Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 822-823

Chapter 822 – Engagement Banquet

Today would be the busiest day in the history of Phoenix City.

The huge Divine Phoenix City had already been crammed full of people several days ago. Furthermore, everyone who came were, without exception, all famous and brilliant individuals from the various large territories. With the sole exception of Blue Wind Nation, all of the rulers of the other six nations had personally come as well. The sect masters, clan leaders and hegemons of the various large powers and sects had all personally come as well. This event was so grand that it left the residents of Divine Phoenix City, who were long used to "big events", completely flabbergasted.

Furthermore, it was also rumored that the Four Sacred Masters who governed the Four Great Sacred Grounds and all under heaven, existences which were akin to myth and legend, would personally arrive with all of the strongest individuals of the Sacred Grounds in tow.

This was an event that was completely unprecedented in the history of the Divine Phoenix Empire.

If one did not know what had happened, no one would have imagined, after looking at the spectacle that was taking place in Divine Phoenix City, that all of this hullabaloo was merely for an engagement banquet.

From the time of Jasmine's appearance nineteen days ago at Supreme Ocean Palace's Sea God Arena to her departure, not even fifteen minutes had passed. Yet this short appearance had caused the entire profound world of the Profound Sky Continent to tremble in fear and it caused dramatic changes in even the most isolated parts of the continent. The high and exalted Four Great Sacred Grounds became existences which could be trampled on at any given moment. The profound practitioners of the Profound Sky Continent who were present that day still had a profound feeling that they had not woken up from a dream, every time they recalled the thirty five kilometer wide Northern Region being destroyed.

This was a result that had been created by absolute power… and it was a result that could only created by absolute power.

Before it had even passed nine in the morning, most of the enormous Phoenix City was already thronging with people and the guests still continued to pour in successively. The main lobby could hold thirty thousand people and every person who was received into the main lobby walked in with their backs ramrod straight as they were observed by all the other guests. All of them strode proudly into the main lobby and some even looked overwhelmed by the amount of favor they were shown. Moreover, many of the most famous and outstanding sect masters and individuals, who were amongst the elites of their nations, were relegated to one of the side halls and they did not feel the least bit slighted.

Furthermore, the vice sect masters and the lesser powers had to be content with banquet tables that were outside of the halls.

"Supreme Ocean Palace… Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi, with Black Moon Merchant Guild Master Zi Ji, the Seven Venerable Ones of Supreme Ocean Palace, Great Elder Chen Mofeng, Second Elder… Jade-faced Demon Monarch Ji Qianrou. Twenty esteemed guests of Supreme Ocean Palace have arrived!"

The Divine Phoenix disciple who was in charge of yelling out the names of the guests who had arrived had already been shouting for two whole hours but his voice was still resonant and deep, his aura still vigorous. Furthermore, the disciple assigned to this task was of extraordinary talent, so every time he announced a name, most of Phoenix City could hear him loud and clear. But when he announced the name of the Sovereign of the Seas, one could near a noticeable tremble in his voice.

The uncommonly noisy Phoenix City suddenly descended into silence as all eyes were instantly directed towards the gates.

Supreme Ocean Palace had arrived and sure enough, the Sovereign of the Seas herself had personally come! In her retinue was the Black Moon Merchant Guild Master Zi Ji, whose status was nearly equal to the Sovereign of the Seas! He was normally known to be shrouded in mystery and he very rarely made a public appearance! Even the Seven Venerable Ones were in attendance and all the elders who had come along were the ones ranked in the top ten of Supreme Ocean Palace!

This was without a doubt the grandest party of people Supreme Ocean Palace could dispatch!

The only one who was an exception to this rule was Ji Qianrou. But the ones in the know understood his presence, because Ji Qianrou had previously saved the lives of Yun Che and Feng Xue'er when they were on the Primordial Profound Ark… So whether it was dispatching the most ridiculously over-the-top party or the presence of Ji Qianrou, all of these things were to curry favor with Yun Che.

Feng Hengkong took large strides as he moved forward to welcome the party who had come from Supreme Ocean Palace. Astonishingly, the Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi and Zi Ji were at the forefront of this little group. Feng Hengkong immediately cupped his hands as he said, "I welcome the esteemed guests of Supreme Ocean Palace! The fact that the Sovereign of the Seas and Mister Zi are personally present inspires such gratitude and astonishment that this Hengkong can hardly bear it."

