After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Then, Take a Step
Translated by: MetaAthena

~Sleep is for the weak :’)

Heaven Sword Ensemble, second style.

If the first style of the Heaven Sword Ensemble was meant to be a one-shot-kill, then the second style was more like an endless supply of small sword cuts compressed into the same split second. Even so, it's damage was not that of a simple sword injury, but more of a poisoning type move because of all the small wounds it could inflict.

If you used that analogy, tanking the second style on head-on would be like drinking a gallon of poison no from just the mouth, but from every single pore in the body. It would slowly eat away at the body until nothing was left.

"Bayun, that attack is not good news." Ghost Slayer started slowing his pace. In front of him, Bayun had already stopped, his brow wrinkled as he said

"Her Douqi isn't stable in that attack, she won't be able to use it!"

Ghost Slayer reacted immediately to Bayun's comment, and his face was full of surprise. On the other hand, Rosalle Butterfly's body convulsed and trembled. She reached for her cross sword, but could barely manage to tighten her grip around it, let alone hold it up.

"Ack!" She coughed up blood, creating a splatter of crimson red in front of her.

"Little Butterfly!" Ghost Slayer couldn't help but call for Rosalle Butterfly, but at this moment, Ray Lindauer's voice abruptly said

"Don't worry, it's all virtual. None of this will harm you in reality. Haven't I told this to you before?" Ray Lindauer attempted to calm Ghost Slayer down who had gone silent. Then, Ghost Slayer melted back into the undergrowth and everything about him vanished just like before.

Bayun raised his eyebrows in confusion, did that mean that he was supposed to harm her?

Even as a man himself, he would never do something as cowardly as run! Bayun seemed to have a strange reaction to the word man. Something only had to be a masculine to get a tremendous reaction from him.

Now, even though it was a woman in front of him, he had to defeat her!

As it seemed Ghost Slayer was a man who did not dare raise his hand to a woman, Bayun felt it was necessary to raise a sword and substitute in for him.

The only problem was that he was using magic ......

Regardless of the contradictions swirling in his head, Bayun stiffened his index finger, a swirling mass of black magic wisping from his fingers while the rest of it condensed around his body. His almost paper-white skin contrasted greatly against his black magic. He pointed directly at Rosalle Butterfly, who began to back away in fear, and the black magic created a black arrow and flew at her.

In the next few moments, Rosalle Butterfly could be seen trying to flee, scrambling to get up, trying to evade in any way possible.

Then, a first class fireball suddenly flew out from the woods, catching Rosalle Butterfly off guard. Then, the ball of fire engulfed her, almost burning away at the black magic. In this way, Rosalle Butterfly dramatically dodged the black arrow!

Bayun, who watched as Niluka burst from the dense forest to join Rosalle Butterfly's side, didn't even pause his pursuit of his initial target.

Rosalle Butterfly only just now reacted to everything, taking it all in. She realized that the fireball was thrown by Niluka in order to aid her escape. Plus, it wasn't very powerful, so the magical enchantments on Rosalle Butterfly's uniform was able to ward off any damage she may have taken.

Avalon's school uniforms have a basic magical enchantment on them, rendering low class level magic useless against their wearers. Plus, it can also neutralize stains, meaning that the students can roll around in a muddy marsh without a care about dirt and grime. Such a school uniform could sell for tens of thousands of gold coins.

Niluka saw Bayun still rushing towards them, and gripped her staff, creating a quake that shook the ground in a 100 meter radius around her. This caused the ground underneath Bayun's feet to become unsteady, and he lost his footing. With that, Bayun lost his focus, and his magic faded.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Rosalle Butterfly rushed forward and merge with Niluka, no longer dejected about her second loss.

"Haha, you still want to get there." Niluka could see the spirit rising within Rosalle Butterfly, and flashed a smile and let out a laugh. As for Rosalle Butterfly, she simply nodded her head and said

"Sorry, I made it hard for you."

"Don't be so depressing. All we need to do is persevere until LongTu is present."

Just as Niluka finished her sentence, a shadowed figure emerged from behind her. Rosalle Butterfly caught this out of the corner of her eye, and screamed

"Behind you!"

However, Rosalle Butterfly's reaction was a little late in regards to timing. The moment the words left her mouth, the shadow had already plunged a dagger downwards.

Quietly, one shot one kill. That was the true meaning of being a shadow.

But, just ten centimeters away from its target, it stopped. It wasn't because it didn't want to hit its target, but because it couldn't hit its target.

Slowly, the shadow receded, showing Ghost Slayer. He grimaced, and quickly used his refraction technique to escape after being countered by Niluka who had only used a single hand.

Niluka smirked, and waved her enormous staff.

"Third Class Magic, The Fury of Mother Earth."

A booming could be heard all around as the ground shook and cracks broke the surface, all with Niluka as the epicenter. Rosalle Butterfly also lost her footing, so she stepped next to Niluka where the trembling was almost negated.

Bayun had a grave expression on his face. Niluka's magic didn't affect him at all because he walked on air with the help of two black orbs of energy under his feet. On the other hand, Ghost Slayer had long before retreated beyond the range of her ability, but he and Bayun realized just how much time they were wasting because of her.

And so, Ray Lindauer's voice once again rang from above

"It's been 30 seconds, so now will the third and fourth members please enter the battlefield. The third members will be Constantine and Darmiala. The fourth members will be D.Zi and Yexi."

"Yexi, Darmiala, give them hell." LongTu felt the urge to encourage them, maybe because she, herself, was restless. Darmiala simply looked down at LongTu, because of her height, and smiled

"If you scream, your big sister will try harder."

"Then, I'll call you my mother-in-law!" LongTu said while in a good mood. There was no malice between the two anymore. Darmiala had taught LongTu the ways of insults, and, although the two bickered so much that it was no longer eccentric.

Just as Darmiala was about to reply, Yexi's legs stretched a meter, and she hunched her whole body over. Her right hand morphed and extended, her fingers extending to become claws as they brushed the ground. Her left hand grasped a dagger that she had pulled out of nowhere. She looked directly at the forest, her eye on the battlefield, and said

"Then, I'll take a step first."

"What?......" Even before Darmiala could finish her sentence, Yexi took off and disappeared at such a speed that even LonTu stared in awe. Not even she could achieve such a speed!

The place where Yexi had originally stood broke out, gravel and leaves flying everywhere, followed by a tremendous shockwave. Then, three seconds later, it all calmed down. It was the calm before the storm.


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