After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 53 part2

Taking large strides DiZi arrived at the center of the battlefield , before his eyes stood three people who seemed as if they had been waiting for an enemy because they were all in hostile stances.

DiZi sneered at them, he spread his arms outwards then started speaking in a deep voice.

"Ha Ha Ha, Not bad Yexi! Your strength makes my blood boil. I have a feeling that as long as I defeat you my skills will improve further.

While Yexi was indifferent to what DiZi had said, Niluka was scared by DiZi's booming voice and trembled a bit, and Darmiala furrowed her brows.

The man in front of her was just too strong!

He was much stronger than when he fought with Claude at the Duke's banquet. If Claude hadn't made much progress then the stronger one between them would definitely be DiZi!

This monster, How could it be possible for his strength to increase by such a large degree in such a short period of time

While his strength may be great, he still has no chance to win because they have the Duo Practitioners Lunaria and Yexi .

Four versus one, no chance for victory.

Yexi didn't have any plans to cooperate with her teammates, she accepted DiZi's provocation and swiftly rushed straight towards him.

"Good!" DiZi raised his right hand over his head, great amounts of light element immediately gathered in his palm and formed a double edged sword made of light. If DiZi had already attained the complete form of the Elemental Emperor Sword, then what he had now could be considered something completely different.

"Elemental Emperor Sword【Revised】!"

In a distant place in the forest, Tyre while sitting on the ground holding his knees, slowly face palmed. Once again DiZi's naming sense made him feel a sense of shame.

In DiZi's hands the sword of light suddenly solidified, then began to gradually grow smaller while compressing the light elements it was made of. Once it was done shrinking DiZi was left holding a sword the size of a finger.

The small sword of light squeezed the surrounding air all the time, releasing a sphere of air waves, blowing dust around in the sky. For the first time Yexi's cold detached expression started to waver and her face maintained a cautious expression.

"Yexi, try to avoid this."

Buzz~ DiZi threw out his little sword made of light and started to control it with his spiritual perception, making it rush towards Yexi. There was a great number of pockets of air exploding around the sword.

Yexi's pupils contracted, The light sword seemed to have slowed down many times in her field of view and she was slightly surprised she was able to dodge it. However, DiZi just widened his smile and shouted loudly.


Boom! The light sword exploded right as it brushed past Yexi!

The light elements exploding out of the sword seemed as though they had the power to destroy an entire world and the very first thing that they were going to come into contact with was Yexi.

Yexi promptly made a decision and softly muttered.

"Distance, Thirty meters."

Boom! As if space was warping, Yexi, who should have been swallowed up by the power of the light elements, appeared 30 meters away. But the huge explosion made it impossible for both Yexi and Darmiala, even 30 meters away, to be safe, so both of them once again retreated.

In the distance, Bayun Xiaoqi watched the explosion of light elements that formed the shape of a mushroom, and could not help but shed cold sweat. Fortunately, DiZi advised him to leave in advance, otherwise under such a terrible explosion, even if he had been able to protect himself, he still would have sustained some injuries.

Lunaria had just arrived at this time, and was watching DiZi, who was becoming more and more brave, and could not help but be confused.

Was it possible that DiZi could win this battle alone?!

This! This! Claude hasn't gone in yet, and Tyre himself did not intervene. Even if LongTu was also put in, the girl's team would still be hard pressed to win.

At that time, Lunaria's heart had been shaken. Since LongTu was unable to win, then it wouldn't be as straightforward to surrender as Tyre and it would be better to just let himself win. If he was able to beat LongTu, then due to her straightforward personality he would be able to just tell her to forget about this whole event and not use violence towards him.

That's right, this is a great idea!

Lunaria, who had made up her mind, silently retreated back into the forest while Tyre started moving towards the battlefield.

If LongTu knew of Tyre's mischievous thoughts then who knew what she would think.


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