After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Refused
Translated By: Naervon
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“This here is Miss Niluka. Stinbok from Fiore Duchy.” Darmiala dragged Lunaria and Angel over to Niluka, who was still eating her lunch.
Niluka saw that she was being introduced and stood up in haste to reply, making her deep red shoulder length hair bounce
“Oh! Um. . . . . Errr, Miss Angel, Miss Lunaria and Miss Darmiala!”
“Hello Miss Niluka.” Angel and Lunaria both gave their greetings, with Darmiala following
“Miss Niluka is a mixed blood child with parents from both the Vermilion Empire and our Empire, so she has a naturally flexible body, and because of that, she has an extra affinity to the elements. If memory serves, I remember Miss Niluka has the ‘Body of Raging Flames’ right?”

“Yeah! Wow, Miss Darmiala knows a lot. Oh and also, even though I am nobility, but I don’t really like all those manners and etiquettes rules, so if you don’t mind, just call me Niluka is perfectly okay.”
The three nodded their heads, and seeing that, Niluka let out a small chuckle, then pointed to the man standing next to her that entire time and introduced
“This here is my servant, Zamacia. He is one of the Seven Stars Clansmen.”
Even though Zamacia was wearing a suit, but that tan face as well as the bone spikes poking through his ear as well as the tattoos on his face gave Lunaria the feeling of seeing an exotic ethnic person.
“May the great seven Stars protect the ladies.” Zamacia bowed slightly, receiving nods in return.
Niluka put one hand on her hip, leaned forward and asked

“What do you guys plan on doing next?”
“Haha, why meeting other people of course.” Darmiala answered, to which Niluka nodded without thinking
“Then I’ll join you guys.”
“That’s great.”
“Say, doesn’t this make us a group before even entering the Academy?” Niluka’s words cause them to look at each other before Darmiala spoke up and answered for them
“If we group up before entering a new environment, then we will be able to keep connected with each other and this will be very helpful to us in our coming days at the Academy.”

Everybody knew this down inside, just like when Darmiala came to talk with her, Lunaria knew why she came.
Getting to know one another is one thing, but the most important thing was to gather a group of friends so that when they get to the school they won’t be isolated and without help.
Even though the thought was a bit on the pessimistic side, but that was simply a truth in life. Bullying and isolating new people happen everywhere, especially at schools and academies where the senior students feel that they own the school and want to flaunt their senior status in front of new people.
Angel had that thought as well, and Niluka knew it too, only Niluka didn’t keep it inside like the others and brought it to the surface directly. That was a good thing though, because they didn’t have to keep a paper thin barrier between each other and become real friends much faster.

“Ah, I get it. Then who are we going to introduce ourselves to next?”
“Em~Miss Chelsea is on the same level as us, but her personality is a bit on the irascible side, so let’s wait and introduce ourselves to her later. As for Princess Snow Lily…. I believe I don’t have to explain too much there. As for the other people who have received a good ranking during the competition, they are not on the same train as us, so at the moment, it is just us four.”

“Actually, I feel that Miss Chelsea is a decent person.” Niluka said with a straightforward face, and when the others turned to look at her, she leaned forward on the table with both her hands supporting her chin and said
“Actually, she really is a bit hot-tempered at times, but don’t you guys know that she sometimes have this lonely look in her eyes?”
*A very lonely look in her eyes? What does that mean? Speaking of that, why are you so observant of other people in your spare time, and so detailed to boot…..* Lunaria couldn’t help but roasting silently, could it be that Miss Niluka has strange fetishes?
“Then, do you mean that we should to and see Miss Chelsea? Niluka?”

“I don’t have any issues with that.” Lunaria said in a nonchalant attitude facing Darmiala’s questioning look, because despite her little unhappy disagreement between Chelsea and her, they were not a stage of being enemies who want to tear into each other at first sight.
Angel didn’t have any objections either, or it should be said that she was probably the most amiable person out of the four of them.

“How do you do Miss Chelsea.” Darmiala spoke up first as always. The girl with the long golden hair didn’t seem to be in a good mood, and when she saw Lunaria, her expression sank a bit. Her original look of seeming like someone owing her several hundred gold turned into a look of seeming like someone owed her several million gold.
Lunaria thought it over and couldn’t figure out what she did to make her pissed at her, and then she looked at Mo QingTing who was standing in a valiant stance behind Chelsea and got a small smile in return. From Mo QingTing’s smile, Lunaria couldn’t figure out anything, so she elected to wait and see.
“Hello there Miss Darmiala, you all are . . . . .”
Darmiala didn’t plan to personally come and introduce herself to Chelsea in the first place, and now seeing Chelsea with such an unpleasant expression, her attitude naturally did not sound very polite as she said.
“We’re here to get to know each other a bit more, after all we are all about to enter Avalon Academy, and I don’t not think that you want to be alone by yourself at that time right.”
“. . . . . . ” Chelsea coldly humphed then shook her head
“No need. I don’t mind introducing myself, but joining your group is not needed. I personally like the people in my group to fawn and flatter me and I don’t think that you all want to be my followers right? So I think that is unnecessary.”
“Is that so, what a pity.” Darmiala said in a cold tone but did not fall short on being polite. As for Lunaria and the others, they didn’t speak at all through that exchange. With Darmiala’s words falling flat, the atmosphere seemed a bit tense all of a sudden.


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