After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Second Fight
Translated by: MetaAthena

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Heaven Sword Ensemble, first style.


Rosalle Butterfly's decisiveness made Ghost Slayer a little terrified. Before, all he needed was a single hit in order to secure victory, but because of his extreme worries, the scales of victory tilted in the enemy's favor. Such a mistake was taboo in his line of work!

If Ghost Slayer wanted to pull off the same strategy as before, sure Rosalle Butterfly would sustain some injuries, but he would find himself dead. With that in mind, Ghost Slayer decided that it wasn't worth it. He chose to retreat. In the next moment, a white beam that seemed to be from the heavens screamed right past him, narrowly missing him.


After narrowly avoiding death, Ghost Slayer simply wanted to ask the little butterfly exactly what had made her hate him so much in this moment? This type of absolute hate couldn't have been caused by just anything, and could not be handled by just one person. Even five of oneself would be mopped by this person by this one attack! As he avoided the projectile, it made a sharp turn, and kept coming after him.

Was it possible to avoid this type of attack?! Even if he used his refraction technique, it would still be hard to dodge this attack. Still, if it had been Ghost Slayer from the past, he may have already given up and given in at this point, but he was no longer the person he used to be. With a grimace, Ghost Slayer tensed up his legs and leaped into the air. Because of his Army Breaker level strength, he was able to jump well beyond a dozen meters. The white beam continued to follow him, making a sharp turn up towards him. Even though he had gotten this far away, it really did want to hit him, trailing after it's target like a sniper would lead his shots.

Ghost Slayer gnashed his teeth together as he got ready to dodge the incoming projectile in mid-air. He spun, dodged, and twists thousands of time, ignoring all laws of physics as he did so. The white beam zipped around him, trying to hit him.

Brush~ the beam narrowly missed him and hit the forest, ripping up hundreds of meters of dense foliage followed by a huge shockwave. That amount of terrifying power made Ghost Slayer, who was still dodging and twisting in the air, extremely terrified. When did that shy little girl gain this much power?

From there on, all of Ghost Slayer's fear was replaced with excitement. He finally understood how useful Mr. Tyre's teachings were, and grateful that he had been bestowed with Mr. Tyre's martial arts. Ghost Slayer swore to be more respectful and loyal to him in the future.

At this moment, Lindauer's sluggish voice resonated through the world yet again

"Uh~ It's been thirty seconds, so, next up is Bayun and Niluka. You guys can enter the battlefield now."

Bayun blankly stared at the sky before turning his head towards Tyre and the others, nodding. Then, after applying a speed boost to himself, he took off towards the forest.

Niluka simply took a single step forward from the other girls Although none of them knew when it had happened, in her hand stood a two meter (TL Note: 6.56 feet for US readers) tall magical staff. On the top of it, embed in the staff, was a blue gem that glimmered like a star. Niluka laughed mischievously before launching an attack towards the still falling Ghost Slayer.

Ghost Slayer was in an inexplicable crisis. His nature was to be cautious, when he surveyed the area around him, he noticed something from nearly three kilometers away (TL Note: 1.86 miles). A girl with red, shoulder level hair with a huge staff facing him, making him overly puzzled. (TL Note: Don't ask me how he's able to figure all that out from three kilos away, I wouldn't understand. My vision is absolute garbage.)

Of the three levels of magic, few spells could travel one kilometer. Three kilometers, on the other hand, was unheard of and impossible. While running this information through his head, Ghost Slayer sank even lower into puzzlement. But, in the next moment, he understood his mistake.

"Hey." Niluka revealed a confident smile. Then, a frighteningly large fireball rapidly sped its way towards Ghost Slayer.

"WHAT THE HECK!!" Ghost Slayer screamed, lamenting on how it was even possible for a fireball to travel so far. A fireball was only a third class magic spell. Sure it's damage was large, but it could barely travel past 30 meters (TL Note: 98.4 feet). But that wasn't the point. Ghost Slayer now had to dodge a fireball that was traveling more than 100 times its original distance right towards him.

"Heh heh, this is my own unique ability, straight line tracking! As long as I am locked onto you in a straight line, my magic will follow travel from me to you!" She said this so proudly, that the other girls couldn't help but stare at her. They never thought that Niluka would have such a devastating trump card.

Although she was stupid, Niluka wasn't stupid enough to stay and watch the show. She quickly used a speed enhancement on herself and zoomed to the epicenter of the battle.

Ghost Slayer stared at the magic projectile as it grew nearer and nearer. If it had been small, like Rosalle Butterfly's attack, he could have dodged it easily. But this was different. It was massive. Even from a decent distance away, he could already feel the heat coming off of it, the temperature making his scalp feel numb. Maybe if he used his refracting technique he could dodge it, but it would be impossible, the range of the attack and the explosion was far too big.


Ghost Slayer screamed as the fireball imploded in the air.

Boom! Although he should've been consumed by the fireball, Ghost Slayer leaped out of the ash, a thin, black transparent skin hovering around him. It was a little damaged, which explained his minor injuries.

Then, he pointed his foot down towards the ground. The moment he touched solid earth, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He turned his attention to the still burning explosion above him. Had that hit him directly, I'm afraid there would be nothing left, not even bone.

"No problem, right?" Bayun emerged from the dense forest in the next moment. To Ghost Slayer, his face was mesmerizing, but he knew it wasn't time to be distracted. He had to deal with the important matters first, that much was clear.

"No problem, but that magical armor covering me was you, wasn't it? Thank you."

"It didn't take much. Now, here's the plan, we'll be attacking Rosalle Butterfly. Niluka will be delayed because of her attack on you, so this is our best time to counterattack."

"Alright!" Ghost Slayer knew the difference between an one on one and a two on one. This time, naturally, he would not be as light hearted as he had been before.

Rosalle Butterfly had predicted that Ghost Slayer and Bayun had already joined forces. At the same time, Niluka noticed that Ghost Slayer had escaped her fireball alive, so she increased her acceleration and rushed towards the scene faster. At this rate, it would only take ten seconds for Niluka to reach Rosalle Butterfly's side, but it would only take Ghost Slayer and Bayun a mere five seconds to reach Rosalle Butterfly. It was in those five seconds that the two had to strike.

To a master, a single second was the difference between victory and defeat. But, in an two on one with a whole five seconds, the advantage that could be given was unthinkable, even for third class magicians and the strong.

Rosalle fought the urge to turn tail and run towards Niluka. She knew the worst thing she could do was turn her back to a stalker like Ghost Slayer. She had to stand her ground, and wait for them to come to her.

With the previous lesson still fresh in his mind, Ghost Slayer swore that he would not be influenced by his emotions again or be scared of Rosalle Butterfly's Heaven Sword Ensemble, first style. On the other hand, Bayun's body oozed his dark elemental power. Because of the armor he was able to conjure, Rosalle Butterfly was unable to decipher exactly which one, Bayun or Ghost Slayer, was stronger. She also decided that, if she was to whip out her  Heaven Sword Ensemble, first style, it would be very disadvantageous to her.

Then, she had no other option.

Rosalle Butterfly withdrew a little bit, slowly inserting her cross sword back into its sheath. Then, she closed her eyes.

Bayun saw this manner of moving from Rosalle Butterfly, and he felt an unmistakable feeling of danger from head to toe. Ghost Slayer's pupils contracted. He felt the same thing.

That posture could only mean one thing!

Heaven Sword Ensemble, second style.

(TL Note: Seriously, I don't care if it's magic or whatever, there's no way anyone can see that far that clearly.)


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