Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 844-848

Chapter 844 – Little Demon Empress VS Xuanyuan Wentian

"What is the meaning of this? What have you done to Fen Juechen?" Number One Under Heaven roared in fury.

"This sovereign has already explained enough. It's more than enough for you to clearly ask King Yama who sent you to hell when you see him. As for the rest of it, you don't need to know," Xuanyuan Wentian said as he threw his arms out wide and started to laugh maniacally.

"The one who is going to hell is you!" Number One Under Heaven said with a cold laugh, "The fact that you know that the Little Demon Empress is in the Profound Sky Continent means that Huangji Wuyu and the other two must have told you about it, yes? But it looks like they did not tell you how pathetically they lost against the Little Demon Empress. Heh, this was not surprising to say the least. You call yourselves 'Sacred Masters' but the three of them combined forces only to end up as defeated dogs, so they definitely would not be shameless enough to tell you this as well. The fact that you came here by yourself today might very well be them scheming to send you to your death!"

"Those three worthless pieces of trash?" Xuanyuan Wentian said with a cold laugh, his eyes flashing with a strange light, "How could they be worthy enough to be discussed in the same breath as this sovereign? It can be said that in this world, there are only three people that pose even the slightest threat to this sovereign. And two out of these three people are right in front of this sovereign's eyes, which means that they are about to completely vanish from the face of this earth. As for the last person, he will very soon share the same fate as the rest of you."

The three people he was referring to were the Little Demon Empress, Feng Xue'er and Xia Yuanba respectively.

As for Yun Che, Xuanyuan Wentian was under the impression that he was already dead.

"Oh yes, if all of you obediently hand over the Mirror of Samsara, I can consider rewarding you by leaving all of you a whole corpse."

"To think that you're still living in your own fantasy world even though your death is at hand!" Number One Under Heaven yelled through gritted teeth, "Xuanyuan Wentian! The disasters that have struck our Illusory Demon Realm in the recent years, even though all of you were used by that bastard Duke Ming, the hundred years of turmoil, the deaths of the previous Demon Emperor and the Demon King… all of them are unforgivable grievances! Since you have delivered yourself to our doorstep today, this simply means that the heavens themselves have determined that it is time for your to pay for your debt in blood!"

"Ah? We were used by Duke Ming?" Xuanyuan Wentian said as his eyes narrowed before he broke out into a raucous laugh. His laugh was louder and more wanton than it had ever been previously, "Hahaha… hahaha… hahahahaha…"

"In the end, idiots will always continue to be idiots! Did the lot of you really believe that the Four Sacred Grounds would be enticed by the words 'the secrets of the Divine Profound' that Duke Ming invented? Do you think that the Four Sacred Grounds were so tempted by this prospect that they paid a huge price and risked a great deal to charge into the Illusory Demon Realm to steal a 'Mirror of Samsara' that they had never even seen before? In any case, the Four Sacred Grounds have stood proudly over the rest of the Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years, so how could they have been so easily played by a mere Duke Ming?"

"You… what do you mean?" Number One Under Heaven's and Xiao Yun's expression changed at the same time while the silent Little Demon Empress' eyes flashed with an intense light.

"Hehehehe…" Xuanyuan Wentian gave a low mocking laugh, "All those years ago, it was all because this sovereign added fuel to the fire by telling Huangji Wuyu and the rest of them the 'Mirror of Samsara' did indeed contain the 'secrets of the Divine Profound'. Furthermore, I also told them that it was an absolute secret that had been handed down from the ancestor of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region through the generations and we had been covertly searching for throughout the ages."

"Of course, just this alone wasn't enough, so this sovereign was the first to contact Duke Ming after that and did not hesitate to expend an extremely large amount of resources to create a dimensional profound formation that linked the Profound Sky Continent to the Illusory Demon Realm. It was only then that the rest of them completely believed my words. But that foolish Duke Ming actually thought that his scheme had come to fruition. Heh… He thought that he was the chessmaster who was manipulating all the pieces on the board but little did he know that he was merely a pawn in this sovereign's hand!"

"That isn't possible! All of this is just sheer nonsense!" Number One Under Heaven said in a furious rebuke, "Since you knew that it was a lie that the Mirror of Samsara contained the secrets of the Divine Profound, then why did you still do it?"

"The so-called secrets of the Divine Profound was undoubtedly a lie," Xuanyuan Wentian said with a low and deep chuckle. "But I'm afraid that nobody in the Illusory Demon Realm is privy to the true secret behind the Mirror of Samsara! But this sovereign does know! Even though it does not contain anything like the secret of the Divine Profound, it's true secret is far greater than any mere secret of the Divine Profound!"

"It remained in your Illusory Demon Realm for so many years but it was merely a useless and dead item! That was simply a waste of such a resource! Furthermore, it is only when it is in the hands of this sovereign that all of its secrets can be unlocked, allowing this sovereign to rule all under heaven together with it! Since it has arrived in the Profound Sky Continent today, then that simply means that the heavens themselves have destined it to be part of this sovereign's collection!"

"This means…" The previously silent Little Demon Empress suddenly spoke and every single word that came from her mouth was even more bone-piercingly cold than the ten thousand year profound ice of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, "Compared to Duke Ming, it seems that you are truly the mastermind behind the calamities that have struck our Illusory Demon Realm!"

"Oh, you can take it that way if you want," Xuanyuan Wentian said as he smiled merrily. "I might as well mention this as well. When the Demon Emperor was shoved into the dimensional profound formation by Duke Ming all those years ago, he had fallen into the Heaven's Might Soul Suppressing Formation this sovereign had prepared for him. This sovereign captured him, originally intending to preserve his life so that I could exchange it for the Mirror of Samsara. Who would have thought that this old man was actually so stubborn and headstrong. In order to prevent himself from being used as a bargaining chip, he actually severed his own life veins… Tsk, this sovereign had no choice but to personally end him at that point. However, he did not die a completely useless death. In the end, he was buried in my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's medicine garden and he ended up being exceedingly good fertilizer."

"Xuan… Yuan… Wen… Tian!!"

The flames burning on the Little Demon Empress' body started to crazily flare up and crackle like an erupting volcano. The fierce flames of the Golden Crow ignited all of her composure while also igniting all of her fury and killing intent, "Even if this empress burns herself to ash this very day… I will definitely break your bones and scatter your ashes!!"

The exploding flames completely dispelled the duskiness in the sky, causing the surrounding ice that endured from time immemorial to rapidly disappear at an incredibly terrifying speed… The ice was not melting, it was simply disappearing into thin air. The layers of ice beneath their feet that had piled up over the countless years was quickly sinking. It was as if the entire earth was sinking amidst its trembling.

"Hahahaha, what great imposingness. But it's a pity that you won't be able to do it. Given this sovereign's current power, there is nobody left in this world that can destroy this sovereign!"

Xuanyuan Wentian raised both his arms evenly and in an instant, the dark clouds in the sky and all of the darkness energy surrounding them had gathered up and formed into a gigantic vortex of darkness. His aura had also begun to steadily increase. Once the vortex of darkness had completely formed, an oppressive might that could shake the heavens and earth had engulfed the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice.
"Wha… What!?"

Under this dark oppressive might, great terror had appeared on everyone's faces. This especially affected Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun. The expressions that held unwavering belief that Xuanyuan Wentian was definitely not able to match up to the Little Demon Empress had undergone a complete and profound change.

Because the heavy and oppressive might radiating from Xuanyuan Wentian was completely equal to the flame spiritual pressure of the enraged Little Demon Empress.

The surging auras of both people had formed two small independent worlds around them. One world was dark and sinister while the other world was an eye-scorching scarlet gold color. The space where both worlds touched was distorting crazily but neither opponent was able to suppress the other and neither of them could invade their respective worlds either.