Feng Hengkong's face was flushed red… this definitely was not an act, it was because he truly was extremely excited. Before this, if Supreme Ocean Palace sent someone like Ji Qianrou, who was not even equivalent to a low-ranking elder, to attend their big events, they would already be considered to be giving face to him. So he had never dreamed or even dared to dream that the Sovereign of the Seas would personally pay a visit. But this time, the Sovereign of the Seas had brought along more than ten of the most important individuals in Supreme Ocean Palace for a mere engagement banquet…

Even though he had been the Divine Phoenix Emperor for one hundred years already, Feng Hengkong had never stood as tall and straight as he had today.

At this moment, he even had a faint feeling that… his own position was nearly equal to that of a Sacred Master!

Moreover, all of this had been brought about because of Yun Che (or his master to be precise)!

"The Divine Phoenix Sect Master is being far too courteous. If this sovereign did not come for such a joyous occasion, it would truly be a pity," Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi said with a bland laugh. Even though her words and actions still had a regal air about them, she had assumed a much more withdrawn attitude in Phoenix City.

"For the Divine Phoenix Sect Master to obtain such a fine son-in-law is the envy of the world. Today's event is truly a matter worth celebrating," Zi Ji said with a hearty laugh. After that he personally passed a jade box to him, "I hope that you will kindly accept our humble gift."

Just the box alone was made of the finest Black Enlightenment Jade, it was an extremely rare resource that was worth entire cities. So the item contained within it was definitely no ordinary trinket. Feng Hengkong's heart grew even more excited as he smiled, "The fact that all of you distinguished personages of Supreme Ocean Palace were willing to make a personal trip down here is the greatest gift of all… Hengkong will represent his daughter to thank all of you. Ximing."

Feng Ximing stepped forward and respectfully received the jade box from Zi Ji's hands. But his eyes drifted to the left and right, as if there was something occupying his thoughts.

"May I enquire as to whether Asgard Master Yun is already inside?" Zi Ji asked in an extremely casual manner.

"Che'er hasn't come yet but he is already in the Divine Phoenix City. When the hour is near, he will naturally show up."

When he addressed Yun Che as "Che'er", Feng Hengkong instantly felt his back stiffen even more.

"Ah." Zi Ji gave a faint nod of his head before retrieving a spatial which flashed with purple light, "Divine Phoenix Sect Master, this is the meager gift that our Supreme Ocean Palace has prepared for Asgard Master Yun's master. This is given as thanks for the mercy shown to us that day. After some thought, we realized that it would be rather hard to personally meet that senior again, so we will have to trouble the Divine Phoenix Sect Master to pass this on to Asgard Master Yun so that he can present it to this master."

Feng Hengkong subconsciously took the ring, "Since that is the case, Hengkong will definitely not disappoint you. Once Che'er is here, I will advise him to pass it on to his master as soon as I can. It's just that…"

"Divine Phoenix Sect Master, please speak your mind." Zi Ji said with a faint smile.

Feng Hengkong replied, "Che'er's teacher has superhuman abilities and I'm afraid that it will be hard for anything to catch her eye in this mundane place. Hengkong is truly curious as to what kind of generous gift the esteemed Supreme Ocean Palace has prepared… Could it be that Mister Zi already knows what that senior is fond of?"

"Heh heh heh." Zi Ji laughed before speaking in an extremely soft voice, "There's no harm in telling this to the Divine Phoenix Sect Master I suppose. This old one had recently discovered through pure coincidence that this senior perhaps has a fondness for fairy dresses that are a deep shade of red. So this old one has recently mobilized all of his guild's power to scour the lands for the highest quality fairy dresses, in hopes of exchanging them for that senior's smile."

Zi Ji was someone whose status in Supreme Ocean Palace was nearly equal to the Sovereign of the Seas but it was clear that his actions and words were an undisguised attempts to court Jasmine's favor— and there was also no need to disguise his intent in the first place. Furthermore, because none of them knew Jasmine's name, they could only address as her as "that senior".

"Ah so that was the case. I thank Mister Zi for his generosity and willingness to share," Feng Hengkong said as he made a note to remember it.

"Please enter the palace and be seated, your seats have already been prepared." Feng Hengkong personally guided Qu Fengyi and her retinue into the main lobby. All at once, the crowd fell completely silent as some profound practitioners, who had never dreamed that they would be able to see the Sovereign of the Seas in their lives, gaped and gawked at her. They did not dare to make a noise and they did not even dare to breathe.

