After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Decline
Translated By: Naervon

“W, h, y.” Tyre clutched his stomach as he spoke like someone in his death throes. LongTu humphed lightly and answered
“Even though I said I felt I aged, but that doesn’t mean certain other people are allowed to rudely say my age out loud!”
“G, o, t    i, t.” Tyre curled up into a ball and waited out the pain. While he was waiting, he swapped back to Lunaria so he didn’t have to take the brunt of the pain.

Lunaria walked with Darmiala and the other girls as they went around and examined private train in detail, chatting about the new features of the train as they went. A private train was different from the public train in that there are all sorts of different rooms on board the private train, including a fully furnished dining room and a well stocked kitchen, because to the nobility, a private train is their favorite luxury travel method as it is not only very fast, but it is also their preferred way of traveling. Ignoring the fact that is it theoretically not possible to establish a transportation formation from Xavier to Avalon due to various reasons, and the fact that a train is nowhere near as fast as a transportation formation, it is still common knowledge that transportation formations between countries take a lot of materials to build, and even more to maintain and use. From that alone, there is not a single country that will leave a formation like that unguarded. Because of the troubles of using the magic formations, the main method of travel in the empire became using trains. In fact, the trains are so well established, that even flying vessels are less used than trains.
“You okay over there?” Hearing the somewhat worried voice, Tyre uncurled a bit and poked his head out to looked at LongTu.

“It’s nothing, once I got past the initial pain that is. You must keep in mind that my body is only at the level of a lower qi harmony, and is very weak still in front of a army breaker stage.”
“You’re STILL lower qi harmony?! How long has it been? No matter how you look at it you should be at intermediate qi harmony by now right?” LongTu looked at Tyre with outright disbelief, and the guy who was being stared at could only shrug his shoulders
“It could be that my talents in this area aren’t that great. You know that I’ve been putting a heavy focus on dou qi ever since my fight with D.Zi, so I have been putting in some serious effort in trying to cultivate it. Sadly, my only results are some minimal increase in cultivation. Like, for example, if I started at 50 points, now I am at 51 points, and intermediate qi harmony is sitting at 100 points, just quietly waiting for me.”
“Eh. . . . . . . . . .” This type of numerical comparison was truly at a point that will make anyone despair. If it wasn’t for Tyre’s terrifying talent at learning and using techniques, then he will only be yet another faceless person in the vast sea of normal people, let alone trying to get into Avalon Academy.

“Speaking of that fight, what was that blade technique you used? I don’t remember seeing you using that when we were doing that bounty mission together.”
“Mah~That’s because I didn’t have a blade back then, and that’s the most direct reason. Even though I can replace a blade with a tree branch, but if I did that, then the power behind it would be too small to deal with the ogre king, so I used heavens sword ensemble instead.”
“Then what do you plan to do now? Since your sword is broken.”
” I still have 【The Fallen One】that you gifted to me, so I plan to practice my blade techniques with the katana for a while. It just so happens that I recently had a breakthrough in my blade technique, so I decide to perfect it first.”
“Then what did you do the past month, and did you not have the time to buy a new sword?”
“Well, it’s just that I didn’t find any that matched my tastes, and also the fallen one is a very good quality blade, so I want to find a sword that matches it in quality too. Unfortunately, the market didn’t have that kind of sword, and I didn’t have enough time to wait in the blackmarket for one to show up, so here I am on the train to Avalon, maybe there will be a good sword at Avalon.”
“Doesn’t that mean your actual fighting strength is lowered without a sword?”

“Mmm, yeah I guess. Afterall I was very focused on using heavens sword ensemble, so my sword techniques are a lot higher than my blade ones, and if I must make a comparison, then I’d say it’s 10 points vs 7 points.”
10 vs 7? What kind of comparison is this? LongTu suddenly felt like that Tyre really liked to use strange ways to compare stuff, and did not seem as serious or as reserved as the first time she saw him. Looks like he changed a bit on the inside, she thought.
Of course, this wasn’t a bad thing, and LongTu felt that Tyre was just like a really introverted kid who is gradually getting used to the outside world, and slowly walking out of his sealed little world and starting to accept the sunlight.
If Tyre heard what was going on inside of LongTu’s head, then he would definitely shout out that he’s been wrongfully accused. Since when did he seem like a introvert, and if it wasn’t for Roselle and the others making a huge deal about respecting him as a mysterious and powerful senior, then he didn’t have to put on a show of being silent and mysterious in the first place to keep up appearances in front of them, so as to not shatter that image of him in their imaginations. Just look at how he is at the Duke’s Mansion as Lunaria! Eating and drinking when he wants, not having to worry about anything. Chatting with Leah day in and day out, that is the real him, so how come LongTu thinks he’s an introvert….
Just as Tyre and LongTu were talking to each other casually, the train slowly came to a stop.
The specter stones inside the train sounded an announcement
“We have arrived at Xiliewa First world country. Passengers please exit through the right side doors and please do not forget your luggage.” The announcement ended after being repeated three times, and right after the people who needed to get off left the compartment, the left side doors opened up and new passengers boarded the train.
Tyre watched as this happened and couldn’t help but feel the massive amount of people using the train, and thinking of the astronomical profit made each day.


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