After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The Fierce Battle Part 2
Translated by: MetaAthena

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Rosalle Butterfly's Heaven Sword Ensemble, first style attack was tremendous, but it wasn't as impressive as Tyre. Even though it looked extremely powerful, it was impossible to make it powerful enough, especially since she was wounded. In the end, the impact her attack had on D.Zi's Emperor's Sword was nothing more than a tiny scratch. In the next moment, however, Niluka's lava boulder connected with the Emperor's Sword, and a loud rumble could be heard across the forest as it exploded!

For a moment, the only color visible was the deep red of magma, and smoke. But the Emperor's Sword would not go down that easily. In the next moment, golden light streamed through small gaps in the smoke, filling the air with it's brilliant luster. It moved sluggishly through the smoke after powering through that attack. Could nothing stop this monstrosity?

If it weren't for numerous gaps and holes in the Emperor's Sword, Niluka would've thought that her attack was useless. Now, a spark of hope ignited within her.

On the other hand, adrenaline started surging through D.Zi's veins as he became excited. In his hands, his Emperor's Sword started gaining momentum again and moved faster and faster. He was looking forward to what kind of counter-attack Yexi could muster!

He didn't have to wait long. Yexi responded.

Triple Compression.

As Yexi said this, her back started shifting and twisting, and the atmosphere started to feel a little thin.

Yexi squatted, sinking low to the ground. She extended her right hand and touched it as her eyes honed in on the Emperor's Sword, unwavering and strong. In the next moment, she appeared right underneath it!

The shockwave she left was no joke. The earth cracked underneath the location where she had stood just a moment ago, looking as if an army had unleashed their full fury upon it. All around, trees fell to the ground, almost injuring Niluka and Rosalle Butterfly with their tremendous weight. Even creatures of the lake buried themselves in the mud out of fright and shivered in terror.

Time seemed to slow down as all eyes focused Yexi as she slid underneath the frighteningly large blade of the Emperor's Sword. Her pale, white figure glistened in the sun as her long hair flowed through the air care-freely. In her hand was a dagger that gleamed brilliantly as it emitted a light a light dazzling enough to blind people.

Yexi's shadow flashed underneath the Emperor's Blade at incredible speeds. Although she was only under there for less than half a second, you could see a tiny flash of white as she slashed at the giant blade. As she slid to the other side, you could clearly see that she had cut the Emperor's Sword in half!

In that instant, D.Zi's Emperor's Sword shattered in two!

On the ground, Niluka cheered in celebration. Even Rosalle Butterfly and Darmiala revealed a smile, relieved of the pressure. The threat was over.

Then, D.Zi's voice boomed like the heavens giving an order to the Earth

"HA Ha ha, not bad, Yexi! Not bad, not bad! Congrats to you, but it's not over it!"

D.Zi's deafening voice made both Tyre and Claude cover their ears in hopes of saving their eardrums. The two boys looked at each other, noticing each other's helplessness.

However, the unashamed D.Zi, was the only obstruction for the four girls, and they would try their best to overcome it.

Obviously, D.Zi was much stronger than he had been at the time of the assessment. Tyre, who had been there, could see that much for himself as he had been there. The incredible thing was, it had taken a mere two or three days. (TL Note: 2 or three days for him, about a month for us…)

Was this the true mark of a genius?

As the voice of D.Zi faded away, the former half of his Emperor's Sword exploded into pieces, but it didn't disappear. Instead, each shard condensed, and filled the air with around 180 of golden shards! They turned to face Yexi, covering every angle imaginable. A little delayed, the latter half of the sword started moving, sluggishly at first, but picked up speed, directing itself straight at Darmiala, Rosalle Butterfly, and Niluka.

"See, this! This! THIS is the true power of my Emperor's Sword!!"

D.Zi's enthusiasm made Tyre and Claude a little flustered. They glanced around the nearby trees, as if trying to find any kind of hole to climb into and pretend as if they didn't know this strange man flaunting his giant sword everywhere.

Listening to D.Zi, Tyre could almost hear himself awkwardly screaming

“See, this! This! THIS is the true power of my Heavens Sword Ensemble!!"

Well, in the face of a yet-to-be-killed enemy, it seemed his true self had already started to leak out.

In contrast, D.Zi, who seemed to feel passionate and handsome with his perseverance, was really getting on Tyre's nerves. It was almost as if D.Zi wanted him to stick out his big thumb and say, 'I, Tyre, have never relied upon anyone but myself until I met Mr. D.Zi.'

But this relaxed, lighthearted mood only lingered around them. In the forest, things were much different. In fact, Niluka and the others had almost met their fates. Rosalle Butterfly had been struck by countless golden shards while Niluka used her magical wand to conjure a shield to protect herself. Only, a concealed Bayun suddenly appeared and attacked her defenses, his entire body seeping his own dark element as he ceaselessly barraged Niluka's shield with attacks until it broke and countless golden shards shot towards her.

Fortunately, Darmiala saved her in the nick of time without saying a word. She sung a different tune this time, and a ten-meter tall snail fell from the sky, absorbing every single golden attack.

"Waaa~I thought I was about to die!" Niluka entered the shell as the snail retracted its head, and sat down. Because the summoner was Darmiala, he snail's eyes looked at her with curiosity instead of hostility.

"Waaa!! Ehhh~ this stuff is sticky~" Niluka stood up, trying to brush off the snail slime that clung to her skirt as her face filled with disgust. She peered outside the entrance of the snail's shell and immediately spotted Yexi. But Yexi was in quite the predicament! All around her flew golden attacks, each one just as deadly as the last, as they clumped around her under the command of D.Zi. No matter what direction Yexi looked towards, she was always surrounded!

Yexi looked at the densely packed attacks as they clotted the sky. She shook her head and, although her eyes were still expressionless, you could feel her becoming more and more desperate.

"I didn't think I'd run into such a monster at this school so soon."

But running into such a monster wasn't the reason for Yexi's helplessness. What made her feel helpless was, just barely after starting school, she was forced to make a real decision.

"Distance, three meters."

In the next moment, every single golden attack started backing away from Yexi. One by one, they moved until they were exactly three meters away from Yexi! She took a step forward and the ground exploded underfoot as she weaved her way through at incredible speeds.

As Yexi left the encirclement, the golden attacks started showering the place where she had just stood. They rained down with such an intensity that even the burning sun would be ashamed of itself.

This time, Yexi made it out safely.


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