After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Fierce Battle
Translated by: MetaAthena

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D.Zi felt a change in the atmosphere, and he furrowed his brow in response to it's imposing feel. It looked like the enemies had a powerful player.

Very powerful.

"Constantine, you go first!" he said.


Constantine perceived the same thing as D.Zi, and did not doubt him. He immediately obeyed D.Zi's words, and the heels of his feet ignited like meteors as he sped towards the battlefield.

At this time, Yexi arrived at the battlefield!

D.Zi sneered. Claude and Tyre stared at him, waiting to see what he would do.

D.Zi grasped the hilt of his sword with both hands and pointed it high up in the sky. Around him, clouds started swirling, the eye of the storm around him......

When Yexi arrived, she found Bayun and Ghost Slayer still being harassed by Niluka's powerful offensive spell. Before they could react, Yexi slunk her way towards Ghost Slayer.

Stalker! The blood drained from Ghost Slayer's face. He knew something was stalking him: it was his own occupation, after all. It was something only he could sense, something you gained from idling in the dark for too long.

The only problem was, the gap between Ghost Slayer and Bayun was too wide.

Even if Bayun had the power to save Ghost Slayer, the distance between the two war too great.

Yexi burst out from the shadows, and her dagger sunk deep into Ghost Slayer's neck.

At the same time, a sound could be heard by  Ray Lindauer as he glanced towards the source of it. Then, his voice could be heard yet again around the virtual world.

"Eh~ Ghost Slayer is out of the game. He has returned to my side, don't fret." Even though Ray Lindauer said this, he had no proof of it. Tyre and the others would no completely trust him. Even Yexi was worried that she had permanently killed Ghost Slayer and didn't decapitate him. Instead, she severed a major artery.

Ghost Slayer sat up and immediately grasped his neck. No blood, no pain, nothing: not even a scar. Excitedly, Ghost slayer yelled

"Mr. Tyre! I'm fine!"

Ghost Slayer's voice resonated throughout the entire battlefield. One by one, everyone relaxed. In this virtual world, everything was far too real. Even Tyre had to be a little careful and was very rigid. But, now that he knew Ghost Slayer was completely fine even after death in this world, Tyre was completely relieved.

Even with this short pause, Yexi did not slow her offensive. She looked towards Bayun, and disappeared, her shadow stretching across the terrain at terribly fast speeds!

But Bayun was ready for her. He had predicted her mode of attack, and had put up a barrier of black magic in advance to protect himself. At this time, in the darkness, you could say that Bayun was skillful enough to follow and block Ghost Slayer's movements and attacks.

Yexi slammed down right into Bayun's black shield with her dagger, and a huge shockwave shook the area violently.

BOOM! The position where Yexi was originally standing exploded in a flash of dust, the pocket of air exploding from the displacement.

But the only thing that Bayun could think of was how powerful Yexi's attack was. His spine tingled with the thought of what might have happened if it had hit him instead of his defenses and he broke out in a cold sweat.

This woman was scary! Bayun was so scared, that this one sentence was the only thing that came to mind.

If he wasn't alert with predictive 【Black Pools】shields, then he would be killed instantly.

Still, just because he could block her attacks, didn't mean he was completely safe: Bayun knew this very well.

At this moment, a golden light appeared on the edge of the forest. Then, the golden light grew brighter and brighter. It was D.Zi, holding his sword with a light infinitely bright. But then was his blade that seemed to grow longer and longer. Then, in the end, his sword became an infinitely long lightsaber. (TL Note: Corridor Digital's lightsaber vid, lol)

D.Zi trembled in excitement. He stared at the monster-like Yexi and shouted

"Heaven's Sky Array! Emperor's Sword!!"

Tyre and Claude stood side-by-side D.Zi. Although they agreed that the posture he held was fabulous, his Emperor's Sword, which connected all the way to the sky, was extremely terrifying, if he had to scream that shameful line every single time he used it, it really wasn't worth it.

Sure, magic needed a spoken language to be used, so that was acceptable. But, when it came to martial arts, you didn't need to say a thing. Not only did it slow you down, but it also lost the element of surprise. However, it was true that it could increase your movement, but Tyre and Claude were still conflicted with how it sounded.

As Tyre and Claude thought about this, D.Zi's Emperor's Sword was heading towards Niluka, Rosalle Butterfly, and Yexi. The wind made a vacuum like noise as the giant entity swung towards them, leaves and dirt being kicked up into the air, trees being toppled down. The entire forest seemed like a small boat as it rocked back and forth by a wave, the swing of the Emperor's Sword.

Everyone felt the air pressure increase, including Bayun, even though he was preoccupied with Yexi. They all felt something huge heading towards them, but nobody could put a finger on it.

Eventually, the first one to react was Darmiala.

She opened her mouth, and started singing beautifully. Suddenly, a ghostly valkyrie clad in armor appeared out of nowhere and stood stationary. Darmiala changed the pitch of her song, and the valkyrie responded. It drew her sword and blocked the Emperor's Sword! However, the pressure was far too great, and the valkyrie squatted, it's magical image fading in and out.

"Hahaha, it's useless! After studying under Lao Jerry, I have improved the Emperor's Sword tenfold! An insignificant summoning is useless!"

Darmiala's face remained unchanged. She had to continue singing, even if she knew she wouldn't be able to retaliate.

Summoning by singing was the most special of summoned beasts, but you had to be singing at all times in order to keep it stable. Within the already rare magicians, was an even rarer race of summoners who could summon by singing. Those who were natural singers were even rarer. If there was someone like that, they would be an instant big hit and become an instant celebrity, making them very sought after by empires and kingdoms alike.

Slowly, the valkyrie faded, and Niluka and Rosalle Butterfly locked eyes. The two of them didn't need a single word to to understand that they needed to hit the Emperor's Sword with the most powerful abilities they had.

Although Rosalle Butterfly had been injured, she had been able to rest and recover, even if only for a little bit. Now, she didn't hesitate to use her Heaven Sword Ensemble, first  style, even though she was well aware that it would worsen her status.

Then, at the same time, Niluka raised her giant staff up high and spit out an incantation that seemed to never end. As she cast more and more spells, pebbles started converging. Then, they turned into rocks and formed massive boulders. But, even then, Niluka wasn't done. She kept speaking, and the giant, five-meter tall mass of rock a set on fire, literally melting it. Her face went pale and her knees began to tremble as she completed her final task: Throwing the mass of magma at D.Zi's Emperor's Sword.


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