"This… this isn't possible… What's going on here!?" Number One Under Heaven was shocked to the point where he was rendered nearly incoherent. "Xuanyuan Wentian was at most slightly stronger than the previous Demon Emperor… so how is this possible… how is this possible…"

"Big Brother said before that the true terror of Xuanyuan Wentian lay not in his profound strength but in his temperament and his shrewdness. He knew about what happened during Big Brother's stay in the Illusory Demon Realm, so he should also have known long ago about the power that the Little Demon Empress had attained after her bloodline was awakened. The fact that he dared to show his face here despite knowing that the Little Demon Empress was present… and he even came by himself at that, shows that he truly has enough confidence to take her on," Xiao Yun said as he sharply sucked in a breath of air. Under the influence of these two terrifying energy fields, he was having an incredibly hard time breathing, despite his own strength.

"…" Number One Under Heaven's expression changed as he ground his teeth together.

"All of the Junior and Senior Masters… please hurry up and get back!" Feng Xue'er shouted in an anxious voice. The Little Demon Empress was enraged and Xuanyuan Wentian had come specially to get rid of them, so this battle to death was already unavoidable. Even she was not qualified to get involved in a battle at this level so for those from Frozen Cloud Asgard… if the slightest aftershock from this battle even brushed past them, they would definitely die.

"Heh, let this sovereign see how many rounds the Little Demon Empress, who severed Ye Meixie's arm and scared Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi witless, can hang on against this sovereign, hahahaha…."

Darkness profound energy would distort a person's personality, making that person more irritable, murderous, arrogant and easily prone to anger… It was clear that even Xuanyuan Wentian had become like this. Amidst his wild laughter, countless rays of dark light abruptly shot out from the vortex of darkness behind him, morphing into hundreds of dark tentacles that stretched towards the Little Demon Empress… and what was behind her.

If these dark tentacles were merely focused on attacking the Little Demon Empress, she could easily dodge the attacks and launch an explosive and furious counter-strike.

But right now if she could not take on all of these tentacles, then everyone behind her except for Feng Xue'er would die. So she could not even contemplate dodging them.

"Shit… hurry… retreat!!" Number One Under Heaven gasped in shock.

The onrushing dark shadows which filled the sky caused everyone's faces to go pale… The oppressive might generated by the power of an absolute expert should have been so heavy that it would feel like there was a mountain pressing down on one's body, but even though the aura radiated by Xuanyuan Wentian's attack did not contain such alarming pressure, it made them feel like they had been dropped into an icy abyss. Before the black shadows even drew near to them, they felt as if millions of icy steel needles had pierced into their bodies and souls, causing them to see an abyss of despair.

None of them had felt such a dreadful sensation in their lives.

The Little Demon Empress faintly raised her head as her pupils started to shine with golden light. She rose into the air as a gigantic golden-colored fire lotus swiftly bloomed in front of her. All of the dark tentacles were immediately drawn in by an irresistible force as they were all sucked into the interior of the golden-colored fire lotus.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Darkness energy continued to explode inside the golden fire lotus and the darkness energy that was dispersed into the air was forcefully devoured by the fire lotus. At the same time, the blooming fire lotus gradually started to grow dimmer as a small wave of darkness resisted being devoured and hurtled downwards.

"Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!"

Feng Xue'er's phoenix robes fluttered in the air as a scarlet fire lotus bloomed in midair. The fiery petals instantly unraveled into hundreds of layers, blocking the wave of darkness.


The wave of darkness was destroyed while the scarlet fire lotus exploded in mid-air, dispersing into millions of fragments of Phoenix fire. The fires blazing on Feng Xue'er's body were extinguished for a short period of time before they started smouldering again. She raised both hands, erecting a gigantic Phoenix fire barrier, "Hurry up and leave! Bring Big Brother Yun and Sister Cang Yue and the rest of them… hurry!!"


The Little Demon Empress was already rushing towards Xuanyuan Wentian, a golden flame that was flared like the sun exploding at his feet, causing the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice to quake violently.

The power in front of them had far exceeded their imaginations, tearing through the limits of what they recognized. Even though she was exceedingly discontent, Murong Qianxue was acutely aware that given their current strength, they would not be able to make the slightest difference if they stayed behind. Instead, they would only become burdens.
"Sisters, let's leave quickly… Lanyi, bring along the Asgard Master and follow me to the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring. Lianqie, Yueli organize all the disciples and get them to immediately leave the Asgard. Xiao Yun, I'll entrust Senior Xiao, the Empress and the rest of them to all of you!"


After they gave their solemn assent, Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun flew away like lightning. Xuanyuan Wentian actually possessed the strength to rival the Little Demon Empress… This situation did not allow them the slightest bit of pretentiousness, procrastination, or hesitation.


Chapter 845 – Swaying Chaotic Flames

Xiao Yun and all of the ladies of Frozen Cloud Asgard swiftly retreated under the protection of Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix flames along with the rest of their companions. Amidst a sharp cry that threatened to rip the heavens asunder, an extremely enraged Little Demon Empress continuously shot out hundreds of beams of violent Golden Crow flames, forcing Xuanyuan Wentian to retreat tens of kilometers. A large swathe of this icy snowscape which had endured for ten thousand years was mercilessly incinerated as the entire blue sky was burned golden.

“Hahahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a wild and insolent laugh as he stood amidst of sea of Golden Crow flames. Black energy curled up around his body and the Golden Crow flames, which surrounded him burned everything else into nothingness, were unable to penetrate the black mist around him. “Do you see this?! This is the strength that this sovereign now possesses! This is the legendary Golden Crow Divine flames and Huangji Wuji and the other two trashes were burned and menaced by it until they were reduced to a bunch of defeated dogs, but it can’t even scratch this sovereign!”

“This is indeed a strength that belongs to the devil gods!!”

“Xuanyuan Wentian!” The golden pupils of the Little Demon Empress’ eyes blazed with a hatred that cut to the bone, “My Illusory Demon Royal Family had no grievances or hatred against you but for the sake of your own selfish desires, you caused the death of this empress’ royal father and caused the death of this empress’ royal brother… Causing the Illusory Demon Realm to be struck by a calamity that nearly overthrew it!!”

“I have already thoroughly crippled that villain Duke Ming and right now, he is suffering the most exquisite pain every single day, where he cannot hope to truly live or die. But it is still not sufficient to cleanse the hatred in this empress’ heart. But you… even if this empress descends into the Yellow Springs of the netherworld today, I will drag your corpse kicking and screaming down with me!!”

“Hahahaha, what does that Duke Ming even amount to? Do you think he is worthy of being compared to this sovereign?” Xuanyuan Wentian said as a wild and arrogant laugh ripped out from his throat, “Even if the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix God was still alive today, the only thing it would be able to do is to bow its head in submission to this sovereign. You want to kill this sovereign… That is merely the foolish talk of foolish dreamer!!”

The black energy around Xuanyuan Wentian surged as it swelled into a dark devil shadow that was so gigantic that it nearly covered the sky. In an instant, the entire sky grew dark and it seemed like all of the light on earth had been swallowed up as dark clouds that seemed to come from the devil realm roiled about in the sky. If one took a glance at the current scenery, it would look like something out of an apocalypse.

“This sovereign already possesses the most powerful devil god power in this world, even if it is the Golden Crow Divine flames, they are only fit to tremble before this sovereign! Hahahahaha…”

The sound of Xuanyuan Wentian’s laughter shook the heavens. As he was wildly cackling, all of the black clouds and black mist were swept up, as if a hurricane was pulling them along. They exploded towards the Little Demon Empress as lightning and thunder roiled within. From a distance, it looked as if a black shining sun had descended to earth as it attempted to devour the Little Demon Empress who looked as tiny as an ant.

The Little Demon Empress’ expression had become terrifyingly grave and solemn. The fiery image of the Golden Crow appeared behind her back before soaring into the heavens. In an instant, a large sea of golden fire had ignited in the air, causing the darkened sky to once again shine with a glaring golden light.

The fiery image of the Golden Crow gave a long cry as it suddenly flew even faster. Like a golden-colored knife, it pierced into the black mist, violently rending apart the churning dark clouds. The violent flames of the Golden Crow that trailed in its wake also rushed into the midst of the black clouds, wantonly incinerating it from within.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

The dark and sinister energy brought along by the black clouds was devoured by those flames while the flames were also being dyed black. The color of the sky and the earth had completely changed and the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice was trembling. Space was being bored through by the flames as if it was composed of weak ice crystals, becoming riddled with holes.

