After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Whiten Body
Translated By: Naervon

“Attention passengers, the doors are about to close. Attention passengers, the doors are about to close.”
The tireless female announcer voice repeated through the specter stones in the compartment. After the doors closed, the voice changed and said
“Welcome aboard 1 2 9 0 1 express train. The final destination will be Avalon Academy. The next stop coming up will be at Tifeimia Duchy.”
Tyre gawked at the use of the specter stone, for he would have never guessed that it is used so widely. LongTu rolled her eyes at seeing Tyre’s looks and muttered
“What a country bumpkin.”
“What country bumpkin?” Tyre was confused by the new vocabulary. LongTu suddenly felt her mischievous side take over when she saw that Tyre really didn’t understand what she just said. She grinned and explained to Tyre
“It means that something is really really pretty.”
“Really pretty?”

“Yep. Don’t you also feel that this train is a country bumpkin? I was just exclaiming about that.”
“Mmm, I agree. Even though it is a train, but just from the looks alone, this train is better looking and more comfortable then the inns that I’ve stayed at before. It truly is. . . . . .a country bumpkin.” Tyre’s sophisticated yet dumb analysis almost make LongTu burst out laughing, but she held back her laugher and kept saying
“Speaking of pretty, don’t you feel that Miss Lunaria, you know, the one that had that incident with you during the feast, is also very country bumpkin like?”
Eh?! Tyre’s face froze. *Why did she mention Lunaria? Because of his kiss with Lunaria, he’s been flooded by those nosey reporters. If it wasn’t because the inn he stayed at had some prestige and did not allow the reporters to bother its residents, then Tyre would have had a major headache trying to deal with all the reporters.* What Tyre didn’t know was that if Zamia didn’t speak up for Tyre back then, then Tyre would have probably been a dead body by now.
“Mmm, I agree. Lunaria is truly a rare country bumpkin, even in the entire Empire. Though, LongTu, why do you mention her?”

Hearing Tyre’s words, LongTu’s face suddenly became bright red, as if enduring some extreme pain. Tyre was shocked at LongTu’s state, because she looked like she was suffering from a internal bleeding all of a sudden.
Before he got the chance to ask her, a figure appeared in the empty seat next to him, and it was a young girl.
Tyre, and the rest of the compartment, looked at the girl with shocked looks, for she had shoulder length hair that had the color of snow, as well as a pair of ruby like eyes. That bright contrast made the very attractive girl even more hard to ignore. Adding to that, her body was extremely well toned and judging her over looks, Tyre deemed her at least the same level as Darmiala, and if he factors in her unique temperament, then she might be even more attractive than Darmiala.
“What is it?” Feeling Tyre’s hot gaze, the white haired girl slowly turned her head to look at him. Her voice was clear, yet it lacked a tone to it, not as severe as Angel, but it still imparted a feeling of talking to an iceberg that radiated a chilling air.

“Err, no. It’s nothing.” Tyre couldn’t just say that he was looking at her because he found her hair strange looking right? Even Tyre, as clueless as he is sometimes, is not willing to say something that rude to a stranger.
The other people did not stare at the girl as openly as Tyre did, for they only felt curious about it, and once they have satisfied their curiosity, they retracted their looks and returned to doing what they were doing before.
LongTu finally recovered from that internal bleeding look and also looked at the white haired girl, but as soon as she saw that girl, she frowned as if seeing an endangered species. Feeling a hot gaze on her again, the white haired girl turned to look at Tyre again, and feeling the girl turn her head, LongTu rapidly pretended that she was looking outside the pitch black window.
“What is it?” The white haired girl naturally put the suspicion on Tyre as he was staring at her before. The innocent guy didn’t know what was happening as he was just minding his business, so he just shook his head and waved his hand to indicate that he has no clue on what was going on.
Seeing Tyre’s response, the white haired girl labeled Tyre as a pervert as her first impression of him, but since it was just looking and not harassment, so she just turned back around and didn’t bother warning him with words.
LongTu saw that the girl turned back around. She took the chance to tug at Tyre’s sleeves, and then pointed at the girl and then at her mouth. Tyre got what LongTu was trying to say and so he lowered his head and put his ears close to LongTu’s face.
LongTu leaned closer, and then softly said in his ear

“You are sitting next to a really rare species.”
Tyre crickled a brow, and then whispered back
“Why do you say that?”
“Do you see that hair, and that eye color? If I’m not wrong, then she should have been born with the whiten body type.”
“Whiten body?”

“Yes. This kind of body type is also known as a terminal illness as there is no record of someone with this living over the age of 27 years old, because as she grows older, her skin will become more and more white. Just like her skin and hair, her inner organs will also become white, even her red colored eyes will be dyed white until it become fully white, and once that happens, she will disappear from this world as if she never existed before.”
“That’s so sad.” Of course, Tyre was only saying it to match the moment, because he didn’t really care if a stranger died or not.
“But with that certain death, the person with this type of body also gets benefits. She will have a extremely high talent for learning, and if I am not wrong, then she should be a duo practitioner and a strong one at that.” Tyre felt wordless at how LongTu was breaking up the information into chunks and saying them one at a time. Tyre really wished that she can finished what she wanted to say in one sentence, but considering his fragile courage, he keeped his words on the inside.
“But her white hair is different from an old person’s. Now that I look at it from a different perspective, it really is a country bumpkin.”

Pffff! LongTu was caught off guard by Tyre’s sudden comment and burst out laughing.

Sand Sword, who witnessed the entire process from start to finish reaffirmed his suspicions of the relationship between the two and decided that he needed to get on the good side of Ma’am LongTu even more.


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