After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Doubts
Translated By: Naervon

Niluka decided to break the tense mood first, so she braced herself and stepped forward
“Um..Mmm. Actually, everyone getting to know each other is a good thing right…. Chelsea, are you going to introduce the martial artist standing behind you to us?”
Chelsea sighed helplessly inside as she turned around to look at Mo QingTing, who got her message and spoke up for Chelsea
“My name is Mo QingTing, and I come from Vermilion Empire. Because I owe a debt of gratitude to Imbel Clan, or Chelsea’s mother more specifically, and due to that relationship, I became Chelsea’s servant.”
“Um, Miss Mo QingTing, back during the competition, did you use 【Fist Style, Heart Flow】? Can you tell me where it originated? Because I met someone who was also a user of that style during the Duke’s Feast.”

Mo QingTing heard what Lunaria said and her face instantly changed. She turned to take look at Chelsea, but Chelsea gave her no response. The silence from her meant that she wanted Mo QingTing to say it, so Mo QingTing spoke
“How unusual, after all, practitioners of this style is very rare, and as for the origins of this style, it is usually taught by Pugilist masters whos’ comprehension of the style have reached the EX stage or higher. These masters roam about the worlds freely and only teaches their style when they find someone suitable, and even then they will only teach the style partially before leaving their pupil behind and leaving them on their own completely.”
“What a rare and unique style.” Niluka pipped up, trying to avoid another tense mood from developing.
“Yes. Compared to Flashing Sword Style, which is known throughout the world and is very famous, a small style like the Heart Flow Fist Style is very small. In fact, just a single branch style of the Flashing Sword has more people than all of the Heart Flow practitioners added up together.”
“I remember that the Sage King of Holy Cleansing created the Flashing Sword Style, so who created the Heart Flow Fist Style?” Lunaria remembers as Tyre, when she faced Mo QingTing, she was very curious about the style, because it was way too terrifying. The style had almost no weak points, because it can both guard and attack, and the other uses are also endless, like healing by granting body cells the life force to replicate themselves, or to break off all the senses of the body to focus one’s mind. Just the few techniques from the rumoured three great truths and the eight great essences of the Heart Flow style had already widened her perception of the world, she can’t imagine just how powerful someone would be if they can use all of the techniques.

Mo QingTing hesitated a bit, as if caught off guard by the question, then she recovered and answered with a bit of embarrassment
“Actually, I am also one of those abandoned disciples. At the time, I was only a small child when a roaming Heart Flow Master taught me, and now, not even I have any idea as to where my master is, so I must apologize. However, a few years ago, I have also done some researching on this myself, and I found that there is a demi-deity in the Holy Dragon Empire teaching this style, and what is even more shocking is that that person was only 23 years old, only that person seems to have done something bad and is being hunted down as a fugitive everywhere and has disappeared without a trace ever since. If I can find her, then I could probably tell you more about the Heart Flow style.”

Hearing Mo QingTing’s words, Lunaria frowned a bit. Holy Dragon Empire? Heart Flow Style? Why does this feel like LongTu?! And she’s only Army Breaker, but there is no telling if there is any connections between her and this mysterious person. . . . . . Lunaria suddenly felt very interested and turned most of her focus onto Tyre.
“LongTu, do you know where Miss Tiska when afterwards?”

“Where do you think she’s going to go, she went back to the mercenary hall of course. Why do you ask? Could it be that you like her and you miss her?” LongTu’s slightly stinging tone scared Tyre off from asking more, but since he was already satisfied by that answer, he continued
“Say, LongTu, you said you came from Holy Dragon Heavenly Empire right?”
“MmmHmm, and then? What do you wana say?”
“Uh. . . . . . . . .” Tyre was slightly squeamish about asking further, scared that LongTu might answer with her fist because her mood seemed a bit bad at the moment. Even though she didn’t look over 12 years old, and she was definitely not taller than him, but Tyre always get this feeling that he was facing a dangerous sleeping dragon who might wake up at any second and eat him in one bite.
“What I wanted to ask was related to something that I saw in the news recently. In the news, they said that there was a demi-deity stage martial artist who was also a practitioner of the Heart Flow Style, but due to something that person has done, the Holy Dragon Empire is now hunting that person down as a criminal, so I was just curious if you knew about this since you are also a Heart Flow Practitioner from the Holy Dragon Empire.”

“Nope.” LongTu answered almost as soon as Tyre finished speaking, and Tyre could not see any semblance between her bored looking face and that so called demi-deity powerhouse whatsoever.
“What is it LongTu? Why do you look so unhappy.” If it was the Tyre from before, he would have definitely not noticed her mood, but after that battle with D.Zi, he suddenly gained some insight on sometimes it is better to take more notice of the people around him.
“*Sigh*~ It’s nothing. I just feel like I’ve aged all of a sudden.” This coming out of a little loli really packed a punch to Tyre, and the scene seemed so weird that it was no less shocking than seeing the sky raining blood from the death of a Deity. Without waiting for Tyre to respond, LongTu continued
“What do you want? Just from your eyes alone I can tell that you are about to say something that I don’t want to hear.”
“No no no, I was only think that you are only 27 years. . . . . AHH!!!!” Tyre didn’t get to finish his sentence, because LongTu’s fist was already buried inside of his stomach. Tyre felt the oh so familiar pain start to radiate, and at the same time, his breakfast started to protest inside of his stomach, and he barely avoided the fate of emptying his stomach of his breakfast.


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