After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 44

Chapter 43: Academic Instructor Lechael
Translated By: Naervon, MetaAthena

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"Academic Instructor Lechael?!" The four boys found Lechael on the right hand side of the corridor with one hand on her chin while staring out the window.  She heard their words, and averted her eyes to the source of the sound.

"Are you new students? If I remember correctly……Tyre, Claude, Constantine, and Bayun, right?" If Lechael was able to almost automatically reply with their names, it was almost natural that she would've definitely memorized the faces and names of the other 2,000 or so students. Regarding such a powerful person, memorizing 2,000 odd names really wasn't that big of a deal.

"Advisor, hello. Also, instructor, you will be the teacher in charge of our class, right?" Constantine eagerly said. If it was true, he considered himself lucky to have such a beautiful woman be his teacher, one that everyone admired. Lechael replied

"Didn't I tell you all in the morning? In the future,  I will be responsible for the entirety of class nine."

"That's more than I could hope for. But, Instructor Lechael, I have a question," Constantine took a breath, "If there are more than 2,000 students in class nine, how is it possible that a mere 13 teachers can teach them all?"

"Don't worry about this, and why did you think I had you go and visit the 13 teachers? They are only 13 because they are what we call stationary teachers, and what’s more, their salaries are based directly on how well their students do. As for non-stationary teachers, they have the freedom to hop from class to class, and there are about 70 to 80 of them at least. So rest assured that we have more than enough teachers.”

70 to 80 was a very appropriate number for the number of students. Each teacher should be able to teach around 40 to 50 students with no pressure, and with only two thousand students, even if the teachers were split into two groups with one group supervising and the other group lecturing, they still should be ample to take care of the students. It seemed very practical, and re-assured Constantine that Avalon took good care of the students and their possible needs.

“Do you have any other questions?” Lechael seemed very patient, answering Constantine’s two questions in great detail.

Claude and the other two shook their heads, but Constantine remained motionless as he thought in his head. After a brief moment of silence, he asked Lechael again

“I heard many rumours that you were confessed to by a fourth year senior, was that true?”

“. . . . . . .” Lechael was completely caught off-guard by the question, her shock showing through her bright red ears. Luckily, her face didn’t flush red as easily, or else she would have really lost all her dignity and composure in front of her students.

Tyre secretly gave Constantine a big thumbs up from his hiding spot behind his back, thinking praises for this fearless warrior, a true man! Tyre thought about being in Constantine’s shoes for a brief moment, and took in the fact that their instructor was ten times as strong as the unrestrained LongTu…..Tyre quickly came to the single possible outcome, either Constantine gets murdered on the spot or he must flee for his life….

Claude and Bayun both held their breaths, and with that, the room went dead silent as everyone held their breaths, the situation becoming so awkward that it was almost tangible. Lechael let that awkwardness stew for a bit before she gave a big sigh, and said

“*Sigh*~Truthfully, it is not all that rare to be confessed to, especially in the academy. But, for a demi-deity like me to be scared and run away from the confessions of a mere emperor stage student is really something laughable isn’t it. Anyone who hears this would think this.”

“So, is that why Missus Instructor took the opportunity to become the supervisor for the Avalon express train?”

“You are correct on that, but, Mr. Constantine, why are you wanting to know about this in such a great detail? Humm?” Almost immediately, Lechael turned the tables on Constantine and took the role of the interrogator.

Feeling the waves of ominous pressure radiating from Lechael, Tyre and the others tactfully backed away, leaving poor Constantine to suffer the consequences that he brought about himself, leaving the stage to their brave and fearless roomate.

“Ah ha ha, I, uh, I was only curious, really, really! I was definitely not thinking of bringing a big news like this as my admission fee to join the new club! Umu!” Constantine’s smug looking face became even more accentuated by his words, practically screaming ‘punch me in the face!’  

Lechael’s expression darkened slightly, but her smile only widened, albeit sinisterly

“Not bad, not bad at all. You are very smart indeed, to think up of this tactic to join the news club. You have intellect, and I have decided that I will personally take great ‘care’ of you when school starts tomorrow.”

“Please ignore my insignificant presence, this lowly one begs for forgiveness for his reckless words. Please have mercy on me!" Constantine begged.

Who was he kidding. If you got on a teacher's bad side before the first day of school even started, how would you even survive the year? Having foreseen this, the three boys stood off to the side, staring rigid and unmoving. Without a doubt, as far as they were concerned, no matter what punishment Constantine would suffer, none of them dared to interrupt. After all, here, speaking up didn’t show how brave they were, but instead meant instant death to try and stop Lechael. Not even Claude, who was usually very chivalrous, would not try to rescue someone who had done something wrong. He was noble, not an idiot. Constantine looked back towards his 'friends,' his eyes filled with tears and his lower lip trembling. He whimpered. Nobody moved, for they were not idiotic enough to jump in the punishment pit of doom when they knew there was no way out.

Lecheal laughed without saying a thing, then slowly made her way to Constantine. She gently put a hand on his shoulder and said

"I'm optimistic about you, so don't disappoint me."

"Instructor, I……" Constantine's expression was more unsightly than a crying face. It was unfortunate, though. Lecheal had already sentenced him to a life filled with pain. From here on out, Constantine had no hope of returning from his path of pain.

Behind Constantine, his three roommates, and 'friends,' wished him an army-like farewell. They commended this man who was not afraid of death.

"Alright, well, I still have things I need to take care of. Don't stay in the building too long. The evening here might not be so peaceful." With that mysterious sentence, Lecheal walked and slowly passed by them.

Constantine's whole body was drenched in cold sweat. If you were to look from far away, you'd see that he become a ghost. He looked as if his entire body had been completely burnt out.


D.Zi, Sand Sword, and the others were walking together when, suddenly, they heard a dainty voice resonating from the main gate, spitting anger and rage while walking towards them with heavy steps.

“Ma’am LongTu?” Ghost Slayer and his keen eyes recognized her first, and opened his mouth asking. D.Zi looked carefully and found that it was indeed that mysterious and powerful little girl, so he lead the other two and walked towards her

"LongTu, you've finally arrived. What's made you so excited?"

When LongTu saw D.Zi, she stopped in her tracks. Although she didn't seem as hot-headed as before, it seemed like she was sulking a bit.

“Hello D.Zi. It’s nothing big, I was just asking if Tyre was inside, and the guard said that he was.”

“Oh? Are you here looking for Tyre? LongTu?” D.Zi quirked an eyebrow, and Sandsword also let out a knowing look from behind him, seemingly confirming something.

LongTu nodded her head and said in a ranting tone

“I caught that despicable bastard sexually harassing Miss Lunaria red handed, and not only did he not admit to his wrong doings, he’s trying to come away clean by running away!.”

Pffff ~ Ghost Slayer almost choke on his own words as the air stuck in his throat. How come the Tyre being described by Ma’am LongTu was different from the Tyre from his memories? It was a good thing that D.Zi still had some self-restraint in this situation, being able to stay calm despite LongTu’s words. Even if what she said was true, he didn’t feel too much emotion, maybe a little doubtful at best.

"The really strange thing is that when Tyre joined us, Lunaria didn't say a thing."

"I'm not really familiar with Lunaria, but I do know a little about her. She is a gentle and modest person, hates being high-profile, and even though she is the disciple of Lao Jerry,  she is not in the slightest bit arrogant. If she was not harmed or didn’t receive too much harassment, she seems the type to not talk about it and let the matter drop, because she seems the type to avoid unnecessary troubles. That’s probably why she didn’t say anything to you guys. "


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