“Oh? You were actually able to block this sovereign’s devil god power?” Astonishment briefly flashed through Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes but he immediately started to laugh wildly yet again, “Hahahaha… Not bad, you have indeed managed to barely force your way into the ways of the divine. But how can a mere mortal like you even compare to this sovereign who has already become a devil god!!?”

Xuanyuan Wentian shifted his hands as both his arms thrust forward repeatedly. In the blink of an eye, he had formed a hundred thousand dark profound seals in the air, all of them exploding towards the black mist. The black mist which covered the skies instantly distorted before letting out a sound which sounded like the wail of a vicious spirit and fiercely pressing towards the sea of burning Golden Crow flames.

The skies instantly grew darker yet again as the Golden Crow flames were violently suppressed.

The pressure on the Little Demon Empress’ body sharply increased. Her long hair was shaking in the air that was burning with golden fire, the fires burning around her had also completely concealed the color of her her rainbow-colored skirts. The Little Demon Empress, who was being baptized by golden flames, was indescribably and fantastically beautiful, her appearance conveying a sacredness that could not be profaned.

Her eyes gently closed before suddenly snapping open again. In that instant, a long keening cry swallowed up all the other sounds in the world and long golden-colored wings slowly unfurled from her back… it was as if a true Golden Crow had suddenly awoken inside her body.

“Red… Purgatory… Lotus…”

After that soft chant, a scarlet-colored cluster of flames proudly began to bloom in the dusky sky.


The rampaging dark mist was instantly stopped in its tracks by the Red Purgatory Lotus. After that, it was mercilessly pierced by countless beams of fire as howls of pain filled the sky, it was as if a berserking devil beast had been shot through the heart by myriad arrows.


In the distance, nearly all the girls of Frozen Cloud Asgard let out cries of shock and terror. They saw the glaciers and ice boulder melt away at a crazy rate, causing the ground to steadily sink. Even though they had clearly distanced themselves far away from Frozen Cloud Asgard, they could still feel that scorching heat wash over their bodies.

“Don’t panic, immediately activate the Frozen Cloud Arts at maximum capacity to shield your body!” Murong Qianxue forcibly steadied her voice before shouting. She turned back to look and her face instantly turned pale as a sheet.

Dark clouds whirled and a sea of fire raged in the southern skies… It was a dreadful scene that she could not conjure up even in her wildest fantasies and despite the fact that it was unraveling right before her eyes, she was unable to believe that this scene was something that could be created by the power of mortals. But what caused her heart to truly tremble was that…

Frozen Cloud Asgard… had vanished…

It was as if her soul had been wrenched out of her body in that moment as her feet halted and she stared dazedly towards the north…
“Senior Sister! You… Ah!” Mu Lanyi, who had discovered that Murong Qianxue had suddenly come to a stop, anxiously came to drag her along but after she shouted those three words, the rest of her words were firmly stuck in her throat as she stood there petrified along with Murong Qianxue.

The ladies of Frozen Cloud Asgard stopped one after the other until all of them stood in place. They blankly stared at where Frozen Cloud Asgard used to be and in an instant, tears filled their eyes as those crystal tears began to mournfully roll down the snow-white skin of their faces.

“Our… Frozen Cloud Asgard… is gone…” Murong Qianxue whispered, pain arcing through her like a keen knife.

Given the calamitous power that the Little Demon Empress and Xuanyuan Wentian were throwing at each other as they fought, even if there were hundreds of Frozen Cloud Asgards, they would have been reduced to flying ashes in the blink of an eye, much less just one.

Tears hovered in Feng Xue’er’s eyes as she felt their pain and helplessness… Because that was their home, the place that they had lived most of their lives. Yet it had disappeared forever just like this, never to return again.

Feng Xue’er bit her lower lip as she struggled to hold back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes at any moment before speaking in a soft voice, “My fellow Senior Masters, Junior Masters, Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters, Frozen Cloud Asgard has not disappeared. What has disappeared is only its shell… As long as we survive, no matter where we go, we can always build a new Frozen Cloud Asgard. Furthermore… furthermore, the ancestors of Frozen Cloud Asgard are buried in a secret place more than ten kilometers below the ground, so their resting place is definitely whole and unharmed. Even as they sleep, they will still look over us and protect us as we rebuild Frozen Cloud Asgard and it will be a Frozen Cloud Asgard that is even better than the last one.”

Murong Qianxue turned around and wiped the traces of tears from her face before gracing Feng Xue’er with a faint smile, “Princess Snow, thank you for your kind words. You don’t need to worry, we were able to overcome one life-and-death struggle after the other, so why would we collapse at this point? You are absolutely right, what we have lost is merely a shell of the past. Right now, what we need to do is properly protect the Asgard Master and ourselves as well… As long as we are still alive, Frozen Cloud Asgard will never fade away.”

“Lanyi, Lanqie, protect the Asgard Master. Yueli, Hanyue and Hanxue, devote your energy to protecting the disciples who have low cultivation… Nobody is allowed to turn back. Now let’s leave quickly!!”

The only thing they could do now was to flee and it was the one thing that they had to do.

Even though they had fled an extremely far distance, the energy waves that radiated from behind them were still incomparably terrifying. Xiao Yun, Number One Under Heaven and Number Seven Under Heaven devoted all of their energy to protecting Xiao Lie, Cang Yue and Xiao Lingxi. Murong Qianxue carried Yun Che in her arms, Jun Lianqie and Mu Lanyi were by her side at all times to ensure that he was fully protected… Because in Yun Che’s current condition, he could not afford to sustain the slightest bit of damage.

Feng Xue’er took up the role of the rearguard and if any energy waves that were too fierce headed their way, she would block them completely.

“Wah… wh… why!? This isn’t possible!!”

As he witnessed his power being suppressed by the Golden Crow flames, the expression on Xuanyuan Wentian’s face finally changed for the first time. He had originally believed that his darkness profound energy would easily swallow up the Golden Crow flames but right now, he was witnessing that darkness profound energy being relentlessly incinerated and pierced by those flames. This was the devil god power that he had obtained after enduring countless trials and tribulations, the devil god power that he had obtained only after abandoning his original body, so how could it be suppressed like this!?

Ten days ago, the devil soul within the sword took advantage of the fact that Fen Juechen had fainted to successfully incite the devil blood within his body to activate the “Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice”, the technique devouring Xuanyuan Wentian’s body and all of his power along with his soul.

Even though extinguishing Fen Juechen’s soul took far more effort and energy than he had anticipated in the end, the final result was just as he had expected. He had seized control of Fen Juechen’s body after it had devoured him and after that, he had spent a few days merging the strengths of Fen Juechen and Xuanyuan Wentian.

No, to be exact, it was the merging of Xuanyuan Wentian, Fen Juechen and Ye Mufeng’s powers!

Because Fen Juechen had initially devoured the devil soul of Ye Mufeng. The power that he had obtained before his devil blood had awoken had all come from Ye Mufeng but even when he had fought with Xuanyuan Wentian, he had still not been able to fully absorb Ye Mufeng’s power.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s own strength had already reached the pinnacle but now that he had also obtained Fen Juechen’s and Ye Mufeng’s power, devil blood which had not fully awakened was flowing in his body and a devil soul which could maximize the power of said devil blood dwelt in his sword. So in the few days after that, he could feel his own power explosively increasing at an incomparably crazy pace each and every day.

It explosively increased to the point where even he, who had been a Sacred Master for a thousand years, had not dared to imagine.

Even though it had been a short ten days, his powers had yet to be completely merged and the devil blood in his body was far from completely awakening but the inconceivably strong power that had welled up in his body gave him a resolute belief that the current him had grown so strong that no one would be able to rival him… Even if it was the Illusory Demon Realm’s Little Demon Empress, whose own power had grown by leaps and bounds and who also seemed to have finally touched upon the way of the divine.

So after he had found out that the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er were both in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, he decided to pay them a visit personally.

Given Xuanyuan Wentian’s original temperament, he would definitely not make any casual moves unless he had absolute confidence. This could clearly be seen from the fact that he did not hesitate to wait one thousand years just so that he could definitively choose the day of the Thirteen Star Alignment just so he could obtain the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword.

