Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 929-930

Chapter 929 – The Best Conclusion

Given Yun Che's current mental strength, even if it were sixty thousand words, he would only need to look at it once or hear it read once for him to remember it in near perfect clarity, much less a mere six hundred words.

But after listening to the words that Xiao Lingxi had recited, his mind was completely blank and he was stunned to find that he could not even remember a single one of those words that sounded like some sort of scripture or profound formula. Furthermore, he also had a faint feeling that his consciousness had been drifting away. After that, he closed his eyes and focused and he immediately felt those strange words slowly appearing inside his mind. These words started to grow clearer with each passing moment… but after he opened his eyes again, he realized that he had completely forgotten them again.

"Lingxi, can you understand the meaning behind these strange words?" Yun Che asked as he attempted to probe further.

Xiao Lingxi shook her head. "I can read these words but I don't know what they mean at all. Little Che, even you do not understand the meaning behind these words?"

Right at this moment, the silver motes of light in the air suddenly flickered and all the bizarre text distorted within the silver motes. Then, they once more converged to become a ball of silver light before flying back into the mysterious black jade, completely disappearing henceforth.

The mysterious black jade also returned to its formerly silent state. Even if Xiao Lingxi was right by its side, it no longer radiated light.

Yun Che reached out and sucked the mysterious black jade into his palm, then he directly placed it in the Sky Poison Pearl—no longer allowing it to have any contact with Xiao Lingxi.

"Little Che, what exactly is that piece of rock?" Xiao Lingxi was unable to suppress the curiosity in her heart.

"I'm not sure. I picked it up in a strange place." Yun Che replied with an extremely casual tone of voice before directly changing the subject. "It's probably a soul stone that had been used to write down ancient text. Forget it, let's not bother with it. Let's go see Grandfather."

After he finished speaking, he immediately pulled at Xiao Lingxi's hand and the two headed toward Xiao Lie's courtyard.

Xiao Yongan had already fallen asleep and Xiao Yun and his wife had gone to offer sacrifices to his late parents. Xiao Hong had not come back yet and only Xiao Lie remained in the courtyard. Once they had arrived at Xiao Lie's courtyard Xiao Lingxi unconsciously tried to wriggle her hand out of Yun Che's grasp. But to her surprise, Yun Che gripped her hand even tighter and as she was panicking, he grasped her hand and arrived in front of Xiao Lie.

"Grandfather, I… have something to discuss with you." Even though he had long ago gathered up enough courage and determination, when Yun Che came face to face with Xiao Lie's calm demeanour, his heart tightened with anxiety.

"Ah…" Xiao Lingxi seemed to faintly realize something as she gave a soft gasp, her heart starting to beat wildly in her chest.

"Hehe, Che'er, you've come at just the right time. I was just about to find you to discuss an important matter with you," Xiao Lie looked at the both of them and smiled merrily as he said those words.

Yun Che was taken aback by those words but he immediately asked, "Important matter? What important matter?"

"It is something concerning Ling'er," Xiao Lie said as he gave Yun Che a deep look. It seemed as if he had not noticed that the two of them were holding hands as he gave a gentle sigh, "Ling'er is already twenty three years of age this year, so she has long ago reached the age where her family should be considering her marriage. Che'er, you've already been married for eight years but Ling'er has always been burdened by my presence. She has constantly been by my side taking care of me. As a result, we have never been able to settle the question of her marriage. But right now, both my body and my mind are completely fine. Yun'er and his wife are in a loving relationship and Yongan is an obedient and healthy child. So the only thing that worries me the most right now is Ling'er's marriage."

"…Grandfather, what do you mean by that?"

"Che'er." Xiao Lie looked straight into Yun Che's eyes as he spoke in a warm voice, "You're very well-travelled and experienced, so you definitely know many outstanding young men. If any of them are suitable for Ling'er, see if you can play the matchmaker for them. I will definitely have no worries about the person that you choose."