"Sun Moon Divine Hall's Hall Master Ye Meixie, with Young Master Ye Xinghan, Divine Envoy Heavens Equal, Divine Envoy Blazing Sun, Divine Envoy Moon Punisher, Divine Envoy Star Banisher and Divine Envoy Earth Turner… Twenty esteemed guests of Sun Moon Divine Hall have arrived!"

Not long after Supreme Ocean Palace had arrived, yet another loud shout had attracted everyone's attention. The members of Sun Moon Divine Hall had arrived as well and the composition of their party had been the same as Supreme Ocean Palace. The Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie had personally come and he had also brought along the Five Divine Envoys and the highest-ranked elders with him.

At that time, Jasmine had left behind four nightmarish wounds on Ye Meixie's body that had tortured him for a full six days. The pain had been so bad that he was constantly wishing for either salvation or death. Even though he had escaped that nightmare more than ten days ago, one could see that he had grown noticeably thinner. His face also still had a waxy, yellow complexion and it was clear that he had not fully shaken off his trauma.

To be able to torture a Sacred Master into this state within a few short days, one could well imagine just how dreadful that torture must have been.

In order to protect his dignity as a Sacred Master, Ye Meixie should not have made an appearance in his current state. But today, he did not dare be absent from this event and he also had to maintain his smile as he greeted people. He did not dare to show the slightest bit of neglect or discontent.

After Yun Che and Jasmine had split up, he flew directly towards Phoenix City. When he was nearing Phoenix City, he suddenly sensed an abnormal aura and he immediately stopped in place. His eyes locked onto a black figure that was making his way slowly towards the city below him.

Furthermore, that black figure jerked his head towards the sky the instant Yun Che looked at him. His gaze instantly swept across Yun Che's face and his legs also come to a stop. The baleful aura that was abruptly rising from his body resembled that of an awakened wild beast.

"Fen Juechen? What are you doing here?" Yun Che asked as he descended from the sky to stand in front of Fen Juechen. At this moment his heart was filled with shock because Fen Juechen's aura was completely different from what it had been when they had met more than ten days ago… One could even say that his aura had undergone a earth-shaking change. Standing in front of him, Yun Che could feel a chilling, bone-piercing gloominess radiate from his body… Even though he had exuded such a cold and gloomy aura before, his aura was more than ten times stronger and more intense now!

His eyes had also nearly turned completely black and Yun Che could not even see any whites in his eyes.

"I've come to kill someone," Fen Juechen replied in a chilly voice. His gaze and his words contained no rage and no emotion. A large jet-black sword was strapped to his back—that was shockingly the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that Jasmine had tossed to him.

"Kill who?"

"I'm here to kill Xuanyuan Wentian!" Every word that came from Fen Juechen's mouth seemed to echo out from some deep abyss.

"Your devil blood has awakened?" Yun Che suddenly asked. Because other than that, Yun Che could think of no other logical explanation to explain the sudden and illogical growth in Fen Juechen's aura… Jasmine had initially said that the devil blood within the bodies of the clansmen of the Eternal Night Royal Family could be awakened using the devil soul within the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword. It had been the same for Ye Mufeng all those years ago as well. Furthermore, This had been the reason that Fen Juechen had wanted to snatch the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword in the first place.

Jasmine had indeed mentioned that the devil soul within the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword had still not been completely extinguished. There was an extremely weak part of it that was still in existence but it was so insignificant that she had not even bothered to destroy it. Instead she threw it towards Fen Juechen and announced these words in public, "Borrowing the power of this sword, you may one day possess the ability to kill Xuanyuan Wentian…"

It looked like Fen Juechen had already used the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword to achieve his desires.

"Get lost!" Fen Juechen said coldly.

"Today is the engagement date for Feng Xue'er and I, so Xuanyuan Wentian will indeed be here. If you want to kill him, please wait for the grand banquet to end. Don't ruin the mood for Xue'er and I," Yun Che said calmly, "Furthermore, even though your strength has risen greatly, I do not think you can kill Xuanyuan Wentian yet. You are being far too anxious and hasty."

"Before I change my mind to kill you first, get out of my sight!" Fen Juechen gave a low roar of fury.

"Hmph, suit yourself," Yun Che said as he flew into the air, not wasting any further words arguing with him. But after that, he turned around in midair and said, "I want to kill Xuanyuan Wentian even more than you do. But if you don't want all of your painstaking effort to go to waste, then you better grit your teeth and bear it! Bear it until your victory is absolutely certain!"