If it was the original Xuanyuan Wentian, he would definitely choose to finish consolidating and merging his power and fully awakening his devil blood before moving to realize his ambitions. But under the influence that the darkness profound energy had wrought on his personality, he could not wait to move even though it had only been ten short days after he had obtained the power of the devil gods.

Xuanyuan Wentian had indeed clearly noticed the influence on his very nature but he did not try to control it. Instead, he reveled in this change.

However, even though he had a high estimation of the Little Demon Empress’ strength, it turned out that he had still underestimated her a lot.

“This sovereign has already become a devil god… How can I lose to a mere mortal!!?”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s face turned sinister as the black light around his body began to swell as tens of pitch-black sword beams soundlessly appeared in the air behind him… Under the influence of the darkness profound energy, his originally colorless sword beams had turned black.

A sinister edge instantly pierced the Little Demon Empress’ spiritual perception. Her eyes flashed and the sea of fire which filled the skies was abruptly and swiftly pressed down from above. The dark light which had been entangled with the flames for a long period of time was immediately torn apart like a black-colored curtain as the overflowing sea of flames hurtled towards Xuanyuan Wentian’s head.

“Wh… What!?”

Even though he was being suppressed, Xuanyuan Wentian had definitely never dreamed that his power would be so abruptly torn apart. The sword beams which still hovered in place were immediately swallowed up by the sea of fire as his entire person was pulled into the sea of Golden Crow flames.


Xuanyuan Wentian gave a furious howl as an enormous black-colored barrier opened up around his body, firmly pushing the Golden Crow flames outside its boundaries. But in the next instant, he heard a long cry that caused his very soul to fiercely shudder as the fiery figure of the Golden Crow which left a long trail of fire in its wake dove out of the voluminous sea of flames to explode against his dark barrier.


A beam of fire shot towards the sky. The dark barrier had successfully blocked that fiery golden-colored figure but it had quickly turned thin. Xuanyuan Wentian could scarcely believe his widened eyes and once his eyes stretched to their absolute widest, his dark barrier was forcibly melted away and the golden-colored figure crazily rushed towards him. The surrounding flames zoomed in on him as well, causing him to be completely engulfed in the sea of fire.


Xuanyuan Wentian gave a miserable cry as his entire body was swallowed up by the Golden Crow flames and he became a human torch which was fiercely flung through the air!


Xuanyuan Wentian flew for more than five kilometers, the dreadful impact causing tens of kilometers worth of glacier to instantly and completely crumble away. The Little Demon Empress’ figure flashed towards him, two delicate ice-jade hands lightly danced in the air as one Golden Crow flame lotus after the other hurtled down at him like golden-colored meteors, mercilessly bombarding the deep crater in which Xuanyuan Wentian lay.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…


Chapter 846 – Devil Sword, Lightless Eternal Night

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

The golden-colored flames devoured all the darkness as pillars of fire shot towards the heavens and even the sky itself was being fiercely distorted. The sharp cries of the Golden Crow blanketed the heavens and the earth while Xuanyuan Wentian’s miserable cries of pain were mixed in as well.

Feng Xue’er was hovering high in the sky, she focused on protecting all the people around her while also paying attention to what was happening behind them. Her tense expression finally began to loosen as a cry of joy rang out from her throat, “Big Sister Little Demon Empress has won… She pummeled Xuanyaun Wentian with such force that he did not even have the strength to counter-attack!”

Feng Xue’er’s words were undoubtedly a welcome spring shower which refreshed and soothed the terror in everyone’s hearts. Their feet slowed as they looked towards the south. The southern skies were blanketed in golden light and they could scarcely even see any darkness lingering. Even the darkness energy in the air that caused them discomfort and disquiet had clearly weakened by several times.

“That’s great… that’s great!” Murong Qianxue yelled emotionally as she hugged Yun Che tightly.

“Hahahaha.” Number One Under Heaven breathed a heavy sigh of relief before letting out a great laugh, “What did I say, the Little Demon Empress is someone who has inherited the strength of the gods themselves, so how could there be anyone in this world who could be her match?”

“Phew!” Number Seven Under Heaven patted her chest before patting her stomach which had now clearly begun to protrude. She smiled merrily as she said, “Little baby, you don’t need to be afraid. Everything is fine now, the Little Demon Empress has already fiercely beaten the villain into the ground.”

“Xuanyuan Wentian was practically more terrifying than Duke Ming and he was even more vile. The Little Demon Empress was thoroughly enraged and she will definitely burn Xuanyuan Wentian into fragments of ash,” Xiao Yun said as his brows twitched and he said in a voice filled with suspicion, “Xuanyuan Wentian admitted that his body was Fen Juechen’s body and his profound energy aura is also remarkably similar to that of Fen Juechen’s… So what exactly is going on here?”

“This particular point has indeed exceeded the boundaries of our understanding,” Number One Under Heaven said as he pondered the subject. Now that the danger had been dealt with, the pace at which he was fleeing had slowed down a great deal. Now, his attention had begun to focus on other areas which had completely mystified him, “However, I have heard of something similar before in myth and legend. It was an extremely dreadful “possession” technique that would allow one’s soul to invade another person’s body. After that, that soul would become the new master of that body, wiping away the original will that controlled it. Just now, what we saw was Fen Juechen’s body but it was being controlled by Xuanyuan Wentian’s will… If we definitely have to explain it, perhaps it truly is that terrifying kind of ‘possession’.”

“So that means that Fen Juechen… has already completely disappeared?” Xiao Yun asked with widened eyes.

“His body is still around but his soul has already been wiped away. So it is equivalent to disappearing,” Number One Under Heaven said in a low voice. At the same time, he discreetly glanced in Xiao Lingxi’s direction…

As expected, he saw Xiao Lingxi softly bite her lips as her eyes began turning slightly red but she stubbornly refused to make a sound.

The rumbling of exploding flames still continued and every rumble was accompanied by a fire pillar which pierced the horizon. Number One Under Heaven glanced to the side before coldly laughing, “It looks like the Little Demon Empress has been completely enraged this time. Even if Xuanyuan Wentian had ten lives, he should have already been burned to cinders by now… Ah, to die like this is simply letting him off too easily.”

“…” However, at this point, Feng Xue’er’s smile began to slowly vanish. She looked towards the south as she muttered to herself in a suspicion-filled voice, “That’s strange… How come Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura is still around, furthermore… furthermore…”

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom…

The Little Demon Empress shot out hundreds of Purgatory Red Lotuses one after the other, causing the ground below her, that had been eternally encased in ice, to morph into a terrifying sea of purgatorial fire that was more dreadful than any volcano that existed in the Profound Sky Continent.

If she continued like this, the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice would completely disappear from existence. The Little Demon Empress finally prepared to stay her hand but at this moment, her long and delicate eyelashes fiercely fluttered.

The dark aura, which had clearly been buried in the sea of fire and nearly incinerated to the point where it was about to completely disappear, suddenly started to abruptly surge and spike…


It was as if an erupting volcano had been wrenched off the ground, as the fire lotuses that the Little Demon Empress had sent hurtling downwards were fiercely blasted aside by the black light which suddenly flared up. Even the sea of fire that had melted the earth was blasted asunder by this black light. This black light was so deep and dense that it resembled one of the original black holes that existed in the primordial chaos. As it gradually swelled, all of the Golden Crow flames were smashed backwards with unmatched force.

In the heart of the black light stood a black-colored human figure. His clothes were shabby and most of his eyebrows and hair had been singed off. Half of his face looked completely charred and his visage was as terrifying as a devil, his body was half bright red and half black. But from his aura and silhouette, one could tell that this person was astonishingly Xuanyuan Wentian.

The pupils of the Little Demon Empress’ eyes, which resembled cold pools of water, faintly contracted.

He held a huge pitch-black sword in his hand and a pair of dark and sinister eyes had shockingly opened on its hilt. Once Xuanyuan Wentian appeared again, his aura, which had originally been nearly completely suppressed by the flames, came roaring back to life at a peerlessly terrifying pace. It directly surpassed the aura he had radiated at his previous peak of strength and rapidly grew to nearly twice as strong as it was before.