"Grandfather, I… I…" This was not the first time that Xiao Lie had mentioned such a thing to her. But this time, he had said it in front of Yun Che. His words threw Xiao Lingxi's heart into great disarray and she was left at her wit's end.

"…" Yun Che's gaze shifted before finally hardening up and becoming firm. After that, he spoke in an extremely sincere manner, "Grandfather, actually I have found one such person long ago."

"Oh?" Xiao Lie's gaze rippled.

Yun Che abruptly knelt down in front of Xiao Lie as he looked deep into his eyes. After that, he spoke in a loud and clear voice, each word that proceeded from his mouth sounded like the clang of small metal gongs, "Grandfather, that person is none other than I! I beg for Grandfather… to betroth Lingxi to me!"

"Little Che…" The voice that sounded in Xiao Lingxi's ears was undoubtedly the one that made her tremble the most in her life. He had actually said it in front of her and in front of Xiao Lie. He had said the words that she had desired to hear the most but they were also the words that were so taboo to her that she did not even dare touch them.

Xiao Lingxi also started to slowly sink to her knees. Her eyes misted over as she spoke in a soft voice, "Grandfather, I… If it isn't Little Che, I would rather… never get married at all in this lifetime."

She also said similar words in front of Xiao Lie. She declared them loud and clear and the moment the words left her mouth, all of the fear and worry that clouded her heart had soundlessly disappeared and they were instead replaced with a warmth and tranquility she had never felt before in her life. The moment she had said those words, it seemed like the result of their request was no longer so important anymore. Because she had finally said the words that had been lying at the bottom of heart and soul, so her entire spirit felt as if it had suddenly reached a whole new level and become completely different from before.

"…" Xiao Lie's expression was not colored by the shock, daze, disappointment or fury that they had expected. In fact, Xiao Lie did not even react intensely in any way. Instead, he seemed completely calm. After that, he simply turned his back towards them and let out a soft and sad sigh.

"Grandfather?" Yun Che raised his head.

"Hoho," Xiao Lie laughed and this laugh was extremely gentle. "You two have finally expressed your true feelings after enduring for so many years."

Shock appeared in Yun Che's eyes. "Grandfather, does this mean you have always…"

"I am the one who saw you two grow up. You have always been especially close since childhood and were positively inseparable. Since you left Floating Cloud City at sixteen, Xi'er has always been by my side. I've seen her worry about you everyday and miss you from morning to night… This kind of emotion far exceeds the boundaries of familial love. From then on, even though I didn't know how you felt for Xi'er, I knew that what Xi'er felt for you was definitely not familial love but love at its root. And this love had been completely released once she knew that you were not blood related."

"This was why I was deeply worried. I was not worried about your previous aunt and nephew relationship but that Xi'er's love was one-sided, which would cause her to be miserable for her entire life." Xiao Lie slightly raised his head and closed his eyes. If Yun Che and Xiao Lingxi were able to see his expression right now, they would see that he had revealed a faint smile.

The two was startled in place. Xiao Lingxi asked in disbelief, "Father, you really… really do not mind it at all?"

Xiao Lie lightly shook his head and smiled. "You two are around the same age and are not even blood related at all. Moreover, both of you are my dearly beloved children. Hearing what you two have said today leaves me delighted beyond belief, how could I possibly have a problem with it? Even though I am old-fashioned, I was never inflexible."

"Then… when you've been constantly talking to me about marriage lately, that… that was because…"

"That was because I cannot help but worry, ah." Xiao Lie sighed lightly. "I was well aware of your feelings for Che'er but Che'er… the height which he has reached is much too high. Out of the women by his side, they are either the empress of a nation, the empress of a realm or a phoenix goddess… Compared to them, you are as common as sand. Even though Che'er still treasured you like he did in the past, I was deeply worried that he would not feel the sort of love a man would have for a woman for you with those wondrous women by his side, causing your love to be an empty one-sided infatuation. As a result, I was just probing… Hoho, the determination, along with the nervous expression Che'er had when he knelt down earlier made me realize that the worry I had all these years were irrelevant and what I was the most concerned about has finally become perfect."