"I don't need you to lecture me, get lost!!" Fen Juechen's fist exploded towards the sky as dark and gloomy black energy immediately caused the light to dim.

Yun Che turned around and did not bother with him any longer as he flew towards Phoenix City. It was already very near to the time of the engagement banquet.

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Chapter 823 – Moonflower of Hell (1)

When Yun Che was descending into Phoenix City, Feng Zukui, Feng Tianwei, and Feng Hengkong, the three generations of Divine Phoenix Emperors were standing together and discussing some matters. Sensing Yun Che's aura, they turned around at the same time and revealed the same expression—a faint smile.

"Che'er, you arrived at just the right time. The banquet is going to begin shortly," Feng Hengkong said with delight. "Supreme Ocean Palace and Sun Moon Divine Hall have already arrived, and all of their Sacred Masters personally came. There was also a sound transmission saying that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region have also arrived in Divine Phoenix City and will soon reach Phoenix City. The giving of such face is larger than the heavens in the Profound Sky Continent."

"Ah!" Feng Zukui let out a soft sigh before a faint smile appeared on his face again. "Let all the grudges of the past disappear with the blowing wind. The future of our Divine Phoenix Sect lies with Xue'er, and her feelings for you run deep. I hope that you will treat her well in the future."

"I might not be able to make any promises regarding other matters, but I will never fail Xue'er," Yun Che replied seriously. "Phoenix Sect Master, where is Xue'er now?"

"Hoho, why are you still calling him Phoenix Sect Master. It's time to change the greeting to Royal Father." Feng Tianwei laughed.

"Nevermind, a greeting is not important," Feng Hengkong hurriedly said, a slight sense of awkwardness flashed through his eyes. In Blue Wind Imperial City half a year ago, Yun Che had already coldly told Feng Hengkong that, even after he got with Xue'er, he would never address him using the title of "Royal Father." This was because he could never forget who caused the death of Cang Yue's father!

"Xue'er is in the Phoenix Call Pavilion. Qixuan, bring Asgard Master Yun to the Phoenix Call Pavillion," Feng Hengkong ordered.

"Yes, Sect Master." The female phoenix disciple named Qixuan walked forward and respectfully led the way for Yun Che.

"Mighty Heavenly Sword Region Sword Master Xuanyan Wentian and Young Sword Master Xuanyuan Wendao have arrived!"

The rate at which the arriving guests were announced seemed to have sped up. After Supreme Ocean Palace and Sun Moon Divine Hall, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region had also arrived, but it seemed as though only the Sword Master and his son came.

"It's Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Royal Father, Grandfather, I shall go and receive them." Feng Hengkong left swiftly. He could naturally let the elders receive other guests, but he definitely had to personally receive members of the Sacred Grounds.

In Phoenix City, the most important location was definitely the Phoenix Divine Hall at the center. However, the current location was the true "Sacred Ground" of Phoenix City since it was where Feng Xue'er stayed after leaving the Phoenix God. All of the Phoenix Sect disciples including the princes were only allowed to observe from a long distance. They had no opportunity to get close… and entering was even more forbidden.

Feng Xue'er sat in front of a mirror, her powdered snow like face showing signs of nervousness. When Yun Che entered the Phoenix Call Pavilion and walked over, she saw him in the mirror and turned around with glee. "Big Brother Yun!"

The crimson palace gown that Xue'er wore was adorned in phoenix patterns. A belt that was the color of pure jade was lightly wrapped around her thin waist, which looked like it couldn’t handle a hug. Her long hair, which was the color of night, hung loose and comfortable as a multitude of hairpins held a light purple flower in place. Her skin softly glowed like warm jade. Without any cosmetics, her tender lips were red. With them, they became even more delicate and beautiful.

Feng Xue'er's beauty was flawless at all times, and she looked like a fairy even without makeup.

Her extraordinary beauty that exceeded the heavens had now lost some of its tender innocence and become more enchanting. Although the changes to her beauty were minor, they were enough to charm souls from bodies. This was especially the case for her eyes. They seemed to glow like star light, but also seemed to sparkle like the ocean at the same time. She could captivate thousands of generations with a simple smile.

Back when Yun Che was falling down Absolute Phoenix Cliff, before his consciousness had been lost, the dreamlike glance that he stole of this pair of beautiful eyes had already been firmly imprinted into his mind. For the rest of his life, this memory would never fade.