The black light that surrounded his body was so strong and resilient that it seemed like it had established its own small and independent world. Whenever the golden-colored flames, which were filled with the divine might of the Golden Crow and the boundless fury of the Little Demon Empress, approached the sphere of black light, they would be completely repelled and even extinguished at times.

The Little Demon Empress, “…”

“You… you actually…” Xuanyuan Wentian’s face was terrifying and sinister. When he opened his mouth, scorching white smoke spewed from his mouth, “Actually caused this sovereign to… look so pathetic…”

It was far from simply being a case of “looking pathetic”. When Xuanyuan Wentian had been trapped and suppressed in the Little Demon Empress’ sea of fire, forcing him to endure the blasts from those hundreds of Red Purgatory Lotuses, he could barely muster the strength to summon the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, nearly dying in the process.

“This ruler has no choice but to admit… that I was completely mistaken about your level of strength… To think that you would actually force this ruler… to have no choice but to present the devil sword… Ssss…” Even though Xuanyuan Wentian possessed a devil body he still felt pain. Even though he was Xuanyuan Wentian, the torment of having nearly half of his body charred black by the Golden Crow flames still caused him immeasurable pain.

Before he had taken out his devil sword, he and the Little Demon Empress had relied completely on their own strength during their duel. Neither party had borrowed the power of a profound artifact or any other external power, yet it had resulted in his pathetic and miserable defeat.

That was also to say that, given his current power, he was not even a worthy opponent for the Little Demon Empress!

Furthermore, if not for him desperately using all of his will to release the power of the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword when he was in this predicament, he might have already been burned to cinders by the Golden Crow flames of the Little Demon Empress.

Xuanyuan Wentian had finally obtained both the power and the body of a devil god, so he thought that he was already unrivalled under heaven and he had even gone as far as to arrogantly address himself as “this ruler”. So this was undoubtedly an incomparably huge blow to his ego and a most severe humiliation for him.

A dark heaviness began to congeal in the pupils Little Demon Empress’s icy cold eyes as her long and delicate eyebrows began to tightly knit together. Even though the previous Xuanyuan Wentian radiated an aura that was powerful and bizarre enough to press down on her, it did not have a heavy suppressive effect.

However, even though the current Xuanyuan Wentian, who was gripping that pitch-black devil sword tightly, was covered in wounds and looked completely miserable and abject, this was the first time in her life that she had felt such a stifling sensation. An extremely dark, heavy and oppressive aura was soundlessly spreading across the skies and over the earth. It was as if a terrifying, world-ending storm was quietly brewing.

“Even though using the devil sword to kill you is a kind of shame to this ruler while also slowing down the rate of this ruler’s devil blood awakening… How can this ruler… spare a person… such as yourself!!?”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s howl was as dreadful as the roar of a devil. It was also in this instant that the world in front of the Little Demon Empress abruptly turned pitch-black.

This terrifying change did not happen gradually, instead it happened all at once and the sea of golden-red flames were completely engulfed by this pitch-black darkness that was as dense and thick as black ink. The Little Demon Empress did not even have time to react and now she could not even see the slightest bit of light.

A few hundred kilometers away from this scene, the place where Feng Xue’er and the rest of them were currently located rapidly turned dark. It was as if the curtain of night had abruptly fallen on them, even though it was not completely dark each person could only blurrily make out the faces that were near to them.

This suddenly descending darkness had completely engulfed their vision. It also completely extinguished the elation that had just been birthed in their hearts, throwing them into an even deeper abyss of terror.

“Wha… What is going on!?”

“Could it be that… Xuanyuan Wentian is…”

“We need to move quickly!!” Xiao Yun paid close attention to Xiao Lie as he yelled in a loud voice.

“We must not make any careless moves!” Feng Xue’er yelled out anxiously. She spread both her hands wide and unreservedly released all of her power, forming a gigantic fire barrier that encompassed everyone in its radius. “If this dreadful power could directly reach us from this distance when it has just been activated, then it will only get more dreadful once it is fully activated. Not only will continuing to flee be absolutely meaningless, it will also increase the number of accidents. Everyone needs to stay within this barrier. I will use all of my power to protect everyone.”

Even though Feng Xue’er’s strength was nowhere near Xuanyuan Wentian’s it was still hundreds of kilometers away. Given that this barrier had been erected with Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix power at the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, it would be impossible to break it from such a far distance.

The world around her had turned completely dark and this was not simply any normal darkness for the Little Demon Empress felt as if she had been sucked into a pitch-black marsh. The air around her had turned extremely viscous and even trying to twitch her fingers felt exceptionally difficult. At the same time, countless icy-cold, oppressive and sinister auras assaulted her from every side, directly seeping into her heart and soul.

If Yun Che had been conscious at this moment, he would recognize it with a glance. This was the Dark Domain that Fen Juechen had forcibly unleashed at any cost when he had been defeated by Yun Che, Lightless Eternal Night!

“Little Demon Empress… Vanish… in this darkness… forever!!” Xuanyuan Wentian’s ghastly voice, which sounded like the wails of an evil spirit, rang out from the depths of this dark world, After that, a wild and sinister laugh which contained pain started ringing out, “Hahahahahahaha…”

The Little Demon Empress raised her hand but she could not see her own palm. She stretched her spiritual perception out extremely far but she still could not sense the borders of this dark world. It was as if this world of darkness was boundless and infinite. At the same time, the radius of spiritual perception was greatly shrinking with every passing breath and the atmosphere of this dark world was also turning more and more viscous. The aura of death was multiplying in strength and she gradually began to feel a slight dizziness and she even began to feel a despair that was birthed from being dragged into an endless black hole.

Furthermore, she completely could not sense the presence of Xuanyuan Wentian. He was definitely hiding in some corner of this dark world and he could launch a fatal attack against her at any time.


The Golden Crow seal that lay between the Little Demon Empress’ brows was burning but in this dark world, the originally glaring light which burned in that seal was now exceptionally dull. Her eyes opened and all of her Golden Crow flame powers poured out, forming a golden-colored fire domain.

She had been swallowed up by this dark domain and if she wanted to leave, she had to use her own fire domain to devour this dark domain instead!


Chapter 847 – Calamitous Flames Engulfing the Sky


A golden-colored fire domain burned as it spread out, a piercing golden light bloomed in this world of darkness.

Under the full might of the Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow flames, the domain would instantly spread out and covered a fifty kilometer radius around her. But in this dark world, the golden-colored sea of fire only extended a few kilometers before coming to a stop. Even the initially dazzling firelight had begun to clearly go dim.

Gradually, the fire domain that had just opened up began to shrink. It was as if the Golden Crow flame power which the Little Demon Empress had released at full force was being devoured by an a gigantic, invisible mouth. Even though she was using all of her strength, she was not able to break the shackles imposed upon her by this world of darkness as layers of flame started to extinguish.

More than ten breaths later, her fire domain had shrunk to only half a kilometer wide and it was still shrinking under that extremely terrifying pressure.

The Little Demon Empress’ face was expressionless and the icy-cold light in her eyes was laced with a dark heaviness. Amidst the deathly silence, sweat was pouring down her body like rain.

She understood clearly that if she was not able to escape or break this dark domain, then once her flames had been completely consumed and extinguished, she would eternally disappear in this boundless darkness.

But after Xuanyuan Wentian had taken out his devil sword, his already extremely dreadful darkness profound energy had swelled to nearly twice its previous strength. Within his dark domain, her power had been suppressed to the point where she could barely muster any strength to overturn the situation.

The light of the Golden Crow flames grew dimmer and dimmer as the boundless darkness and sinister cold assaulted them from all sides. It was as if a devil god was trying to completely swallow up her and her flames. An extreme agitation ceaselessly churned in her heart and soul. Even after she forcefully suppressed it, it would come roaring back to life with even greater intensity.

The Little Demon Empress closed her eyes once more as she stopped breathing for a moment. She would definitely not allow her own soul to collapse before her strength did. Gradually, the Golden Crow mark on her forehead grew dimmer yet again as the fire domain was suppressed to the point where it was barely three hundred meters wide.

