After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 56

"Claude, Tyre, and DiZi have been eliminated! The test is now over, all of you will be returned now." Ray Lindauer spoke lazily. Soon after, everyone disappeared from the small world, A moment later they were all back within the room full of magic runes.

Because LongTu had lifted a seal on her power, the after effects made her complexion worsen. Yet when she came out of the small world she had healed a little bit. But LongTu's technique wasn't only a strain on her body, it also impacted her soul. Therefore, she still didn't feel as well as she should. Luckily, she still had the strength to remain standing.

Tyre and Claude were looking at a specter stone, observing the six kilometer wide abyss. The two exchanged a glance and saw that they were both shocked. LongTu was horrifying, they had no chance to avoid that attack. Only Yexi who had sensed the danger early had been able to take advantage of her superior speed in order to successfully escape. Lunaria was also able to narrowly escape, but the pain that Tyre felt from that one blow was unimaginable.

But a thousand words amount to nothing[whining was useless], because his opponent had been at the Heavenly Child level, someone at that level could fly in the sky. In the empire, those at the level of Heavenly Child were the backbone of the whole country. Even though Titled Emperor's were much stronger than those at the level of Heavenly Child, it was much more difficult to ascend to that rank.

They were all silent and in their minds the same idea formed.

The strength of a Heavenly Child was truly horrifying.

Although they had all seen people stronger, they had never actually been attacked by them.

Ray Lindauer had already seated himself in a rocking chair and started speaking lazily.

"The world that you were in before was formed from a godhead taken from a dead god. Unlike our world that has been tempered for a very long time, that small world is very young. Therefore, the ground there is very weak. If you swung a sword there you could cut down a whole forest of trees. One punch was able to go through several kilometers of earth. I think you ought to understand that if LongTu had tried that in our Noah world, her punch would have only destroyed up to a hundred meters of earth."

Ray Lindauer's explanation seemed reasonable, but that in no way diminished their longing to be in the Heavenly Child rank. But Tyre just sighed, unlike them, he was looking forward to the middle level of Qi Harmony。

*Cough Cough*. LongTu covered her mouth with her hand and coughed and because of that Tyre couldn't help but say.

"That doesn't matter."

"It's not important, because none of us could handle it anyways。" LongTu seemed as though she couldn't believe that Tyre had said this, because she hadn't thought that he would ever behave like an adult.

However Tyre had been killed by LongTu once now, so he should be harboring some resentment right? [this paragraph didn't make any sense to me]

"Ah! It's gotten pretty late now, I'd advise you to return very quickly. It's dangerous in the middle of the night."

"How dangerous?" Rather curious, Niluka couldn't help but ask。

Ray Lindauer merely shrugged his shoulders and remained silent. Apparently he didn't want to tell them.

They all exchanged glances, in fact none of them really cared that much except for Constantine and Niluka.

Eventually they all had to leave the building.

At dusk, the sun shone through a window on Ray Lindauer, sitting in a rocking chair. He took out a magic stone from his white robes and opened a specific frequency.

It took about ten seconds for the stone to connect and when it did an aged voice came through from the other side.

"It's me."

"Professor, I did it."

"Very good. "The person who he called professor did not have the slightest emotional fluctuation because of the words of Ray Lindauer, and went on to say it with a little thought

"Now resume the duties of an ordinary teacher and in three years I will help you become a deity."

"Thank you."

"It's nothing, your hundred years of effort are about to bear fruit

Keep growing Ray, I'll be watching you."


"But then again, you're really strong as well DiZi"

While walking on the road Constantine rested his head in his hands. Bayun Xiaoqi and Niluka nodded repeatedly. Whether it was that huge Elemental Emperor Sword or Formation of Holy Punishment, both were unimaginably horrifying.

DiZi, who had been going crazy earlier, now had a warm smile on his face and replied.

"I still haven't practiced enough, I wasn't able to beat Yexi."

Yexi, who had just been mentioned, was a bit startled but still calmly replied.

"You flatter me, I merely had some lucky chances. If I had been fighting by myself I definitely would have lost."

This bit of speech was actually fairly subtle. To tell the truth, Tyre felt that these people haven't used all of their strength. It was only natural that DiZi would have gone all out in his fight, but if he had then Tyre thought he probably should have won.

Perhaps LongTu also didn't fight with all her strength.

Because of this first battle, they had all grown closer to each other. They all talked and laughed cheerfully, and as the sun set they all returned to their dormitories.

While Tyre had just finished crawling up the 19 flights of stairs, the other three people had already gotten back to their room a long time ago and were each doing their own thing. His brow beaded with sweat, Tyre glared at them in envy. If only he had even a little bit of Qi. And Bayun Xiaoqi, looking like like a small rabbit, bounced up, more relaxed. [I think it means that Bayun Xiaoqi had been able to bounce up the stairs like a rabbit]

"I'm almost dead, I'm gonna go take a shower[or maybe bath]."

"Oh, Tyre, are you sure you’ll be okay?" Constantine put down the Specter Stone he had been staring at. He turned and looked towards Tyre and couldn't help but feel curious.

Tyre gasped for breath a few more times then replied.

"What, afraid I'll die?"

"I was only worried because your Dou Qi really is the worst, I'm somewhat anxious for your future." Constantine jabbed at Tyre's heart.

It was the worst pain of his life.

“What is there to worry about, I’m a sword to kill the Four Kingdoms. Believe me, Qi Harmony is enough for me to kill a God, you'll see.”

"Woo Hoo~" Constantine used【这家伙没救了】[1] to look at Tyre which caused his heart to shudder. He calmed himself then walked into the bathroom.

For Tyre, there has been one thing in his life since the beginning of his memory.

It was a bath after sweating, it made him feel that all the hard work throughout the day was worth it.

[1] – it means something like hopeless pervert. He gave Tyre that look in response to what Tyre said in the previous paragraph, “I’m a sword to kill the Four Kingdoms” raw – 我提尔一刀一剑大杀四方 it works because the first part of the sentence 我提尔一刀一剑大 could also be translated as “I have a huge sword”. Remember that the flow of the conversation was

“I’m going to the bathroom”

“Oh are you sure you’ll be okay [in there]”

“What afraid I’ll die”[which could also be translated as “Afraid I’ll lose my energy?”]

“I was only worried because your Dou Qi [energy/vitality] really is the worst”

“What is there to worry about, I have a huge sword”

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