to bother with him. “Then this’ll be all for today. We’ll meet here tomorrow morning at eight o’clock, then…eh, then start from the first thing listed!”

Wearing matching couple clothing, it should not be too difficult!

Wang Guangning thought about Zhang Lingyi and him walking down the street wearing matching couple clothing.

Although the other man’s face was quite hateful, compared to other matters between couples, this wasn’t that hard to accept. Even though they had decided to be gay, it must steadily progress step-by-step.

“Wait.” As Wang Guangning stood up to leave, Zhang Lingyi hastily stopped him.

“Is there anything else?” Wang Guangning was impatient.

“We haven’t decided who will be gong⁴ and who will be shou⁵ yet!” Zhang Lingyi’s words shocked him.

[4] 攻: gong, meaning the attacker or the seme in Japanese terms.

[5] 受: shou, meaning the receiver or the uke in Japanese terms.

“Fuck, what who will be gong or shou!” Wang Guangning was unable to understand Zhang Lingyi’s train of thoughts. Although he wasn’t really gay, he was somewhat familiar with such terms due to the modern culture on Weibo. “We’re just acting, there’s no need to be so serious!”

“That won’t do.” Zhang Lingyi’s face was solemn and earnest. “Just acting still needs to be acted out properly. Otherwise, how can you fully immerse yourself in the play? How will you make the play seem more realistic?”

Wang Guangning didn’t want to argue with him on such a childish matter and impatiently waved his hand. “Fine, fine. Then we’ll say that I’m the gong and you’re the shou.”

“Why?” Zhang Lingyi immediately counterattacked, “Ben shaoye is so manly, of course it would be me that’s the gong!”

Che. I have a four pack, don’t you know?” Wang Guangning raised his chin, wanting to borrow an imposing manner to secure his victory.

“I have a six-pack.” Zhang Lingyi scanned the surroundings, then seeing that the coffee shop had barely any people, quickly lifted his shirt and exposed the legendary six pack in a flash, “See, by deciding from the amount of abdominal muscles to determine who will be the gong or shou, you lose.”


Wang Guangning denied it, “Men rely on strength!”

“Then I’ll still definitely overwhelm you.” Zhang Lingyi raised his head high and thrust out his chest in a valiant manner.

The two youths weren’t willing to compromise, and it seemed that they were reaching an impasse.

Suddenly, Wang Guangning’s eyes flashed. “Since it’s like this, why don’t we toss a coin to decide it?”

Zhang Lingyi was shocked at Wang Guangning’s suggestion, then immediately seconded the motion, “Alright, we’ll settle it like that.”

Hence, in the afternoon at a corner of the coffee shop, the two youths stood serenely and with a dignified air. The sun’s rays shone on them obliquely as they took out a coin.

“We’re agreeing that whoever tosses a 1⁶ will be the gong, and whoever tosses the chrysanthemum will be the shou.” Wang Guangning warned once again.

[6] 1: the coin they are using is worth one yuan, so it has the number one on a side, then the picture of a chrysanthemum on the other.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Okay, listen. 1…2…3…”

The two silver coins were thrown into the air following the command and the warm rays of the winter sun reflected a dazzling light. The tinkling sound of metal could also be heard echoing.

Afterwards, they each respectively dropped onto a large, slender hand then was covered with a palm.

Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi glanced at each other involuntarily, both faintly feeling a trace of tension. Throughout their three years of rivalry, the two had been unable to distinguish who was stronger. The confrontation this time about the matter of gong and shou could be said to be their first step to attaining victory.

Real men, must be the gong!

That was what they both thought.

In an unspoken tactic understanding, the two imagined the scene of overwhelming the other in their minds.

It really made one fascinated!

“Open it!” Zhang Lingyi’s serious voice carried a hint of excitement.

Wang Guangning nodded, and they slowly withdrew the hand that was covering the coin in their palms.

Ahahaha!” Zhang Lingyi laughed, “Ben shaoye is the gong!”

Zhang Lingyi’s coin that was in his hand had a vertical and straight ‘1’ on it.

On the other hand, Wang Guangning’s coin clearly had a chrysanthemum that was in full bloom.

Xiaoshou, don’t feel hurt. Big brother will carefully dot on you!” Having achieved victory from the competition with Wang Guangning, Zhang Lingyi felt extremely proud and laughed loudly.

[7] 小: means little. In Chinese, using that to refer to someone is a show of affection, however here Zhang Lingyi uses it to tease Wang Guangning.

Wang Guangning’s face was as black as a dirty rag. In previous competitions with Zhang Lingyi, he was able to maintain being evenly matched with the other. He didn’t expect to surprisingly stumble when allocating who would be the gong and who would be the shou. Looking at Zhang Lingyi’s smug face, he felt that this was really hard to swallow.

But the idea was mentioned by him, and real men must keep their promises!

Wang Guangning tried to endure, yet in the end was unable to tolerate it. Throwing the coin in his hand heavily onto the table, he strode away in a rage.

Behind him, Zhang Lingyi continued to add salt to the wound. “Shou shou, don’t forget to arrive on time tomorrow!”


Most of you guessed it right, Wang Guangning is the shou >///<

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