After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Simulation Room
Translated by: MetaAthena

Today, LongTu was in an extremely sour mood; perhaps one of the worst she'd been in for a while. But now, just as things began to settle down to a more subtle anger, something reignited the raging flames of her fury. But, right as she was about to erupt like a volcano, she suddenly took a deep breath in, then a deep breath out.

Pugilist Technique, 【Heart of Ice】.

People will always find situations where it is hard to contain their emotions, making them do some pretty stupid things out of impulse. But Pugilist Technique, 【Heart of Ice】gathers every last drop of anger together in one place, then the user can exhale it all in one breath. In an instant, one can achieve a 【Dead Heart】degree of mercilessness. Right now, in Longtu's case, if she carelessly punched Ray because she overestimated her abilities, she would still be the one to bite the dust in the end. Now, the calm-headed LongTu weighed the pros and cons, and she no longer had such an urge.

"You're not wrong, I'm really 27. I believe my student ID states that very clearly. You can check it out."

The way LongTu calmly admitted her real age made Tyre shudder. For a moment, he thought that he had the wrong person. At last, he understood what LongTu had meant when he used Eyes of the Soul to gather all his computing power. He really did become a different person. However, LongTu could only maintain this strange state of mind for a split second while Tyre could maintain his for up to 15 seconds.

Ray Lindauer heard LongTu's words and instinctively rid himself of his worker attitude, putting both hands in his white gown. He smiled.

"I'm only joking with you, no need to take it all so seriously." this moment, everyone was dumbstruck. Ray Lindauer simply shrugged his shoulders in response to everyone, as he opened his mouth and continued to talk

"You guys know what the world calls me, right? The【Emperor or Lolicons】! If I 'm not able to distinguish a true loli from a legal lolita, then how could I sit on top of my throne perfectly composed? But, to be honest, little sister LongTu really makes my heart thump. If she really was a real loli, this uncle would probably take her home with me immediately."

After Ray Lindauer said this, LongTu felt strangely uneasy as she trembled from head to toe. She was trembling more than one would during the coldest nights of winter.

"Anyways, back to the main topic on hand, if you youngsters want to settle any kind of a dispute, right......luckily there's a new research project being done for some kind of technology. How about you guys try it out."

"Research project? Technology?" Everyone wondered, a little puzzled and distrustful of Ray.


Tyre and the others followed Ray Lindauer East and West, up and down, North and South until, finally, they arrived at their destination. It seemed to be a single room on the third floor in some building. But it was filled to the brim with magical energy. At first, upon arriving, everyone immediately began examining the magical lines drawn all about the room.

"How is it possible for the magic here to be so dense?" Bayun questioned, his scalp feeling a little numb. Bayun had a bit of background knowledge on magical patterns. Because you really couldn't describe just how many magical lines were used, and how closely packed together they were, it could be said that there were so many magical lines that it seemed to suffocate the air.

The others, although they hadn't studied magical lines as thoroughly as Bayun, had heard stories of magical lines. Apparently, you had to pay very close attention to detail. One wrong step, and you could blow the entire premise up. But now, in front of them, lay too many magical lines to count, all engraved in such a tiny space. The vastness of this project was unimaginably freakish.

Ray just shrugged his shoulders and said

"This is the latest 【Simulation Room】. But, due to the president's personal orders, and because of this stuff, I've been holed up here for nearly three months.:"

"What?! S-so you're saying that all these magical lines were done by engraved them yourself?" Bayun said, amazed. Midway through his setence, he reverted to a much more respectful tone.

Suddenly, Tyre realized the reason why Rey Lindauer had been lost in the 11th district was because he had spent the last three months in here engraving a countless amount of magical lines. Immedietly, he retracted his inital impression of Ray: this man was no directional idiot.

At the same time, Ray simply out both hands in the pockets of his white gown while lethargically replying

"Well, if I didn't get lost every time I had to buy some daily neccesities, I probably would have finished in a single month. If that had happened, I wouldn't of had to wait this long to conclude my work."

