After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The First Fight
Translated by: MetaAthena

"Hey, uncle, don't talk. If, and only if, I am truly saved by my luck, then at that time I will find you and tap you three times in the head. Either way, it's impossible. I, LongTu, know that when the time comes for me to die, luck will never save me." LongTu made a serious vow while Ray Lindauer laughed. Then, he made one last inspection on his magical lines throughout the entire room before asking everyone

"Is everyone ready?"

Excluding Claude and Niluka, nobody replied. None of them were really ready, so the best answer was silence for them.

"Then, let the random selections begin!" Ray Lindauer exclaimed.

Right after Ray said his words, the entire room started spinning along with everyone's heads. Then, the next sight the beheld through their eyes was an entirely different world.

This different world possessed its own unique foliage and forests surrounded them while a huge lake divided the forest in half. Ahead of them walked enormous wild beasts, but they were not monsters so they posed little to no challenge to kill. Tyre and the others stood on the bank of the lake, taking the scenery around them in.

"Okay, so, the random result is that Ghost Slayer will be the first one in. Now, you can venture into this world and get ready."

Reminded by Ray Lindauer, Ghost Slayer immediately became more serious, and nodded towards Tyre before cautiously taking off towards the forest following the edge of the lake.

On LongTu's side, Ray Lindauer also gave orders as to who would go first.

"As a result of the random draw, Rosalle Butterfly will be the first one in. Now, you can venture into this world and get ready."

"Rosalle Butterfly, I leave it to you." LongTu said this with caution. Her words put a lot of responsibility on Rosalle Butterfly. She thought to herself that as long as it wasn't too morally wrong to Mr. Tyre, it would be okay to go all out.

Moreover, Mr. Tyre's conducts and deeds were really disgraceful to all women. This point made Rosalle Butterfly a little less loyal to him.

Rosalle Butterfly and Ghost Slayer's speed was incredibly fast. When both of them entered the forest, both sides immediately sensed a power of the army breaker level.

"This is a familiar seems to be Rosalle Butterfly's. We may be enemies right now, but that's perfect! I'll show you exactly who Mr. Tyre's first henchman is!"

Ghost Slayers screams resonated throughout the woods, causing a number of birds and beasts to flee. On the edge of the forest, near the lake, Tyre couldn't help but facepalm. Ghost Slayer was a great person, except for the fact that he was too servile. Tyre really didn't need three followers looking up to him for guidance on how to proceed, especially Ghost Slayer who usually wagged his tail like a dog in front of him.

Rosalle Butterfly, however, heard Ghost Slayers screams which evoked a fighting spirit deep within her. Her, already, large perception expanded more, allowing her to 'see' further. In an instant, a wild beast, standing at five meters tall, was immediately decimated simply for standing in her way. She swung her blood stained cross-shaped sword, flinging blood towards the ground and off her blade, as she continued to speed towards Ghost Slayer.

Both sides were traveling at unimaginable speeds, soon to clash together.

Then, even though Rosalle Butterfly swore she had locked onto Ghost Slayer's presence, suddenly, he vanished without a trace.

Rosalle Butterfly dug her heels into the ground, a trail of dust wisping behind her as she whipped her head right and left, searching for Ghost Slayer. Her eyes darted around the forest, looking for any sign of him, but no sign was found.

Slowly, Rosalle Butterfly gripped the handle of her weapon, swinging it to and fro as she mocked, "Come out Ghost Slayer~ I know you're out there somewhere." Most people would react to that, so Rosalle Butterfly froze, trying to hone in on any sign of him.

No response.

Ghost Slayer was smarter than to let something as simple as a taunt affect him. Instead, he eyed Rosalle Butterfly from some underbrush like a cheetah stalking its prey: soundless, motionless, and full of killing intent.

It was all Ghost Slayer knew how to do. After all, his job was literally to sneak around and assassinate others. Why have dangerous, large-scale battles like the cavaliers when you could have almost risk free missions of being invisible in order to murder a certain target. That was his specialty, and that was exactly what he would do.

