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After the Legend Chapter 6.2

《6.2》Brief Piece

A few days later, when Aaron returned home from the mountains where the dwarfs lived, he was surprised to find that his father and his family were getting along so well.

His daughter Mina is learning basic sword moves from her grandfather. Xiao Tianjian, on the other hand, gives Dora, his daughter-in-law, precious flower seeds he obtained during his travels over the years and built her garden swing.

For Winnie, who is excited at the mere sight of him, he enthusiastically and meticulously teaches her more than ten delicacies and highly praised her ability to distinguish good wine. Even Brie, the temporary maid, also received a pair of beautiful silk bows as ornaments for the May Day Ball.

If you ignore Marshall, who has recently been in a bad mood and rarely appears — almost all members of the family and even the neighbors nearby, likes him. It is said that several taverns and pubs in the city have rated him as the most popular guest and several local young girls, who were in their prime, also came every day to flirt with him.

Aaron's mind is a little torn. On the one hand, his father seems to be willing to make up for the relationship with him and his family, which makes him happy. On the other hand, he is very annoyed that his father is flirting with other people again.

Therefore, when facing his father, he could not help but satirize: "It seems that you are well adapted. You can find your fun anywhere and let me once again witness your charm that no one can reach."

Xiao Tianjian coughs a little, and says awkwardly: "This…It's just a little entertainment. I'm not doing anything bad and I have no interest in those little girls.

"Is it? That's a relief! Shall I say that I'm glad that they have escaped? "

"Cough..." Xiao Tianjian felt that things are not going well and quickly changed the topic, "That… You don't know, do you? Mina is learning Qinggong and swordsmanship from me. I think she is smart. Maybe she will be an expert in the future

At this time, Aaron did not know whether to envy his daughter or hate his father: "Is that so? I've taught her before but she just won't take it seriously. It seems that you are really attractive, even the naughty six-year-old girl is willing to listen to you. But she's not like Bevan. She's a girl. You don't have to waste your time! "

"You can't say that." Xiao Tianjian muttered, "Although Mina is not as good as Bevan, she has some talents. She is still young. Just think of it as playing and she can learn as much as she can. She's learning quickly and it's also easy for me teach. Anyway, I'm also idling away, just regard this as my killing time."              

Aaron's face is gloomy, but in the end, he has no objection. He knows clearly in his heart that people with capabilities can control their own destiny more easily than most people. Although this man has all sorts of bad deeds, he has real ability.

Both father and son were silent. After a while, Xiao Tianjian could not help but say, "I almost forgot to tell you that the captain of your cavalry team came once and said that he would take a batch of goods to the northern fortress. The training of soldiers will be given to you. How come you guys are knights but also a temporary delivery man? Is your boss making extra money?"

Aaron knew that a new batch of weapons had been made. The captain would first send them to the northern fortress and then distribute them to the various armies. But this kind of thing involved secrets. Xiao Tianjian, who had been out of military and political circles for years— shouldn't ask about it. Aaron said with a straight face, "It has nothing to do with you."

Xiao Tianjian knows that he won't get to the heart of the matter so he just laughed, hesitated but asked anyway "That… You're training soldiers, aren't you? I don't know. Can I help you? You know, I have some experience in this area...

When Aaron heard the words, his face became more complicated: "This is my task." He knew that this man had been a famous Command in Chief in the army. He also made brilliant achievements in training a group of civilians, mercenaries, caravan guards and soldiers— and made them into elite troops in just a short period of time. If the other side is willing to help, not only his task would be much easier, but also the Border's protection would also benefit greatly.

However, he is not willing to accept the help of this man. Could he not have done it without this man?

"Aaron, I know you hate me..." Xiao Tianjian looked at him, "But you are a smart boy and you know what is right. Don't let your personal feelings get over your head. " As long as the child accepts his help, he is sure that his son would reconcile with him.

Aaron looked at him silently for quite some time before he replied: "Very well then, Please. "

Xiao Tianjian was very happy. He followed his son to the Knight's Training Institute every day. In addition to teaching the soldiers with his own training methods, he also made a training plan for each of the weaknesses of the Cavaliers and won many friendships for his son. Aaron's view of his father has improved but his attitude is still cold.

Xiao Tianjian doesn't care. He carefully guides his son's swordsmanship. He not only corrected several mistakes but also taught a lot clever tricks. Aaron's swordsmanship level has improved rapidly. He is more than thankful. He also admire his excellent father a bit more. In addition to occasional sarcasm, he gradually take the initiative to talk to him.

But Minna was depressed. Because grandpa is only teaching dad now and he doesn't pay much attention to her, it now took a long time before he could give her just a few words of advice.

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