"......" Tyre was aloss for words. In the end, this person really was a hyper directional idiot!

"It's useless to talk about this, let's try it out." Ray closed the door behind them before looking back towards the crows while saying

"Both groups, please put forward six members to participate in this test."

Ray Lindauer accidentally revealed that everyone would be used for a test. Apparently, he forgot why everyone was here, to settle a dispute between Tyre and LongTu. However, it seemed as if LongTu was interested in this new test, while Tyre cursed her. He really wished that LongTu would think of other people's moods before her own. Afterall, she had dragged him into this, and, yet, he was the only one that remembered.

Still, Tyre thought about his team's composition. Immedietly, Claude, D.Zi, Constantine, Bayun, and Ghost Slayer popped into his mind. As for why he wouldn't choose Sand Sword, if there was a lot of chaotic fighting, Ghost Slayer would have superiority over the battlefield.

This point was very clear to Tyre, but he did not hold Ghost Slayer in higher regards than Sand Sword.

On the other side, LongTu had already accounted for Tyre choosing Claude, and started planning accordingly. She picked Lunaria for quite a particular reason. Soon after, she chose Yexi, Darmiala, Niluka, as well as Rosalle Butterfly. Although Rosalle Butterfly was a little reluctant to go against Tyre, the situation didn't feel as heavy anymore, so she heeded LongTu's call to action.

"Then, let me explain the rules." Ray Lindauer looked at all the people around him. Then, he said

"My magic lines connect this place to another world. But, for the stability of this world, you will be connected to another virtual self version of you. This is also the reason why it's called a simulation room. The world it connects you to is real, but you are just a simulation."

Everyone suddently realized exactly what Ray Lindauer wanted to do. Because of this, they were even more amazed. A room filled with magical lines that could transfer the human conciousness to another world.

When Ray Lindauer saw the student's bewilderment, he simply shrugged and said

"There are obviously a lot of overthe top questions, but I'm not going to let you ask one by one." Ray Lindauer's had the answer to everyone's questions in the palm of his hand. But, it would be far too complex, so, even if everyone was puzzled, they wouldn't be able to understand much any of it, even if Ray explained it all.

"Of course, this virtual body is still your body. All of it's senses are your senses. That includes pain. Even though it's a virtual body, it can still die. So, you must pay attention to protecting yourself. That is the one thing I have to remind you of. Now onto the rules. At the start of the battle, both parties involved can only dispatch a single person to enter this tiny world. For instance, let's say the two chosen to go in are Lunaria and Claude. No matter where they advance, eventually a fight will break out no matter what.

"How? Under no circumstances will I ever strike Lunaria," Claude vowed. Ray Lindauer, not feeling any shame and ignoring Claude, continued to speak

"There is a thirty second time limit for the first battle. After the first thirty seconds have passed, will another two people be entered, one from each side. After another thirty seconds, the third and fourth people on both sides are placed into the battlefield simutaneously. Then, one minute later, the fifth person will be entered into the battlefield. The sixth person will be foreign aid. However, the sixth person may only enter after the first five on their team have entered the battlefield, do you understand?"

"'s a little complicated, but it's not a big deal as long as I'm the first one in." LongTu made a solemn vow and clentched her fists. However, Ray Lindauer simply shook his head

"I'm afraid you probably will not be the first one in. The rules are set and it's random, you see."

"Random? So victory is based off of luck on who gets in first?" LongTu frowned. When it came to her skills, he luck was always the very lowest. This type of a lucky fight made it really unpredictable, and hard to plan.

Sure, LongTu could be entered first with Ghost Slayer on the opposing team, making it an easy victory for her, then steamrolling the second person to enter with her reinforcement, but it also true the other way.

Ray Lindauer, without much thought, replied

"Luck is a very big factor for victory. You may say the word luck with a lot of hate right now, but you might be saved by the same luck later."


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