After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Friends
Translated by: MetaAthena

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"'Number Three' is my surname, 'Person' is my name. In the future, you can call me 'Teacher Three' or something like that."

Teacher Three's words astonished the three girls. They really didn't expect someone to have such a name. However, the name alone as well as the presentation of it really made Three feel powerful. At this moment, Lunaria couldn't help but let her imagination run wild.

For example, Avalon's Person Number Three, you hear his name and imagine him to be powerful. Then, you expand your scope of view and realize that , in the Xigely Empire, this man was on the same power level as gods.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your thoughts," Person started, "But do you need to ask something? What do you need?"

Teacher Three's words were so sudden, that both Lunaria and Niluka jumped back in surprise. It turns out that Lunaria wasn't the only one questioning this strange teacher's name, this other valley girl was also deep in thought.

Still, how did Teacher Three know that they were in thought?

In in instant, Darmiala replied

"We came here to tour the Yushen building. After all, tomorrow we will officially attending class here, so we wanted to become a little familiar with the facilities."

"So that's the reason," Teacher Three calmly said. He lowered his upper body down so he could properly search around his desk. Then, from the very back of the drawer in his desk, Teacher Three took out a map.

"This is the map for the entire Yushen building. I'll assume that it'll be some use to you."

Darmiala gently took the map and bowed her head while saying

"Thank you, teacher."

"No need to thank me. We're going to be teacher and student for quite a while, and it'll be hard to build good relationships later. Treat it like a small gift, for now. So, was there anything else?"

"No, nothing. Well, teacher, we'll be off to explore other areas."

"Alright, go on ahead."

Darmiala turned around and signaled the others with her eyes before wearing her shoes and walking out the door. The other girls followed her exit out of the room before carefully closing the door behind them.

"Niluka, you're way too hot-headed." At this time, Darmiala couldn't help but chastise Niluka. This made the once energetic girl droop her head with an apologetic appearance. When Darmiala saw how Niluka felt, she couldn't help but shake her head and smile. It was really hard to scold someone when they looked like that. On the side, Lunaria let out a few hollow laughs while saying

"Let's go ahead and look at the map."

Darmiala nodded in agreement as she opened up the map.

"Currently, we are......In this office distict with 13 teachers......It looks we immediatly stepped into a place that we aren't allowed in."

"But, we profited from this disaster, right? We got this map?" Niluka, who had just been sad and listless, had recovered enough to have her spirits relit. This happiness and extreme straightforwardness gave the other two quite the headache.

On the other side, Tyre, and his three roommates, began heading the school building, trying to find the rooftop.

"Even though this building looks huge, it really only has a meager four floors. But because there is so much area on each floor, it's able to accommodate everything needed for teaching. Every single teaching facility is located somewhere on one of these floors." Constantine once against started up the engine that was his mouth, tirelessly spewing out words and information. Even so, his information really had a lot of reason, so the other three boys weren't annoyed by it at all.

"Wait-wait-wait, look, guys, look!" Constantine abruptly stopped everyone while whispering in a small voice. This sneaky manner made Tyre and the others feel like something was off with this situation. But, just as they were about to ask, Constantine indulged in his own pleasure and said

"THAT is the girl's changing room."

This was a piece of information that Tyre really cared about! On the other hand, Claude and Bayun stared at Constantine with cold eyes. Because of this cold mood, Tyre decided to blend in, also pretending to despise Constantine while glaring at him. But Tyre's glare was so cold, that it made Constantine shudder from head to toe.

"Ha ha ha~," Constantine laughed half-heartedly laughed, "I'm-I'm only joking with you guys. I'm not saying that it'd be great or anything if someone could sneak a few camera stones in and, you know, do that."

Didn't that just expose exactly what you were thinking?! However, Tyre really didn't expect this kind of trick. Constantine really was a hard to come by genius when it came to certain things......


Still, what a shame that, currently, Claude and the other's continued to glare at Constantine, their eyes ice-cold.

"Are you also talking about Lunaria and Leah too? Peeping on them while they change clothes?" Claude's tone made Constantine feel like he had been trapped inside an icehouse as he shook his head so violently that it looked like he was being perpetually struck by lightning.

"Ho-How could that possibly be? They're both people of-of the Xavier Duchy. Why would I dare spy upon them? Really, Claude! This joke is going a little overboard! Hahaha!" Constantine forced a laugh. This soft approach to a dangerous topic was really funny to Tyre.

At this time, Bayun stroked his chin , looking pensive, and opened his mouth to say

"Speaking of which, Constantine, your surname seems to be the same as Darmiala's, Morpheus. If I remember correctly, Morpheus is the empire's northern 【Convictor】family, right?"

Tyre and Claude took note of what Bayun had said. Without attempted to hide the truth, Constantine shrugged and said

"How did we get to this topic again."

"I noticed this problem a while ago, but it didn't bother me too much until now, so I didn't care as much."

"Hahaha, Bayun, you shouldn't mind me at all. After all, I don't care about your circumstances."

"Get lost!"

"Aiya, to tell the truth, the【Convictor】family is divided into the good side and the bad side. I'm inferior, so my name doesn't contain the letter【G】in it. If you're still curious about this, you can go ask Darmiala. If I were to privately talk about that trivial nonsense, she and her old parents, I'm afraid, are all bad apples." When Constantine talked about Darmiala, his words were packed to the brim with ridicule. Although Tyre knew schemed a lot, he didn't think she was the type to scheme to harm someone else. Thinking about it, Tyre realized he saw a lot of inter-family struggles similar to Constantine's. For example, Noah was forced to marry women he despised because of these family driven problems. Tyre thought the water was far too deep to ask questions, so he held back. Naturally, Claude was no idiot either, and neither of them continued to interrogate Constantine. Bayun looked like he wanted to say something, but then he hesitated. Eventually, however, he still spoke up

"Okay, okay. Don't you guys think it's a little sad to proceed with such a heavy topic?" Constantine laughed a bit as he walked towards away from the group and opened the second floor's corridor window. A burst of light wind softly swirled around the boys as it's warm, Autumn wind soothed everyone's moods. In the end, everyone relaxed.

"Well, since we're going to be roomates in our dorm, and classmates in our class, then, from now on as our relationship goes, you are my friend, and I am yours, am I wrong?"

His words startled the other three boys.

Friends. When he heard that word, Tyre thought of Sand Sword and the others. The encounter with his initial party was what made Tyre remember the word, friend.

Maybe his encounter with Constantine was an opportunity to fully revive that word, so he could know its true meaning.


"Yeah." Tyre was the first one to respond. Not a moment later, Claude also agreed. As for Bayun, he crossed his arms as he spoke

"If you call me your brother, then I'll accept your friendship."

"Hahaha, if I were to call you my brother, then how would you fall for me?"


Even after Bayun rained curses down upon him, Constantine hardly became angry. Instead, his lips curled up in a mischievous laughter as he continued to speak

"Then, let's walk around and see what kind of equipment and learning facilities lie on the second floor.


The corridor on the second floor ran through the entire building, mimicking it's concave shape. Tyre and the others started from the middle of the concave corridor and decided to head down the left passageway. They tried many doors, but it was a shame that a big portion of them were locked. Eventually, as they kept walking, they found an acquaintance.


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