"Father…" Xiao Lingxi covered her lips with her hand as tears slowly dripped from the corners of her eyes.

"Don't worry Grandfather. Yun Che took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement. "I will take care of Lingxi for life."

"Hoho, if it's you, I can completely be at ease about Xi'er's future. Only…" Xiao Lie sighed lightly. "Even though you two are not blood related at all, the world is full of stupidity and gossip can be quite malicious. If you two wish to get married one day, it's best to do so in Illusory Demon Realm."

"Alright." Yun Che immediately agreed without hesitation. He looked at Xiao Lingxi as Xiao Lingxi also secretly looked at him. When their gazes made contact, they both smiled at the same time. They had always thought that Xiao Lie was what made them suppress their own feelings but it was only today that they realized that the biggest hinderance had always been themselves.

Yun Che was originally prepared for the worst but he never thought that such a perfect, almost somewhat too good to be true conclusion had come out of today. The obstruction that he and Xiao Lingxi had never dared to touch had suddenly vanished just like that.


Illusory Demon Realm, Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

The aura of the flames were yet again distinctively weaker than before.

Once Yun Che arrived at the end of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, the Golden Crow Soul's image also appeared within a splattering of golden light. "Yun Che, why have you come again this time?"

Yun Che raised his head and directly asked, "Golden Crow Soul, have you ever heard of the name 'World-Defying Heaven Manual?'"

"World-Defying Heaven Manual?" The Golden Crow's Soul snorted heavily, "This noble one has never heard of that. It seems to be some kind of a profound art just from hearing its name. Hmph, to dare use "world-defying" in its name, what audacity."

"Even you have not heard of this before?" Yun Che was stunned. After being disappointed, he mumbled, "Then that's too weird… what exactly do these words record?"

"You seem to have a lot on your mind. Where exactly have you heard of the name 'World-Defying Heaven Manual' anyways?" The Golden Crow Soul asked.

"No, I didn't exactly hear about it." Yun Che took out the mysterious black jade. "It came from this."

Then, he recounted what had happened to the Golden Crow Soul; from the strange reaction the mysterious black jade had with Xiao Lingxi to the bizarre scripture that had appeared afterwards.

"Something like that happened!?" After hearing Yun Che's account, the Golden Crow Soul revealed shock that exceeded his expectations.

"Write out the text for this noble one."


Yun Che closed his eyes and concentrated. After quite a while, those strange, distorted characters appeared in his mind. He extended a finger to draw the first four of the strange characters in the sky using Golden Crow flames… which represented the words "World-Defying Heaven Manual."

After several tens of breaths, Yun Che finally depicted the four odd characters into flames that floated in the air. The Golden Crow Soul's golden eyes shined on it before it quickly retracted its light.

"Golden Crow Soul, could… could it be that you also do not recognize these words?" Yun Che asked with knitted brows.

"Never seen and never heard," replied the Golden Crow Soul.

"Then… why would Lingxi recognize it? I can vouch that she had never seen this kind of text before. She also doesn't know why she would recognize these words and was even greatly shocked by it." Yun Che tightened his grip on the black jade. "Could it be that what I said to comfort her was true? That this black jade just happens to like her aura, which happened to incite a reaction from it? That it was actively trying to establish some kind of soul connection with her without any warning, which suddenly caused her to recognize these words?"

"The Xiao Lingxi you speak of, what cultivation realm is she at and what kind of profound art does she cultivate?" The Golden Crown Soul asked solemnly.

"This…" Yun Che was somewhat embarrassed. "Lingxi doesn't understand the profound way much, she is only at the seventh level of the True Profound Realm. As for profound art, she cultivates the Eagle Arts which comes from the Xiao Clan born in. It is a low level profound art.

