After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Confrontation
Translated By: Naervon, MetaAthena
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Although Ghost Slayer also wanted to defend Mr. Tyre and explain his actions, he took one look at the sensitive LongTu, and hesitated. He was really scared that LongTu would take her anger out on him.
D.Zi maintained a unmoving expression, then indifferently asked
"Are you sure?"
"I’m positive."

"Okay, then I'll tag along with you." D.Zi exposed a small smile. This appearance let Ghost Slayer see that D.Zi was definitely going out of self-interest. He was sure that the only reason why D.Zi was going was to see the outcome of LongTu finally meeting Tyre. Although Ghost Slayer had not known D.Zi for very long, he knew from the experience of being his roommate for a few days that D.Zi was the type of person to only do things he was interested in. Everyone else seemed not to care. Most of the time, D.Zi's personality was friendly. So friendly that you could even call it tender. But the moment he got in battle he would became an entirely different person.
Ghost Slayer knew that he couldn't ignore this situation, even if the two people in front of him were extremely powerful. He knew he had to stand up in place of Mr. Tyre and say something. However, at this time, Sand Sword put a hand on Ghost Slayer's shoulder, shaking his head slightly. At first, Ghost Slayer was confused, but he still stopped his attempt to intervene.
Holding his tongue until LongTu and D.Zi walked ahead, Ghost Slayer asked Sand Sword in a small voice

"Why did you stop me?"
"One reason was I didn't want you to step on the tiger's tail, and the other reason is this situation won't trouble Mr. Tyre at all, so whatever you want to do has no meaning whatsoever. All you would prove is your loyalty to Mr. Tyre." Sand Sword replied calmly without raising his voice. The volume he output was not loud or quiet, but just enough so that the people walking in front of them couldn't hear a thing.
Ghost Slayer's eyebrows shot up as he faced Sand Sword, profoundly mystified, and asked
"How is this a harmless matter to Mr. Tyre? Sire LongTu's appearance is very obviously filled with burning hot rage!"
"You are still young." Sand Sword flashed a small smile. But this smile let Ghost Slayer believe, if only for a moment, that Sand Sword knew something he didn't, making him believe that he was wrong, and Sand Sword was right. But, what did knowing danger have anything to do with youth and age? All this made Ghost Slayer very puzzled.

When LongTu and the others finally found Tyre, it was already five in the afternoon. In this season, the skies are already glowing orange at just around five, giving the feeling that they were basking in the evening glow of freedom.
At the moment, both Tyre and LongTu stood in an alcove surrounded by the other buildings. There were four magic ball fields nearby, giving the little alcove a nice fresh breeze when the wind blows.
Behind LongTu stood Lunaria, Darmiala, Angel, Niluka, Yexi, Hana, Leah, Elena, and Roselle Butterfly.
As for Tyre’s side, Claude, D.Zi, Sandsword, Ghost Slayer, Bayun, and Constantine stood behind him.
Both sides seemed to be facing off, but with the obvious numbers advantage to the girls’ side, things weren’t looking good.
“Tyre, do you admit to your crimes.”
” . . . . . .” Faced with LongTu’s accusations, Tyre could only turn a helplessly innocent look towards the girls standing behind her. However, much to his dismay, other than Elena, Roselle, and himself as Lunaria, all the other girls were beaming a scary ‘Warm and Friendly’ smile at him. Especially the smile Leah was wearing, because combined with her eyes and the daggers of hatred shooting out of them, Tyre could physically feel her stare.
LongTu ignored the look on Tyre’s face and looked behind him to the group of guys instead, saying
“So, do all of you stand on his side even after knowing what happened?”

Quite the opposite, it could even be said that after knowing the situation, all the guys, with the exception of Claude, looked at Tyre with eyes of admiration and worship. However, with Leah in the front and Claude in the back, Tyre really felt the glares stabbing him.
But, with the other guys backing him up, Tyre felt a little touched by their support, especially during his moment of need, aka facing off against LongTu’s accusations. But, by the looks of things, it is going to be a tough situation to soothe down. If it were anyone else but LongTu, Tyre wouldn’t be so helpless, but there was nothing he could do when it was LongTu. As a person who has saved his life on multiple occasions and being a close battle comrade to boot, if he became serious just like LongTu and decided to fight it out, then this situation was bound to get out of hand.
Just as Tyre was having a headache on how to resolve this dilemma, a certain middle aged man on the second floor of a building saw their troubles, and just as this man saw them, Tyre and the others also saw the man from the corners of their eyes.
The middle aged man wore a white gown, and he blinked his eyes as he looked from LongTu to Tyre, muttering to himself.
“A couple quarreling in broad daylight?”

“Who’s his (her) couple?!” Both LongTu and Tyre yelled out at the same time, refuting the middle aged man. Claude only turned and bowed respectfully
“Instructor Ray Lindauer, are you not resting?”
“I’ve already rested an entire day, but that aside, what’s going on here?”
“Things are like this. . . . . . ” Claude reported everything verbatim to Ray, including on how Tyre harassed Lunaria. Even though Tyre really wanted to speak up for his own defense, but the situation was just as Claude had described, albeit just the visual perspective. As for having Lunaria stand out and clarify the situation, well, it isn’t impossible, but the others will most likely take it as Lunaria being nice as usually and letting Tyre off the hook, so in the end, Tyre would just be even more hated by the others, so he might as well not do that to begin with.
Ray nodded his head

“So that’s how it was, but seriously though, where’s the fun in touching a old woman’s hand? I really don’t get you youngsters these days.”
*No no no, anyone over the age of 14 is an old woman in your eyes is more of a problem isn’t it?!!!* Tyre grumbled inside his head, but could only silently nod his head. Ray Lindauer seemed to have the ability to say strange things in a way that makes it hard to understand.
“But back on topic, this fabulous looking young girl LongTu seems very smart indeed, how about coming with uncle for some candy tonight humm.”
“How sweet, I just love ‘teaching’ tsundere lolis good manners.” Ray’s words instantly made everyone’s hair stand up and cold sweat seep out, but LongTu seemed unaffected as she replied
“Even if you are a respected instructor, but I won’t respect a instructor like you. Hummph.”
“Ahahahaha, I can’t take this anymore. How can such a cute little loli like you be out here in the open, exposed to the eyes of others! Come come, follow me to my room~”
“. . . . . . . . .” LongTu’s face fell even colder, because it seemed that this Ray Lindauer seemed serious. That means she has to respond with the same amount of seriousness! Even if he was a terrifyingly powerful individual with the title of the Lightning Emperor!

“Umm, can I say something really quick Instructor Lindauer?” Tyre raised a hand as he asked
“Oh? I’m in a good mood, what is it?” Ray stared directly at LongTu and replied without even so much as sparing a single glance in Tyre’s direction
Tyre swallowed and braced himself before speaking
“Actually, LongTu is 27 years old . . . . .”
“WHAT!!!!!” Ray’s face instantly lost composure and staggered backwards, shaking his head in furious denial
“HOW COULD THIS BE!!! From my years of experience, this loli is still a virgin!”
. . . . . . .
The entire place became dead silent for 5 seconds.
Tyre covered his face with a hand…. It’s over. . . Looks like his quarrel with LongTu just escalated to mortal enemies. . .
Tyre could clearly feel the rage that was building on the tiny body in front of him, and he could only pray that this was directed at Ray and not him….


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