Yun Che's heart currently resembled a pond of water that rippled because of a gentle breeze. Yun Che walked forward a few steps and pulled Feng Xue'er into his embrace. His fingers impulsively caressed her snow white neck. The phoenix robe that she wore was smooth and glowed, but it could never compare to the exposed jade skin of Feng Xue'er. Even in the dimly lit Phoenix Call Pavilion, her neck still shone like jade.

"Xue'er, after the engagement… I'll bring you to visit my parents, okay?" Yun Che asked softly.

"Mn…" Feng Xue'er gently replied. Although they had only been apart for little more than a dozen days, her longing for him had grown exponentially with each one that passed.

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region arrived outside of the main hall, but it was indeed only Xuanyuan Wentian and Xuanyuan Wendao, the father-son pair.

In nineteen days, the injury on Xuanyuan Wentian's right arm had already healed. He who was usually arrogant and always looked down on everyone was acting exceptionally humble. When Feng Hengkong greeted him, he greeted him in return almost immediately. This was even more obvious for Xuanyuan Wendao. Not only did he lack his usual arrogance, he constantly surveyed the area and looked as if he were filled with fear.

After a few simple greetings, Xuanyuan Wentian personally handed over gifts before lowering his voice and saying, "Phoenix Sect Master, where is your son-in-law, Asgard Master Yun?"

Feng Hengkong's eyes flickered as he said, "Che'er is currently at the Phoenix Call Pavilion with my daughter and should come to the hall soon. What are Sword Master Xuanyuan's orders?"

"I would not dare to give orders," Xuanyuan Wentian said hastily and glanced at Xuanyuan Wendao before continuing. "However, I do have a request. My son Wendao has some important matters to privately discuss with Asgard Master Yun. I don't know if…"

Feng Hengkong hesitated. "This…"

"Ah." Xuanyuan Wentian sighed. "To tell you the truth, what happened during the Devil Sword Conference… Phoenix Sect Master you witnessed it for yourself. Both the lives of me and my son lie in the hands of your son-in-law. Today is a rare chance for us to resolve the conflict. If Phoenix Sect Master does not help, I'm afraid that the thousand years of history of my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region will be destroyed by my own hands, and I, Xuanyuan Wentian, will end up as the sinner of the sword region… I hope that Phoenix Sect Master can grant our request. My son and I would be most grateful."

Once he finished speaking, Xuanyuan Wentian bowed deeply to Feng Hengkong.

If it were the past, Xuanyuan definitely wouldn't be so humble in front of Feng Hengkong, and him paying respects seemed so absurd that it belonged to a dream. However, it was currently happening right in front of him.

The distinguished Sword Region Sword Master, one of the four Sacred Masters of the Sacred Grounds, was talking to Feng Hengkong politely and even bowing to him… Feng Hengkong was shocked and even felt light headed. He wondered whether he was dreaming or not. A sense of pride exploded within him as he hastily went forward to help Xuanyuan Wentian up and said, "Sword Master Xuanyuan's respect is something Hengkong does not dare to accept… however, since that's the case, please follow me Young Sword Master."

"I thank Phoenix Sect Master for granting my request."

Xuanyuan Wentian said gratefully and stood there while watching Xuanyuan Wendao follow Feng Hengkong… A thick layer of haze gradually obscured his expression and gaze.

Although he harbored boundless hatred and discontent, Xuanyuan Wentian was well aware of the fact that his words from earlier were no exaggeration… The lives of father and son, as well as the fate of Heavenly Mighty Sword Region, all lay in Yun Che's hands.

The only option they had left was to survive… even if it meant losing all of their pride!

Only when one was alive did one have an opportunity!

He turned around and looked at Feng Ximing who was off to one side. When their eyes met, Feng Ximing appeared as though he had been shocked by lightning. He looked downward, trembling.

Feng Hengkong led Xuanyuan Wendao along, and just as they approached Phoenix Call Pavilion, they saw Yun Che walking alongside Feng Xue'er. It seemed like the couple was walking toward the main hall. Feng Hengkong quickly walked up to them and said, "Che'er, Young Sword Master Xuanyuan would like to have a private word with you. Would you..?"

"Oh?" Yun Che glanced at Xuanyuan Wendao. He knew exactly why Xuanyuan Wendao was looking for him, and he smiled faintly. "If that's the case, I shall hear what he has to say. Xue'er, wait here for me. It won't take long."

Yun Che walked with great strides and a faint smile. Some distance away, he already started to shout. "Oh, it's Young Sword Master Xuanyuan. I wonder why you're looking for me?"