Her body was still bathed in that golden fire but pain continued to flash across that grave and solemn face.

“What gorgeous flames, they are so dazzling that they inspire loathing in me.”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s gloomy and sinister voice rang out from within the darkness, “This is this sovereign’s devil god domain and its name is Lightless Eternal Night. It can devour everything in this world, no matter if it is alive or dead, and it will even completely consume things like space and light. It focuses and gathers the very limit of this sovereign’s current strength and there is no person or power in this world that can resist it! That of course includes you! However, to think you could last for so long, this truly something that has taken this sovereign by surprise.”

“Even though the sight of you vainly struggling to hold out as you gradually sink into the abyss of darkness is something that truly warms this sovereign’s heart and pleases my eyes, this sovereign is far more anxious to experience the elation of holding the Mirror of Samsara in my own two hands! So you, my final barrier to this goal, completely disappear in this hell of death that this sovereign has personally crafted for you!!”

Within the darkness, a pitch-black energy sword cut through the darkness as suddenly arrived in front of the Little Demon Empress.

Within the dark domain, the Little Demon Empress’ spiritual perception had been greatly suppressed, so, to her alarm, she had only discovered this black energy sword when it came into contact with the borders of her fire domain.

When the black energy sword came into contact with the fire domain, it only encountered an instance of resistance before slicing cleanly through the golden flames. It left an inky black trail of energy in its wake as it shot towards the Little Demon Empress’ breast.
The Little Demon Empress turned her body sideways with great speed as the aura of death immediately brushed right by her. In nearly the same instant tens of black energy swords flew at her from every direction. The sound of space being rent in their wake sounded very much like the wails and howls of devils and ghosts.

Even though Xuanyuan Wentian now superficially possessed a devil body and devil arts, his own soul and his original powers had not been harmed in the process, so he was still the man who was as acknowledged by the Profound Sky Continent as their number one swordsman!

Every energy sword that came from Xuanyuan Wentian was bolstered by the power of the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night and every attack was being launched within his domain, so every energy sword was more than enough to send the Little Demon Empress into the abyss of death.

In contrast, the Little Demon Empress was using nearly all her power to forcefully prop up her fire domain. If not, she would be completely swallowed up by the darkness. At the same time, her spiritual perception and movements were all greatly inhibited. So to the Little Demon Empress, who was already on the brink of collapse, these energy swords were practically the encroaching scythes of the death god!


The Golden Crow flames violently roiled as all of the energy swords were forcefully sucked into the Little Demon Empress’ fire domain. However, not only were these energy swords not immediately destroyed and devoured by the Golden Crow flames, they even started to shoot about wildly within the confines of the fire domain, causing the already collapsing fire domain to be pierced with countless tears.

The fire domain writhed and distorted before swiftly shrinking yet again. Most of the black energy swords had been burned away by the Golden Crow flames but the remaining seven energy swords pierced the entire domain, homing in on the Little Demon Empress’ body…


Seven black lights exploded on the chest and back of the Little Demon Empress. Her vision went black as her body fiercely wobbled but she stubbornly refused to let out a single sound. A scarlet rivulet of blood slowly dripped down the corner of her mouth, sliding down her throat and staining those flawless rainbow clothes.

“Hahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a wild laugh, “How fresh that blood is! This is the noble and dignified Golden Crow blood huh! Tch… This sovereign is the only person in this world that can make you bleed and I am also the only person who can… No, I am the person who is about to immediately destroy you!”

“This is only just the beginning, let this sovereign see how much longer you can continue struggling.”

Hundreds of kilometers away, the scarlet Phoenix flames dispelled the dreadful darkness. But everyone’s face had turned a ghastly and pale white. Because even the weakest of the girls from Frozen Cloud Asgard could clearly sense that the Little Demon Empress’ aura had almost completely disappeared. The entire south was covered in a pitch-black darkness, it was as if it had been engulfed by an infinite and endless black hole and the last traces of light had long ago faded away.

“No… this isn’t possible… this can’t be real… There is no way the Little Demon Empress can be defeated!!” Number One Under Heaven shouted as his entire body trembled. His face was deathly white and he was on the brink of going out of control. All of a sudden, he let out a loud roar and started to dash out of the barrier, “No! I am going to go help the Little Demon Empress… As the Young Patriarch of one of the Guardian Families, how can I… how can I just watch the Little Demon Empress…”

“Even if I can’t save the Little Demon Empress, then I will use this useless body that is as good as trash to accompany her in death!!”

The pupils of Number One Under Heaven’s eyes split open as he rushed forward with a loud roar. Xiao Yun did not attempt to stop him and instead he shouted through gritted teeth, “Good! I will go with you!”

“Wait a moment!!” Feng Xue’er thrust her arm out and an invisible energy barrier blocked the movement of both Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun at the same time. She looked towards the north as she said in a soft voice, “Both of you stay here and protect everyone. I will go and help Little Demon Empress sis.”

Feng Xue’er did not wait for either of them to reply. The firelight on her body flashed as she left the barrier and flew towards the boundless darkness that lay in the south. But before she had flown very far away, she came to an abrupt halt as her gloomy eyes suddenly sparkled with joy, “This… this is Little Demon Empress sis!”

She could clearly sense the Golden Crow aura which had gone completely still in that darkness suddenly start to revive, swell, and become incomparably strong and fierce…

It was stronger now than it had been during any previous instance!!

The surrounding dark space began to throb crazily as if countless evil ghosts were thrilling in laughter. It was also as if countless dark energy swords were coalescing together. The Little Demon Empress opened her eyes. The golden flames burning in her pupils were now exceptionally dull and her fire domain, which was tottering on the brink of collapse, had been suppressed to such a great extent that she could actually see its edges.

“Xuanyuan Wentian…” The Little Demon Empress’ low and heavy voice echoed in this dark world, “This empress swore… that even if I burned myself to ashes this very day, I would still crush your bones and burn them to cinders!!”

“Hahahahaha!” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a great, mocking laugh. It was clear that he regarded the Little Demon Empress’ words as a meaningless joke. But before his taunting words could even leave his lips, his tone underwent an abrupt but subtle change, “Hmmm?”

A large cloud of blood mist sprayed from the Little Demon Empress’ lips. In a split second, a cluster of flames suddenly ignited and an extremely glaring firelight instantly pierced through nearly fifty kilometers of space in this world of darkness. This light caused Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes to narrow to needlepoints and he was unable to open them.

“What is… this!?”

Pure-golden Golden Crow flames quietly burned along the Little Demon Empress’ body. The fire did not spread but the golden firelight that radiated outwards easily pierced through the darkness of this dark world, shining all the way to its very edges. In the blink of an eye, this world of darkness which resembled the primal chaos had been pierced by countless dazzling beams of firelight, becoming completely riddled with holes.

“You…” Xuanyuan Wentian stretched out a hand to cover his eyes and for a moment, he did not dare directly look in the direction the firelight was radiating from. This was the dark domain that belonged to him but now it seemed like a sun had suddenly been birthed in its midst!

There was only a thin layer of golden flames which burned on the Little Demon Empress’ body, but the golden light it released could pierce the entire dark domain. The Little Demon Empress’ body had been engulfed by firelight and the surrounding darkness had been completely dispelled as avoid grew larger and larger around her.

He could not see her expression nor the look in her eyes. Amidst the overly-dazzling golden light, she slowly raised both her hands. The golden-colored flames on her body followed her movement as it started to gather in both of her hands, condensing into a flaming sword that was five feet long.

It was only a flame that stretched for five feet and it was akin to the light given off by a firefly in this smothering dark domain that had engulfed hundreds of kilometers of space. In the face of this profound darkness, it could have been said to be miniscule and insignificant. Instead, it was like a poisoned needle that had stabbed into Xuanyuan Wentian’s heart, causing him to let out a howl of pain, “AAAAAHHHHHH… You… What did you do!!?”