Rosalle Butterfly grew anxious not knowing where Ghost Slayer was. She spun around, thinking he might strike at any moment. Not being able to attack back was the worst, so she decided to fight in any way she could, "Oh, oh, okay. I see," she started, making her voice as loud and obnoxious as she could, "I didn't expect Mr. Tyre's number one henchman to be such a coward!" Rosalle Butterfly grit her teeth watching for any change in the foliage, "I didn't expect you'd be the type to face a woman screaming for you and not even show your face!"

Ghost Slayer silently clicked his tongue in disgust. However, his expression remained the same as it had been from the start: a cold, unfazed gaze. Even his emotional state had become stable. In face, Ghost Slayer blended in so well with the forest that there was no way Rosalle Butterfly could tell him apart from it.

"How about you go run to your mother," Ghost Slayer muttered to himself. He didn't expect Rosalle Butterfly would try to provoke him. Instead, Ghost Slayer  thought back to when he had been referred to as a senior himself, and sighed with regret.

Ghost Slayer took one deep breath in, then out before muttering, "Then, how about we begin."

Ghost Slayer revealed his presence, letting everything leak out. Almost instantly, Rosalle Butterfly whipped around and honed in on his location. She rushed forward with her cross sword and stabbed the underbrush where Ghost Slayer was hiding in one lightning quick motion without the slightest hesitation. But her blade ate dirt.

Rosalle Butterfly's heart jumped as every alarm in her body started ringing. She knew Ghost Slayer might still be in the underbrush, but he couldn't risk him ambushing her from behind. In one fluid motion, she spun around, weapon at the ready. He stood face to face with Rosalle Butterfly, but unlike hers, his face exempt of fear. It seems that he had been in striking distance long before. Suddenly, his body refracted, and he unleashed Tyre's Ten Million Body Bending Technique.

Rosalle Butterfly gaped in surprise and fright, stumbling backwards. Although Ghost Slayer's body bending technique wasn't impressive at all from a distance, it was an entirely different story up close.

Rosalle Butterfly was so scared that she couldn't retaliate. Instead, she scrambled back to her feet, and retreated. As she ran, she swung her cross sword backwards, sending white ray attacks backwards towards Ghost Slayer.

Ghost Slayer sneered. This battle was in his hands. All he needed to do was inflict a little bit of damage onto Rosalle Butterfly, and, when the next round rolled around, it would be hunter and prey. He wrote this idea down in his heart, as he once again applied his body bending technique. To Rosalle Butterfly's eyes, it looked as if her white blade attack had simply passed right through Ghost Slayer's body. Then, it dawned on her. She was now the old generation. Ghost Slayer was the new generation. Only a few strikes from Ghost Slayer's sword would cause unimaginable damage.

But Ghost Slayer had his own dilemma. If he injured her here, would it inflict injuries on her real body? If he truly did harm her, he would not be able to forgive himself. Not only that, but Mr. Tyre wouldn't support him as he had done so far. He hesitated. But that was more than enough for Rosalle Butterfly to escape.

Rosalle knew Ghost Slayer had let her go, but it only ignited a flame of irritation within her. How dare he let her go! Was she just such a weak opponent that he thought he could toy with her?

Rosalle Butterfly's mind filled with rage as she skidded to a stop. She didn't care what happened to her, or if Ghost Slayer chopped her into bits. Instead, she did the only thing that came to her in her moment of fury. Rosalle Butterfly gripped her cross sword handle tight, and swung. Four earth-shattering abilities simultaneously spread from her sword and she swung it in every which direction.

Howls rang throughout the forest as every beast sensed death. The ground rumbled as countless animals ran for their lives.

Even from a distance away, LongTu sensed these abilities, thinking Tyre was the first to lead from the opposing side. Her heart sunk as she cursed her luck. Then, she made a better inference. The abilities and strikes truly were scary, but, even though it was Tyre's style, it still deviated away from him. It was not Tyre. If we compared Tyre, from back when they decided to siege the ogre, to Rosalle Butterfly now, you would see that she was not that much weaker than he was back then.


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