After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 53

"Constantine is eliminated!" Ray Lindauer's voice echoed in the sky. Bayun Xiaoqi, while constantly using magic spells sighed as he saw an adorable, huge, tortoise fall from the sky. [1]

"Sure enough, comic relief characters are still just comic relief."

After he thought that, a gold light shone outwards from a figure resembling a heavenly child as it moved towards him. The silhouette was obviously only walking and yet it was moving incredibly quickly and in just a moment it had already arrived next to Bayun Xiaoqi.

"Get back."

"Huh?" Bayun Xiaoqi tilted his head not understanding what DiZi meant. The corner of DiZi's mouth rose as he smiled malevolently. With a red tinge on his face, Bayun Xiaoqi had questioned with a voice that couldn't help but excite him.

"Retreat, in a moment everything here will become ashes, you don't want to be buried."

Taking in DiZi's imposing manner, Bayun Xiaoqi quickly nodded his head. DiZi saw that he was no longer confused and went off towards the center of the battlefield with a humorous expression. [2]

Bayun Xiaoqi watched as DiZi moved into the distance feeling the hairs on his arms stand up as he thought of DiZi smiling, his scalp exploded? [3]. If DiZi was still here, he was afraid he would have knelt down and begged for mercy.

At this time, Ray Lindauer's voice finally spread again in this area.

"One minute to go. Following will be the fifth round where Tyre and Lunaria will enter the battlefield"

When she heard this Lunaria's heart was troubled, who should she fight, which side should she be on?

No, according to the current situation, if she surrendered as Tyre and then she won, LongTu would still be worried and just do something the next time. It's better to finish this now.

That's right, it should be like this, if he took a few punches from LongTu it would be fine. And besides, even if she killed him, he wouldn't die. It had already been tested by the Lolicon Emperor in this world.

It's just that the imposing manner that LongTu gave him was just awful. Nobody would ever want to eat one of her punches. Let alone Tyre who was still only at Qi Harmony. If he took one right in his stomach it'd be a miracle if he was able to survive.

Now, if he let LongTu be happy and think that she beat Tyre, then maybe this matter could be forgotten. Not to mention that being beaten to death by LongTu in this world will not interfere with the real world, so this method is feasible.

Lunaria, who had made up her mind, nodded to LongTu and used Agility Arts to fly to the battlefield.

Tyre, after entering the forest, found a place to hide, and kept a sincere silence in his heart.

DiZi, don't blame me. I'd like to help you out but, in order to calm the anger of LongTu, you will be offered as a sacrifice.

[1] – I’m pretty sure the tortoise is meant to be Constantine

[2] – literally 'expression of a few laughs'

[3] – raw – 他的头皮都快炸了. I have no idea if this is supposed to be taken literally or not. If you have a better suggestion then leave a comment (if they are set up).

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