The area surrounding the Phoenix Call Pavillion could be considered the quietest place in Phoenix City. Xuanyuan Wendao glanced at the surroundings. Not seeing any other Phoenix disciples present, he secretly felt relieved. Forcing a smilethat could almost be seen as flattering, he replied, "Asgard Master Yun, Wendao came here for two reasons. First, I would like to congratulate you for tying the knot with the Princess Snow. Second… I'm here to ask for forgiveness."

"Forgiveness?" Yun Che's eyes narrowed into thin lines.

Xuanyuan Wendao gritted his teeth and replied, "Father and Wendao continuously offended Asgard Master Yun at the Ocean Palace and nearly put you in harm's way. This was just… senseless and foolish. Father and Wendao are extremely ashamed of this, and we hope that Asgard Master Yun will be magnanimous and not take offense from fools like us… Father and Wendao will forever remember such kindness. From now on, regardless of what request Asgard Master Yun might have in the future, our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region will be at your disposal

Yun Che was stunned into silence. Xuanyuan Wendao's words were extremely humbling. If anyone else had heard such words, they definitely would not have believed that they came out of the mouth of someone from the Sacred Grounds.

"Young Sword Master Xuanyuan is too serious," Yun Che calmly replied.

Xuanyuan Wendao was trembling because he was using his own words to trample his own pride. "Other than that day at Supreme Ocean Palace, Wendao and his father once offended—and even sinned against— Asgard Master Yun's family many years ago…"

"Many years ago?" Yun Che's eyebrows furrowed slightly, and his voice became much colder. "Young Sword Master Xuanyuan, what do you mean? Why do I not understand?"

Although he did not reveal what he meant, Xuanyuan Wendao was certain that Yun Che already knew what he was talking about. He did not dare to actually explain it, instead lowering his head and patiently saying, "Asgard Master Yun must have heard this phrase before—a living person is much more useful than a dead one! Although the deaths of me and my father might quell your anger… leaving us alive ensures that we can do more for you."

Yun Che was silent.

"Wendao has finished saying what he wanted to say. He believes that, with Asgard Master Yun's intelligence and magnanimity, he must already have some thoughts to consider. Wendao shall not bother him any longer. In the future, if there is anything that Asgard Master Yun requires Wendao's assistance with, please let him know. Wendao will definitely do his best to satisfy Asgard Master Yun…"

Xuanyuan Wendao finished speaking, walked two steps backward, then hurried away with a bowed head. Yun Che stared at his back, his eyebrows knitted together slightly. The fact that Xuanyuan Wendao was afraid of death was something that Yun Che could ascertain from that day in the Ocean Palace's Sea God Arena. However, Xuanyuan Wendao's willingness to give in had not been at such a level. There must have been something behind Xuanyuan Wentian's "teachings."

"Big Brother Yun!" Feng Xue'er walked over, gently held Yun Che's arm, and giggled. "You're amazing. Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's Young Sword Master is actually so afraid in front of you."

Although she hadn't been able to hear what Xuanyuan Wendao said, Xue'er had clearly seen his submissive appearance.

"He isn't afraid of me." Yun Che shook his head and laughed. "He's afraid of my master. As for me… I'm only relying on my master's might. You can praise me when I can actually rely on my own strength to make them bow down and let me 'step' on them."

"Hee, Big Brother Yun is extremely powerful, so that day definitely isn't far from now. Oh, right, Is Big Brother Yun's master coming today?" Feng Xue'er asked. Her feelings about today were like a Phoenix Flower that had just blossomed in a garden.

"Yes, but she likes the quiet, so she probably won't make an appearance. Perhaps she might be secretly observing us from somewhere," Yun Che replied with a laugh. However, as he thought about the weird and unusual feeling he got from Jasmine today, it weighed heavily on his mind.

As the time approached nine in the morning, Yun Che and Feng Xue'er walked toward the Phoenix Main Hall.

"Absolute Monarch Sanctuary Saint Emperor Huangji Wuyu, Spiritual Master Bitter Agony, Nine Lamentations, Detached Heart, Seven Abstinence, Ancient Blue… a total of fourteen distinguished guests!"

The people from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had finally arrived as well, and their lineup was shocking. Among the thirteen people that came, not only had the Saint Emperor personally appeared, all twelve Spiritual Masters also came, and the last person was Xia Yuanba.

Even the Elders of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary were not qualified to accompany him to this engagement banquet.

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