After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Fierce Battle Part 3
Translated by: MetaAthena

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D.Zi shivered excitedly. His abnormality made Tyre feel like as if he had a low fever.

"Yes, very good! Only the worthy can truly fight me." After these words left D.Zi's mouth, he shot towards the battlefield like a cannonball.

Tyre shrugged his shoulders. He figured that if Yexi could make D.Zi this excited, she must really have a lot of skill. Still, D.Zi's current power was still unknown.

Yexi didn't relax for one moment just because she was able to evade D.Zi's attack, even if just barely. Instead, she directed her attention on a more pressing matter: Bayun. After turning to face him, she slowly sunk backwards.

Yexi relaxed, and her breath calmed. The air underneath her foot started to compress again to the the point where it looked like her entire body was being pushed down like a spring. Then, she shot forward at breakneck speeds towards Bayun.

Just like a gorgeous young lady running from suitors, Bayun's face drained of color and he took a step backwards, starting his retreat. Then, Yexi disappeared out of his line of sight, Bayun stopped his retreat and just stood still. It seemed that a small smile formed in the corner of his mouth.


A huge, black shield appeared in front of Bayun, making him immune to Yexi's attacks for a brief moment. Then, from underneath his foot, Bayun let out a wide array of 30 scattered symbol incantations in a 10-meter radius around him. Each symbol resonated with another and glowed black.

A magic pattern?! Yexi's reaction could not be described as pleasant. She tried to stop her momentum mid-air, but was unable to find a foothold. It was impossible to retreat at this time. Instead, she slammed right into the black shield.

What? Yexi found that she couldn't move her body.

"I've been trying to get you to take the bait for a while now, and now I've succeeded. But, wow, I was almost killed by you just then. So, I'll return my thanks you you tenfold."

As Bayun talked, his dark magic shield broke and condensed into six different pieces around Yexi, blotting out her view of the forest. Slowly, they closed in, entrapping her in a magical, dark cage.

Third class magic, 【Dark Room】.

But he didn't stop there. Bayun gently lifted his right hand, and an inexplicable chill permeated from the center of the 【Dark Room】.

Third class magic, Black Bonfire.

A muffled sound came from his black trap. Then, just five seconds later, Bayun nodded his head. At this range, the Black Bonfire killed everyone as only those above the rank of Heavenly Child could withstand it.

But, still, something was dreadfully wrong. Bayun turned his attention to Ray Lindauer's voice that was supposed to announce Yexi's death and—nothing. But he realized this too late as, behind him, his Dark Room exploded into uncountable pieces, and Yexi hopped out completely unscathed!

Bayun cursed himself for being so careless. Of course she was abnormal, she shattered D.Zi's Emperor's Sword! If Bayun was considered powerful, then Yexi was considered a monster.

A small, silver knife glinted in the palm of Yexi's hand. Bayun's eyes widened: these next moments would determine the victor and the loser!


A thick voice seemingly struck Yexi like a knife in her back. She froze mid-attack, like a photograph.

Bayun couldn't help but feel relieved that he was still in possession of his life. Without hesitation, Bayun retreated, hastily forming three dark shields to protect himself from Yexi's surprise attacks. It was always good to be safe than sorry. He glanced backwards towards his savior and saw Constantine gently smiling back.

"Your beautiful hero has arrived, we have been tied by fate."

"You're sick in the head." Bayun did not hesitate to speak his mind, "Either way, what you just had was......a speech spirit?

"You're correct, in the summoning world of magicians, it's the rarest form of summoning." Constantine puffed his chest out in pride. Bayun, on the other hand, was shocked. He violently shook his head in disbelief:

"When in the world did the comic relief character get so powerful?! Unbelievable!"

"What? When did you assume my role? With your magical black rocks? You need to learn your manners!" From there on, Constantine realized that the other boys viewed him as comic relief. But it wasn't just Bayun who viewed him as such. In fact, even his own roommates, Claude and Tyre, also thought the same of him. Anyone who had met Constantine would also think the same way. "Alright, let's not speak too much. Either way, I have no idea as how to beak that freak of a human. What do you say my chances are?

Bayun regained a dignified state and studied Yexi over carefully before arriving at a conclusion: "Three percent."

"Oh, got it. So, what you're trying to say is that, before I came here, you only had half a percent chance at victory?" Constantine apparently had a hilarious nature at birth. This type of egotistical remark made Bayun angry, but he still laughed while shaking his head. Bayun didn't feel like arguing with Constantine about this topic.

Meanwhile, Niluka and Darmiala emerged from the giant snail shell and came face to face to a tense situation with swords and daggers drawn. Although Niluka effortlessly posed, Darmiala just stared at at Constantine.

The hairs on the back of Constantine's neck stood up. Ever since he was a child, he had always been scared of her. It wasn't because she was more powerful, but it was more like he had been trapped in a psychological battle with her, where she emerged the victor and entrapped him in a cage of misery and doubt. Even though thinking back to the past paled in comparison to the current situation, Constantine still respected Darmiala to some degree.

"Half it—our chances of winning." Constantine said this with a very serious tone towards Bayun. What he got in return was a supercilious gaze.

"We have no chance of winning, don't you see!"

"Then, you mean......" Constantine's voice trailed off. Bayun had already started his retreat by casting a spell to boost his agility!

"Hey!," Constantine complained, "Sister, that's not nice! I didn't even finish my sentence!" Then, Yexi started to move. This time, she didn't burst forward with explosive speed, but instead slunk into the shadows like a stalker, and hunted Constantine like a poisonous snake hunted prey.

"STOP!" Constantine shouted again as he used his speech spirit.

In an instant, Yexi stopped moving, and froze, but it didn't last. She started moving once again. Constantine grimaced and laughed hysterically a little. It was obvious that such a low-end speech spirit would affect this monster a second time.

Then, a thought passed through his head: Don't target the monster herself.

"Mother Earth's protection, aid me and block her path!"

Speech Spirit  interfering with the world was extremely hard to do. This frightening Speech Spirit skill drained Constantine's entire body of nearly all his magical power, making him feel sluggish. At the same time, in front of him, a giant stone stood ten meters high!

The stone had shot up from the earth at such an inconceivable speed, that even Yexi, who wasn't too cautious at the beginning,  was almost hit. Constantine took this moment of confusion to wave goodbye at the three girls, before turning to retreat. However, right before he took his first step, he heard a voice singing.

He turned around and looked up at the object that was getting closer and closer and shook his head. A deep breath in, and out.


The woods shook again and the already devastated land was hit with another fatal attack. Cracks that lined the ground grew larger, giving way to more cracks. The flat forest floor grew uneven and became hard to casually walk on.

TL Note: Constantine better be dead. Heck, Yexi, Niluka, and Darmiala should be dead: or at least one of them should be, anyway. Also, where are our MCs?


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