"…" The Golden Crow Soul grew silent, then said faintly, "Leave this place and bring her before this noble one."

Chapter 930 – Visiting the Phoenix Clan


Yun Che promised, then he turned around and was ready to leave. But before he had taken a step, he suddenly stayed in place and then turned around once again to face the Golden Crow Soul.

"I changed my mind," Yun Che took a small breath and his expression suddenly looked a lot more relaxed, "I have decided, not to investigate this anymore."

"Oh?" The Golden Crow Soul looked slightly surprised and then it understood, "Hmph, it seems like you're afraid that this would affect that woman named Xiao Lingxi."

"Yes," Yun Che nodded and admitted." Lingxi she isn't someone who has cultivated the profound way. She doesn't have any aspirations or desire for power and position, her world is simple and pure. Even though I am extremely curious of this black jade and the World-Defying Heaven Manual within it, if the price is to involve her… then I should just pretend that they never existed."

Yun Che flipped his palms and threw the mysterious black jade into Sky Poison Pearl, "From now on, I will not take this black jade out anymore. Who cares what it is, just let it be silent forever."

"…If this is your choice, so be it. At your current plane, you are an unparalleled existence. There is indeed no reason to forcefully seek for something unless you wish to go to the Realm of the Gods."

"You… seem to really want me to go to the god realms," Yun Che lifted his head and said.

"Hahahaha," the Golden Crow's Soul laughed loudly, "Of course! You inherited this noble one's last origin blood and soul origin and you even have Evil God's inheritance. The overly thin elements and turbid atmosphere in this world will only restrict you from growing. It will also let your talent, as well as the bloodline that this noble one has bestowed you, go to waste. This noble one yearns to see if how strong a 'freak' like you will become once you head to the god realms."

"Unfortunately, even if you really went to the god realms, this noble one would not be able to see it."

"I really want to go as well, I want to see Jasmine again… or else, it would be my life's regret." Yun Che's hands slowly bunched into fists as he spoke, "After I leave, I need to start training. Within five years, I have to go to the Realm of the Gods no matter what."

Not because of his curiosity for the Realm of the Gods and not because he sought for stronger power… only because he wanted to see Jasmine.

The time of Jasmine's departure grew more distant by the day but that feeling hadn't faded away as time passed; it had instead become stronger than the previous.

"Very good," the Golden Crow Soul praised. "Within five years. If it were someone else, this noble one would never believe it. But you, maybe there really is a possibility for that to happen. However, this noble one is destined to not be able to see that day."

Yun Che's eyes moved, swept his eyes around and said worriedly, "The time left for your existence…"

"You said that you found a way to cure Huan Caiyi's fatal condition last time. Is that true?" The Golden Crow Soul interrupted him with a sudden question.

Yun Che nodded. "Yes. And I believe that this method will definitely succeed. It's just that we still need to wait for a few more months. All of the power that Caiyi received from you before will also disappear then."

"…" The Golden Crow's Soul was silent for a long time and then it said in a low voice, "If it really works, bring her before this noble one. This noble one has something for her."

After everything settled, Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi stayed in Floating Cloud City. As for the Xiao Yun couple, they traveled between Floating Cloud City and Demon Imperial City all day long, having the time of their lives. Cang Yue took control of the Blue Wind Imperial Family once again and Blue Wind Nation's prestige flourished by the day as it became invincibly strong. Su Ling'er concentrated on studying medicine under Yun Gu. She had a high comprehension level and her medical skills improved at a tremendous speed. She was obsessed with the art of healing. Her biggest wish was to hope that she could help Yun Che and not only enjoy his protection.

Xia Yuanba stayed in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and was trying his best to get used to his position as Saint Emperor. His Tyrannical Emperor's Divine Veins and his relationship with Yun Che let him sit on the throne stably even though his age and profound strength were far from being sufficient.