The Little Demon Empress did not respond or perhaps she could not respond. All of her power was focused on the sword of flames. After that, she slowly slashed towards the dark world in front of her…

This was a “Golden Annihilation” that contained all of her gathered will and power and it was the ultimate pinnacle of all Golden Crow flames that had ever been displayed in the ten thousand year history of the Illusory Demon Imperial Family!


A golden scar that was not even three meters in length was engraved in the heart of this dark world. In the next instant, it rapidly expanded and in the blink of an eye it had spread across the entirety of this dark world.

From where Feng Xue’er and the others were standing, it looked like a golden-colored light that was as glaring as the light of the sun had sliced that incomparably gigantic dark world in two.

“She burned her own Golden Crow origin blood… hurry up and get out of here!!” A terrified and confused roar rang out from the devil sword in Xuanyuan Wentian’s hand.

Rrrmb rrmb rrrmb…

The Snow Region of Extreme Ice was trembling as the dark domain that had been cut in half started to sink and collapse on itself. The dense darkness that had spiralled out of control started to spread crazily in all direction but it was immediately consumed by the golden-colored flames which soared to the heavens.


Xuanyuan Wentian now turned and focused all of his power towards defence but the fierce backlash generated from the collapsing Lightless Eternal Night domain caused him to feel like he had been plunged into hell. He had only just obtained his darkness profound energy so he had far from perfect control over it. Under the backlash from the collapse of his domain, he had lost control over practically all of his darkness profound energy. It raged and thrashed about inside of his body and externally, he had been completely swallowed up by the Golden Crow flames that covered the sky, causing his already charred and scorched body to catch fire again.

The aura of darkness was swiftly receding as the flames grew more and more ferocious. The entire sky had been completely dyed gold. All of the snow and ice in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice had completely melted away and even Feng Xue’er, who was hundreds of kilometers away and possessed the power of Phoenix flames, was buffeted so roughly that she could not draw near. She could only open up that flame barrier at full strength once more in order to protect the people behind her.

Rrrmb rrmb rrrmb…

Flames roiled as waves of heat filled the sky and the snow and ice in the Snowy Region of Extreme Ice that had been accumulated over the countless ages had nearly completely melted into nothingness. Clouds no longer floated in the sky and the cold wind had long ago become the most scorching wind of calamities.

What had disappeared at the same time was Xuanyuan Wentian’s miserable wails… and the darkness aura that had radiated from him.

The Little Demon Empress maintained the stance where both of her hands had slashed down as she quietly stood in the heart of the golden-colored sea of flames. She could sense that besides the flames, everything else had completely disappeared… The dark domain had disappeared and Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura had also completely disappeared.

It had all been burned away to its original nothingness.

The Little Demon Empress’ hands slowly lowered and her eyes listlessly closed. Her tiny, delicate and frail body also began to quietly fall from the sky.

As she fell, the flames which filled the sky also swiftly descended and soundlessly extinguished themselves…


Chapter 848 – Prison of Despair

From the moment the Little Demon Empress had defeated Xuanyuan Wentian to the moment Xuanyuan Wentian had cast the Little Demon Empress into the abyss of darkness; every time they had descended into a great panic, they saw the extinguished Golden Crow flames soar towards the sky yet again, completely burning away the darkness that covered the sky…

The hearts of Number One Under Heaven and the others endured a countless number of incomparably violent blows.

The darkness profound energy and Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura had completely vanished and there was not even the slightest trace of white snow left in anyone’s vision. Just as they were about to let out whoops of celebration, they suddenly realized that the Golden Crow flames, which had stretched to the horizon, were shrinking away at an abnormally fast pace. Furthermore, at the same time they felt Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura disappear, they could also barely sense the aura of the Little Demon Empress.

“Little Demon Empress sis!”

Feng Xue’er’s cried out anxiously as she raised her hand to release her Phoenix fire barrier and flew towards the location where the Little Demon Empress was, leaving a trail of scarlet-red fire in her wake.
The intervening distance of one hundred and fifty kilometers was crossed swiftly, Feng Xue’er arrived at the place where the Little Demon Empress and Xuanyuan Wentian had engaged in their fierce struggle as she soon found the Little Demon Empress amongst those fluttering flames. She quietly lay against the scorched, dry ground with her rainbow robes still flawless. However, the trail of blood that leaked from the corner of her mouth was ghastly to behold and her aura was growing weaker to the point where it could barely sustain itself.

Feng Xue’er swiftly descended before arriving at the Little Demon Empress’ side. Once she determined that the Little Demon Empress was fine, she relaxed slightly but her expression had become exceptionally complex as she gazed at the Little Demon Empress.

Before she had met the Little Demon Empress, Feng Xue’er held a deep curiosity and deeply complex emotions that she could not identify towards her due to her relationship with Yun Che and her title ‘Little Demon Empress.” Today, she had finally met the Little Demon Empress… She had greatly exceeded Feng Xue’er’s estimation of her strength, ability to inspire awe, coldness, decisiveness and calmness.

Compared to her puerile immaturity and the ignorance that she had yet to completely shake off, the Little Demon Empress gave her the feeling that she would never be able to reach her level.

Right now, she was lying there, as weak and frail as a common person. But the figure reflected in Feng Xue’er’s eyes was far more profound and imposing than before.

With her own strength, the Little Demon Empress had saved all of them.

Feng Xue’er bent over as she carefully lifted the Little Demon Empress’ upper body off the ground before softly calling out, “Little Demon Empress sis…”

As someone who had also inherited a divine flame bloodline, she could tell with a single glance that the Little Demon Empress had clearly burned her own Golden Crow origin blood. Even though she was extremely weak right now, she had not suffered any major injuries aside from this one. The only side-effect would be that her Golden Crow bloodline would lie completely dormant for the following month at the very least and she would not be able to conjure up any Golden Crow flames.

“I am fine.” The Little Demon Empress’ face was ghastly white but her voice still remained calm and rather cold. After speaking those three words, she closed her tired eyes and did not open them for a long time. Her chest gently rose and fell. Not only was her Golden Crow bloodline lying dormant, she had also completely exhausted all of her profound energy.

Feng Xue’er gently supported the Little Demon Empress’ body. The weight she was supporting was as light as cotton, so Feng Xue’er could scarcely imagine how such a frail and delicate body could contain such terrifying power, “Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura has already completely disappeared, so this great villain has finally met the end that he deserved.”

“They are… alright, yes?” The Little Demon Empress asked in a soft voice.

“Mnnnn!” Feng Xue’er responded as she gave a heavy nod of her head, “All of us are fine thanks to Big Sister Little Demon Empress. We’ll immediately go and find a place where we can rest for the moment… Big Brother Yun will definitely wake up soon as well.”

As Feng Xue’er spoke, she pressed a palm against the Little Demon Empress’ chest, transferring her Phoenix vital energy to her unreservedly.

The Little Demon Empress did not refuse. Soon, her face began to regain some color and the rising and falling of her chest gradually became steady.

“Little Demon Empress!!”

Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun had rushed over with such great haste that they were practically stumbling over themselves. After they had made their descent, they did not even bother to catch their breath, gasping out, “The Little Demon Empress, she… How is she…”

“You don’t need to worry,” Feng Xue’er said as she gave a faint smile, moving her small hand away from the Little Demon Empress’ chest, “Little Demon Empress sis is really powerful. She did not sustain any serious injuries and she is only a bit weakened from her fight. Also…” She hesitated for a moment but after recalling the identity of Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun, she simply said, “Also, she won’t be able to use her Golden Crow flames for at least one month.”

Feng Xue’er words caused Number One Under Heaven to immediately understand that the Little Demon Empress had ignited her Golden Crow origin blood. He breathed a faint sigh of relief before immediately clenching both hands into tight fists as he fiercely gritted his teeth, “It’s okay. Once we return to the Illusory Demon Realm, no one will be able to harm even a hair on the Little Demon Empress’ head as long as we Guardian Families are around.”

“Hmph!” The Little Demon Empress’ eyes suddenly sprang open and a cold snort ensued from her mouth, “If you Guardian Families were truly so competent, then the Illusory Demon Imperial Family would not have been reduced to just this empress and even I was nearly forced into a dead end myself!”

