After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Familiar
Translated By: Naervon
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“Miss Lunaria.” Darmiala sat down next to Lunaria without Lunaria noticing with ZhangLing standing behind her. Even though they did not get a recommendation letter, but as one of the top ten contestant pairs, they are still able to take the entrance exam with special remarks from Xavier Duchy in addition to having the privilege of riding the private train like the other elites. As for the ones who have the recommendation letter like Chelsea and Lunaria, they are able to skip the entrance exam all together.
“Miss Darmiala.” Lunaria stood up and give etiquette greeting, after all, she knows that Darmiala is one of the 【Inquisitor】bloodline. As a inquisitor, she can be said to be the right hand of ‘god’ and the closest to the highest emperor in terms of power, and decide the life and death of countless people with a few words!
“Miss Lunaria, I don’t see Mr. Claude, where is he?” Darmiala’s question made Lunaria frown a bit before replying
“Young master Claude left with Princess Snow Lily earlier.”

“Princess Snow Lily is also on the train? Could it be that she is also going to enroll in the Academy?”
“It looks like it, or so I’ve heard from Duke Falysses. He said something along the lines of ‘might as well let her hitch a ride to Avalon Academy with you guys.'”
“Is that so, then it looks like we will have an interesting time ahead of us.”
“Haha, its nothing, I was just muttering to myself.” Darmiala stopped that strange smile of hers and said
“I remember Miss Lunaria do not know the other people here right? How about lets go around and get to know each other before arriving?”
“Mmm, just what I was thinking.” Lunaria did not refuse the offer, which made Darmiala smile even wider. Darmiala shifted to the side a bit and let ZhangLing, who was right behind her, out first and wave her hand, saying

“This is my servant. His homeland is the Vermilion Empire and his name is ZhangLing.”
“Hello Mr. ZhangLing.” Lunaria bowed slightly, slightly astonishing ZhangLing. Contrary to what he expected of someone who took the champion of the competition, and a very famous girl recently to boot, ZhangLing was totally caught off guard by Lunaria’s politeness to a servant such as him. But, his years of experience and his stiff facial muscles helped him recover rapidly as he replied with a stiff smile
“Pleased to make your acquaintance Ma’am Lunaria. I hope that you will be able to have a great time with my mistress in the Academy .”

“Ha ha.” Darmiala smiled slightly then continued
“ZhangLing is at the emperor stage, but he was wrongly accused and became a fugitive of Vermilion Empire. I won’t get into the details as that is private, but after he arrived in our empire, my clan took him in and took care for him.”
Lunaria nodded her head slightly. *So ZhangLing is not just another Vermilion person. I didn’t know he was a fugitive… But if he goes to Avalon where vermilion people and the empire people all mix together, won’t he be exposed fairly fast?*
“You don’t need to worry for me, because this face is not mine.” ZhangLing seemed to have seen through Lunaria’s thoughts and smiled stiffly as he touched his own face. Lunaria nodded once again, but inside, she was very curious about how he swapped a face. From the sound of it, it seemed that Vermilion Empire had the strange martial technique that allowed one to change the face of its user, and she didn’t know if ZhangLing was a practitioner of that, because if so, she must get him to tell her how to do it, that way she can use it as Tyre and then walk in front of Claude in broad daylight and not get found out, in fact, they might even become close friends without much effort.

With a perfect plan in her head, Lunaria suddenly felt very motivated, but she knew that now was not a good time to ask ZhangLing, after all, Darmiala was still there looking at them. Oh well, there was plenty of time, and she was bound to catch ZhangLing by himself sometime or later.

“Come, I’ll show you around and introduce you.” Darmiala pulled Lunaria by her hand and walked towards the other compartments with ZhangLing following close behind. As for poor Noah, who was being ignored this entire time, he followed behind the three wordlessly in silence.

“She is Angel, I think you must have met her before during the competition right?” Darmiala introduced Lunaria to a girl with a cold expression, but Lunaria had a hard time pulling her eyes off of the big burly guy wearing only boxers standing behind Angel.
“How do you do, Miss Angel.”
“How do you do, Miss Lunaria.” Angel had a head of long light red hair. Although her eyes were the same color, but that scarlet red did not give people a warm feeling, but rather a even more cold feeling. Despite her voice not having any tone in it, Lunaria felt that something seemed off, especially with the way that Angel spoke with politeness. In theory, someone as arrogant and cold as her should not be very approachable~
As her thoughts flew all over the place, Darmiala continued saying

“Angel is my childhood friend, and we played together a lot since we were small kids. Don’t be misled by her cold looks, because that’s not how she was before. The reason she speaks and looks that way is because of her unique magic.”
“Unique Magic?”
“Yeah. Angel’s unique magic is the extremely rare magic of being able to freeze everything, and as a price for awakening such a powerful unique magic, Angel paid the price of having all her emotions being frozen by it. Even though Angel knows how to converse with others politely, but she cannot even smile if she wants to, hence that air of coldness around her as well. The Angel from before really loved to smile and laugh.”
“So that’s how it is, what a pity I don’t get to see Miss Angel smile.” Of course, Lunaria was only saying that out of courtesy, because down inside, she was thinking something completely different.
Angel slightly shook her head, not knowing if she didn’t want Lunaria to pity her or if she was saying that this wasn’t something to be sad about. Before Lunaria could understand what she meant, Angel had already turned around and looked at the half naked burly man standing behind her, saying in a monotone voice
“Clarok, my servant.”
“How do you do Mr. Clarok.” Lunaria dipped her head slightly. The burly man made some buzzing sounds in his scar covered throat, which confirmed Lunaria’s guess that he couldn’t speak.
Seeing Lunaria finish her exchange of greetings with Clarok, Darmiala spoke up
“Angel, come with us and meet the others.”
Angel looked down for a moment, thinking about it, then looked back up at Darmiala and nodded her agreement. That action with her unique looks give Lunaria the impression of cuteness, making her want to see Angel smile all the more.


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