As for Xia Qingyue, there was still no news of her at all.

Yun Che had been relaxed and unrestrained for a long time and his desire to see Jasmine again grew stronger as the days passed. He finally was able to settle down and begin to focus on his training. He was determined to break the boundary of Sovereign Profound Realm within five years, reach the legendary divine way and be able to travel to the Realm of the Gods where Jasmine resided.

The best place to cultivate was unquestionably the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. It was vast and quiet there and the ancient cold could freeze all distractions.

Before that, Yun Che took Feng Xue'er to a place that he promised he would take her many years ago.

"The continuous mountain range ahead from us is the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range."

Yun Che and Feng Xue'er traveled with the wind. Within their sight a region with dark mountain range approached quickly. Even though it was named "mountain range," the hills weren't too tall and it was only a hundred or so kilometers from its north to south.

"Even though Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range is very small, because of the phoenix's aura at the center, a great amount of profound beasts gather here. This is also where the name Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range came from," Yun Che explained to Feng Xue'er.

Back then when Cang Yue and him were being chased by Xiao Zaihe of Xiao Sect's Branch Sect, they were forced to fall down the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. At the time, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was an extremely dangerous place to them but now, even if all of the profound beasts there attacked them all at once, it was impossible for that to threaten them in the slightest.

"Even though there are a great number of profound beasts in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, their levels are usually very low. The highest is Earth Profound Beast… There could also possibly be a few Sky Profound Beasts. But with the level of profound energy in Blue Wind Nation, this is an extremely dangerous place. Adding to the fact that the profound beasts here usually appeared in groups, there are almost no profound practitioners in all of Blue Wind Nation who would dare to venture within.

"Big Brother Yun, the curse that you mentioned before, is it really that scary?" Feng Xue'er asked.

Yun Che nodded his head slightly, "The Phoenix Soul here is different from the Ancestral Phoenix God of your Divine Phoenix Sect, it has a very upright and outspoken character. Many years ago, an ancestor of the Phoenix Clan accidently burned and destroyed a village with phoenix flames. Under the anger of the Phoenix Soul, an extremely cruel curse was buried in their Phoenix Bloodline… and this kind of curse would be passed down to their offspring, making generations of the Phoenix Clan be unable to break through the Elementary Profound Realm. For survival, they could only forever hide in a place like this where no one else could get near… They are finally free of it in this generation, though I don't know what has happened to them now."

"Why did one person's mistake have to be atoned for by generations of the whole clan? Those poor people," Feng Xue'er said softly. "When I see them, I will pass Royal Father's sincerity to them. If they are willing to combine with Divine Phoenix Sect, we will definitely welcome them. If they are not willing, we will also provide as much help as possible."

"Let's meet them first. I don't know if they will remember me. After all, it's been so many years," Yun Che said nostalgically. This place was the first huge turning point in his life and it was also the place where he received his first drop of divine blood.

“Big Brother Yun was their life savior and you removed thee cursed bloodline that they've carried for all those years, how could they have forgotten Big Brother Yun?" Feng Xue'er smiled and said.

Soon enough, they finally arrived above the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. Referring back to the location in his memory, Yun Che brought Feng Xue'er and kept flying until they'd reached the center of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range… the place where Cang Yue and him fell down back then.

But when they just begun to get close to the region close to the center, they sensed an unusual aura from afar. Yun Che immediately slowed down and Feng Xue'er exclaimed, "What a strong phoenix aura!"

"…Let's take a look down there.'

The two of them landed from the sky. From their location to the central region of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, which was also where the Phoenix Clan was hidden, was only a short fifteen kilometers. However, right ahead of them existed an enormous, shapeless barrier.

And a strong phoenix aura was being released from this invisible barrier.