She leaned on Feng Xue’er’s arm as she slowly stood up. Even though she did not have her normal profound strength and she was only relying on the vital energy that Feng Xue’er had transferred into her to stand up, that peerless and awe-inspiring might caused Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun to involuntary dip their heads.

“It… it is Number One who is useless,” Number One Under Heaven stuttered with an expression filled with guilt and remorse. If not for Yun Che and if they had relied solely on the Guardian Families, today the Illusory Demon Imperial Family would not even exist anymore…

“As long as the Little Demon Empress is fine, then all is well.” Xiao Yun said in a voice tinged with self-ridicule, not daring to lift his own head.

This enormous danger had been dealt with in an incredibly desperate and bitter fashion. The price they had paid was not only the hibernation of the Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow blood and the complete exhaustion of her profound energy. Frozen Cloud Asgard and the Snow Region of Extreme Ice had disappeared as well.

The Golden Crow flames had completely died down but the after-effects of the flames still lingered on. The air of the originally bone-chillingly cold Snow Region of Extreme Ice was now suffused with a scorching heat that was almost intolerable.

Feng Xue’er carried the Little Demon Empress and the four of them swiftly reunited with Number Seven Under Heaven, Cang Yue, Xiao Lie, Xiao Lingxi and the ladies of Frozen Cloud Asgard.

Murong Qianxue arrived in front of the Little Demon Empress, giving a deep bow, “If not for this senior, our Frozen Cloud Asgard would definitely have been obliterated in this place. This senior has saved all of our lives and all two thousand disciples of our Frozen Cloud Asgard will engrave this kindness in our hearts.”

“There is no need!” The Little Demon Empress rebutted coldly, “Xuanyuan Wentian was a person that this empress had to kill. Whether you lived or died has nothing to do with this empress.”

A startled tremble ran through Murong Qianxue. After that, she faintly nodded her head and did not speak any further, turning around to check on Yun Che’s condition.

The Little Demon Empress had defeated Xuanyuan Wentian and Feng Xue’er had used all her might to protect them. So aside from the Little Demon Empress, none of them had sustained any injuries. Yun Che also looked like he had not been affected in any way. This was undoubtedly the greatest fortune that had occurred during this misfortune.

“Let’s leave this place first so we can find a place to rest and recuperate for a while. Such a great commotion has happened here, so it will definitely alert a lot of people,” Number Seven Under Heaven said, the expression on her face displaying the lingering trepidation in her heart. She extended a hand towards her belly before she fiercely spat out, “That vile Xuanyuan Wentian, who would have thought that he would be so powerful? To think that he was someone who was even more sinister and vile than Duke Ming! If Father and the others knew about this, they would definitely be shocked. For him to die like this, it is truly letting him off too easily!”

“Right!” Number One Under Heaven growled through gritted teeth, “We should have done to him what we did to Duke Ming. Cripple his profound strength and all four of his limbs, submitting to him to the cruelest of tortures every day but using all of our strength to make sure that he doesn’t die. We should have let him live forever wallowing in pain and despair!”

“Heh… That is a very good suggestion indeed.”

A hoarse and cold low laugh rang out, it was sinister and dark that it sounded like it came from the depths of hell itself.

In a split second, everyone’s heart suddenly stopped beating. The scorching heat in the air seemed to instantly turn into the most extreme cold as countless needles of bone-piercing cold energy sank into their every pore, piercing into the deepest part of their souls.


The silent ground exploded as a pillar of black light burst out from under it to pierce the sky. After the black light dissipated, a black human figure had appeared at the border of where the ground had split open. His entire body had been burnt black and his face was smeared with blood. A thick black energy circled agitatedly around him, the pitch-black greatsword in his hand releasing a dense and strange light.

“Ah… ah… ah…” Xiao Yun’s mouth opened wide but he could not utter a single coherent word.
“Xuanyuan… Wentian!!” Number One Under Heaven’s pupils contracted to their limits. It was as if his entire body had been plunged into an icy abyss and he felt like his guts were about to rupture.

“You…” The Little Demon Empress’ body swayed fiercely. Even she could barely believe what was unfolding in front of her eyes.

Before they could soak in this hard-fought moment of relaxation for long, they were once again plunged into an even greater terror. Xuanyuan Wentian had not died and now he had seemingly returned from the pits of hell, bringing along with him boundless resentment and sinister coldness as he once again appeared before them.

Furthermore, the Little Demon Empress, only one amongst their number who could resist him… no longer possessed even the slightest bit of her power.

“This sovereign had clearly already become a devil god…. But all of you… all of you allowed this sovereign to experience the taste of death and terror! Unforgivable… UNFORGIVABLE!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian dragged the devil sword behind him as he advanced. His steps were slow and heavy and his body even swayed as he walked, his aura was far from what it had been previously but this aura now contained a resentment, fury and killing intent that was tens of times more intense than it had been before.

“All of you need to flee quickly!!”

Feng Xue’er let out an anxious cry as a strong gale swirled and pushed everyone towards the back. Her body transformed into a blazing figure of Phoenix fire and she attacked Xuanyuan Wentian with an “Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing”.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s blood-shot eyes fiercely widened as he let out a howl that sounded like it came from a wild beast as the devil sword in his hand fiercely swept upwards to meet Feng Xue’er’s flames.


The flames ruptured and a crack that was several kilometers long and several feet wide appeared in the ground. Amidst the exploding fire light, Xuanyuan Wentian was pushed back by more than ten steps while Feng Xue’er flew like a fallen leaf that had been blown away by the wind. She managed to barely descend but before she could even stand steadily, a scarlet jet of fresh blood sprayed from her mouth, staining the ground in front of her red.

Even though Xuanyuan Wentian had sustained serious injuries all over and had exhausted most of his profound strength, he was still someone who had taken half a step into the Divine Profound Realm. Moreover, he also clutched the Eternal Night Devil Sword, whose devil soul had been awakened, in his hand, so he was still not someone that Feng Xue’er could face.

“Princess Snow!!” Everyone went pale with shock as Feng Hanxue and Feng Hanyue hurriedly rushed forward to support her.

“I… I’m fine.” Feng Xue’er’s vision grew dim and all of the profound energy in her body was as chaotic and volatile as boiling lava. She had launched that Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing attack with all of her might, so the backlash she endured was naturally incredible. Even though she had clashed with Xuanyuan Wentian only once, she had already sustained rather serious internal injuries.

But, the Little Demon Empress’ profound energy was completely exhausted so she was the only person left amongst them who could obstruct Xuanyuan Wentian.

The Little Demon Empress had not hesitated to ignite her Golden Crow origin blood for their sakes… So how could she allow herself to collapse just like this.

Feng Xue’er forced herself to stand steadily as the Phoenix flames around her body began to burn at the same time. The overly-glaring fire light caused the gasping Xuanyuan Wentian to raise his head. He gasped roughly for breath while he howled in a frenzied voice, “Just you… A little phoenix… who hasn’t even fully matured yet… deems yourself worthy to cross arms with this sovereign!!?”

“Darkness… Prison!!”

The light fiercely dimmed as countless beams of black light suddenly flashed through the empty air. Before anyone could even react, they had been enshrouded within this cold and sinister black light.

The Phoenix flames that Feng Xue’er had just ignited were nearly entirely extinguished in an instant. The black light that surrounded her body felt like a large hand made of irresistible force that was firmly suppressing her profound strength. It locked up her entire body and even though she used all of her might, she could not loosen the restriction that had been placed on her at all.

She was not even able to move her legs or raise her arms, much less make an attack. It felt as if every part of her body had been trapped in a prison of despair that she could not struggle free from.

If even Feng Xue’er, who currently possessed the greatest profound strength, was in this state, then it would not even be possible for the others to resist, they did not have the slightest ability to struggle free.

“Sha… Heh…” Xuanyuan Wentian, who had finished releasing the Darkness Prison, felt his entire body go weak and as he swayed, he felt his body slump to his knees. He only managed to slowly prop himself up using the devil sword a good long while later, a loud and sinister laugh emerging from his mouth, “Haha… Hahahaha… This sovereign is already a devil god… If it’s just you commoners… how would it be possible for you… to escape from this sovereign’s grasp… Hahahahaha…”