After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Predicament
Translated By: Naervon

“What happened? Did I say something wrong?” Tyre asked as he watched LongTu roll around in her seat and clutch her stomach as she laughed, feeling puzzled. LongTu tried her best to stop laughing but the giggles still hit from time to time, when she finally was able to talk, she waved her hand and said with the occasional chuckle
“It’s nothing, everything is fine. I just thought of something really funny and couldn’t resist laughing.”
“Oh? What thing?”
“Not, telling, you~”LongTu started giggling again, and her appearance made Tyre feel like his throat was stifled. *Why did he not find LongTu to be this mischievous before? From what he knows about her, she should be the optimistic and calm type of girl, but why did she suddenly change into this wildly laughing girl…..
Speaking of impressions, if he compared LongTu to Elena right now, then Elena will definitely win. Even though the little elf is slow in the brains most of the time, but at least she doesn’t cause him trouble, most of the time. In fact, he feels that he is much more at ease around the little elf rather than around LongTu, because he knows that the little elf won’t suddenly punch him in the stomach without warning.*

Tyre scratched his head as he tried to come up with something to say to LongTu, but didn’t know what to say. He pondered for a long time then spoke up
“So what do you want to go to Avalon for this time?”
“Why do you ask?”

“Just a simple deduction. Why did you do that bounty mission with me as a mercenary? You did it to rapidly increase your mercenary rank so you will have the privilege to read the secret documents and find things useful to you, and when you were doing the mission with me, you did not mention that you wanted to go to Avalon even once. Putting one and one together, it becomes obvious that you only made this decision after the mission, so I am guessing that there is something that interests you or you need at Avalon right?”
“. . . . . . . .During our missions together, you didn’t say you wanted to go to Avalon either!”
“I did say, only you didn’t pay attention.” Tyre vowed to his words, but on the inside, he was also not that sure on if he said it or not at the time. LongTu saw Tyre’s serious face and sighed, then nodded her head and answered
“Fine, it’s not something secret anyways. Yes, you are close with your guess, the main reason I am going to Avalon is to find something like what you guessed. In fact, that is the whole reason why I crossed the endless seas to get this continent, just to get that thing.”
“Now that you brought it up, I have been wondering for the longest time. Just how did you get across the endless seas?”

“By ship of course. You do know that Xigely Empire’s west shores are a paradise for boats and ships alike right? The biggest vessels can reach the size of an entire Duchy, and the smallest ones are cruise ships that can carry a few people at a time. Even though the endless seas are filled with danger, but as long as there is a powerhouse aboard the vessel you are in, then you really don’t need to worry too much. My trip took over an year, ugh, just thinking about it tires me.”
“What a real . . . . ”
Just as Tyre was about to speak, the specter stone inside his pocket suddenly vibrated. Confused on who was calling him, Tyre pulled out the stone and pressed on it to activate it.
“Hello, who is this?”
“T. . . . . Lord Tyre, I’m Jack.”
“Oh! Mr. Jack, what is it? Why do you sound so winded.”

“AH, *cough cough*!” Jack suddenly coughed violently, the huge racking coughing sounds made Tyre frown heavily. A split second later, the roars of a magic beast exploded through the stone!
“What happened! Mr. Jack!”
“You must be on the way to Avalon right now, Lord Tyre, *Cough Cough*. . . . . . I am sorry, I don’t think I’ll last any longer.”
“What do you mean can’t last any longer?!” Tyre anxiously questioned
“It’s nothing. This happens very frequently to mercenaries when we do not have accurate guesses about the dangers of a missions, so even if we are wiped out completely, then it is our fault.” At the same time that Jack was speaking, the sounds of angry roaring gradually became louder, and with that, the sounds of other people shrieking in pain as if they were being mauled alive.
Tyre didn’t have to even guess about the situation that Jack was in, because it was painfully obvious.
“Where are you Mr. Jack? I will call the Mercenary Branch and tell Tiska to bring reinforcements to rescue you.”

“It’s useless, because not even I know where I am right now. *Cough Cough*. . . . .” Jack’s voice sounded weaker by the second, and Tyre felt his heart sink. He still owes Jack a favor. Jack helped him out when he first came out of the Great Forest, and even after he arrived at the city, Jack was the one who patiently explained the ways of the strange and new city around him. Jack always kept a friendly and open attitude with him, and not once did Jack try to take advantage of him. If it was the old Tyre, then he might have just ignored Jack’s predicament, but now he is different. He didn’t want to easily give up the lives of the people that he knew, and especially those that helped him out in his time of need, such as Mr. Jack.
“Mr. Jack, tell me everything that happened to you, and keep it simple!”
Hearing Tyre’s serious tone that bodes no refusal, Jack felt his determination give. Jack had planned to reach Tyre and ask for help, but hearing the sounds of the Train, Jack knew that everything was too late. Only, hearing Tyre’s tone and care, Jack couldn’t help but hope for a chance at surviving once more. Jack quickly calmed his emotions and then quickly said
“I was with my mercenary group doing a mission, a big mission that had a lot of pay. The mission was a bounty, located on the outskirts of the Great Forest. Sadly for us, the information on the actual strength of the bounty head was not accurate, and the creature had the ability to transform twice! All of our plans and traps failed to defeat that thing, and we managed to flee into a nearby cave, but the cave was a strange one, because the inside was filled with different tunnels and openings, just like a maze. We were 70 when we entered the cave, but we were split up just a short while after we entered. That thing chased us in to the cave and started playing hide and seek with us, and as soon as it finds one of us, it would brutally kill the person it found. That thing shattered the cave opening, and it is now blocked by rubble. We can’t get out no matter how hard we tried! Right now, that creature is not in a hurry to kill us, I think it’s enjoying its game of torturing us and tormenting us, finding and then killing us one by one like helpless baby chicks. A lot of my comrades have lost hope, and I am afraid I would be that way too if I did not have my specter stone.”


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