This barrier covered the central region of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, shrouding an entire thirty kilometers of area inside of it. Yun Che touched the barrier in front of him with his hand. As he expected, his palm was able to pass through it very easily. This barrier didn't obstruct him in any way.

That instant when his palm touched it, he was absolutely sure that this was a one-way isolation barrier. Only those who possessed the Phoenix bloodline could go through it as they willed. Those without the Phoenix bloodline could only exit and not enter.

"Big Brother Yun, has there always been a barrier here?" Feng Xue'er asked.

"No," Yun Che shook his head, "Only those with the Phoenix bloodline can enter this barrier. If it existed before, then your big sister Cang Yue and I wouldn't have been able to go through it. To be able to form such an enormous isolation barrier, this must be the doing of the Phoenix Soul here. Thinking back, after it removed the cursed bloodline, it felt that the punishment that lasted generations was too cruel. It built this barrier so that they don't have to worry about suffering a disaster like the one back then and they can grow peacefully under the protection of this barrier until they are strong enough to be able to leave here freely."

Yun Che pulled back his arm, turned around and said, "Xue'er, let's leave."

"Mn." Feng Xue'er did not hesitate as she nodded in agreement, "Even though I feel some regret, they suffered so many years before finally getting the peace and the protection of the Phoenix God. It's really not suitable for us to disturb them.

Yun Che smiled, "Now that their bloodline is no longer cursed, they must have been training with all their strength. A few years later when they are strong enough, this barrier will disappear. We will come back here when that happens."


The existence of this phoenix barrier made the two of them give up on visiting the Phoenix Clan within. They floated high up into the sky and were about to leave… Until right at this moment when a small, tender silhouette of a young girl ran out from within the barrier. Behind her, was a slightly thin boy who followed her in a rush.

This pair of youths looked only about fifteen or sixteen. The girl had bright eyes, white teeth, and was dressed in red. The immature girl's tender face had already revealed a stunning beauty. Her slender brows curled as she smiled. She was like a red butterfly that had been released from a barrier and issued a sweet, ethereal laughter from time to time.

The boy behind her was similar in age, even their looks were alike. Different from the girl's jumping joy, his face was filled with panic and he was out of breath from chasing behind, "Xian'er, no! You can't leave the barrier, it's too dangerous! Come back now… Father and Mother would scold us."

"Hehe, it's alright. It's not as dangerous outside as described by father and mother. Last time when I snuck out, that weird-looking big monster wasn't even that strong," The girl laughed and said without caring.

"No, no! Xian'er! Stop, it really is dangerous!"

Even though the boy chased with all his strength, the girl ran really fast. He wasn't able to catch up at all and they were soon a few kilometers away from the barrier.

Yun Che and Xue'er, who were about the fly away, stopped. Seeing the youths who suddenly appeared within their sight, he hesitated briefly and then called out softly, "Zu'er, Xian'er!"

"Big Brother Yun still recognizes them?" Feng Xue'er smiled and asked.

"They are the twin children of Clan Leader Feng Baichuan. Back then when I first saw them, they were only eight years old. In the blink of an eye, they have already grown this much," Yun Che said rather emotionally as his eyes followed their movements. In eight years of time, of the two brave and innocent children back then, one was now slim and graceful while the other was already six feet tall. It was only after seeing their transformation, that Yun Che clearly felt the passage of time for the very first time.

"In a short span of eight years, their profound strength grew from the Elementary Profound Realm into the Earth Profound Realm. They truly have astonishing innate talent. Half of that is because of their Phoenix bloodline while the other half… should be because they had been working hard all this time," Yun Che stated with joy. Feng Xian'er's profound strength was at the second level of the Earth Profound Realm and Feng Zu'er was unbelievably at the fourth level of the Earth Profound Realm. Their cultivation levels completely surpassed Ling Yun—number one of Blue Wind's profound cultivating realm's young generation back then—when he was at that age.

At this rate, they should be able to break through to the Sky Profound Realm before the age of twenty.