After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Familiar
Translated By: Naervon, MetaAthena

"Classmate Tyre, what happened to my LongTu?" Niluka looked around, but could not find LongTu's petite figure. After all, LongTu was the one to drag Tyre away, but now, that they were no longer together, it made everyone think the situation was a little strange.
My LongTu......Tyre felt a small jerking in his stomach as he got the feeling as to what LongTu might do if she ever heard that phrase. Then, he complied, saying
"It has to do with personal matters. She conveniently dragged me with her to accompany her."
"Oooh~ Then it really was a defeat, Tyre." Niluka exposed an expression of pity, making Tyre's mouth slightly twitch. Recently, it felt like there was always someone hinting at something, but it was still an unfathomable mystery to him as he had no clue as to what they meant.

Since LongTu needs to take care of something, we'll advance into the building first to look around. After today, when we go back, we'll tell her what we saw and heard here today." Lunaria said this quickly as she tried to divert the attention off of Tyre. All this attention being focused on her main body made her feel a little uncomfortable and unpleasant. She always felt as if she'd slip up somehow. So, in this case, it was best to divert everyone's attention towards exploring the learning facilities.
"Falysses's grandsons, you are all here." At this time, a figure emerged from inside the building. He wore an elegant, white gown, but his sloppy appearance made him seem more like someone's middle-aged uncle.
In fact, when Lunaria, Darmiala, and the others finally realized who it was, they one by one realized that it was rude to change their expression.
Although Claude had a nickname he could use, he still respected and revered the newcomer.
"Sire Ray Lindauer."

"Since we're here, just call me teacher." Ray Lindauer scratched his head as he looked around. It looked like Ray was still adjusting to his surroundings. Claude nodded and smiled in response to Ray Lindauer's comment.
"Yes, teacher. I am still confused as to why teacher came to teach at Avalon."
"There are many causes for that. Youngsters like you need not think too deeply about it." Ray Lindauer forced a hollow laugh. This wretched appearance once again reminded Lunaria of the attitude displayed by the other teacher in the 17th district a few days ago.
Lunaria felt a shiver from head to toe, thinking how fortunate that her age was past that of a target. If she was a loli, however who knows what this uncle might do to her. Before, in the Duchy, Nicole was in control, but now it really was Ray Lindauer's world.

"Yes." Claude had always been respectful towards Ray Lindauer, and this was no exception. This was obviously because Ray was his teacher. However, people that knew Ray knew that they were no longer inclined to do so, so Claude's behavior here was a little incomprehensible.
"Teacher Ray Lindauer, are you able show us around?"
"I can. Your teacher has already been here for a month or two."
Several voices clamoured around Ray, admiring his knowledge of the building. However, as he spun around, his white robe waving in the air, he replied
"But this place is very big. Not even I can remember the paths I've taken. It's impossible for me to show you around well."

After getting lost last time, Lunaria had already drawn the conclusion that man was one with a poor sense of direction. When it came to an enormous, crazy path, he became a person with an even worse sense of direction. Lunaria desperately wanted to share this information with the others, but if she were to speak up here in front of everyone else, wouldn't that make her seem rude? In the end, she decided to wait until they got back to the dormitories before relaying the information.
"Then, teacher, where are you taking us?" Claude asked again. Ray shrugged and said
"Wherever we end up. I was going to look for a few acquaintances, but I really didn't expect to meet up with you youngsters."

Ray chatted a bit more with Claude and the others before leaving, with Ray gone to who knows where, the rest of the group looked at each other for a moment before deciding to head their separate ways too. Lunaria, Yexi, and Darmiala left as a group; D.Zi, Ghost Slayer, and Sandsword left as a group; Claude, Tyre, Constantine and Bayun left as a group; Angel, Niluka, and Hana left as a group; Elena, Roselle and Leah left as the final group.

Basically everyone knew each other, and being grouped into these different dorms didn’t seem random at all, because the likelihood of someone deliberately putting them together seemed very high.
“Well then, we shall take our leave. If anyone has questions or want to get in touch, just use the specter stone.” Darmiala and her group picked a corridor with the other groups leaving from the other exits, the other two hallways and the stairs. As the others heard Darmiala’s words, they nodded in acknowledgement as they got ready to leave.
“Now then, let’s meet back here at 5 in the afternoon, sounds good?” Naturally, no one objected to this suggestion.

"This is......" Lunaria looked at the extraordinary work room and couldn't help but be suspicious. Darmiala caressed her chin and said with uncertainty
"This looks like an office."
"Let's go in and look around, then we'll know." Niluka didn't wait for the two girls to finish thinking about it. With one push, she opened the doors and said
"Sorry to bother you!"

Her lively voice rang through the room, diverting the attention of everyone inside towards her. Lunaria and the others curiously peeked inside after her. The layout of this new, interesting room was utterly different from the rest of Xigley Empire. Their eyes were attracted to a man who was kneeling down on the floor instead of sitting, There was a desk in front of him, but it was an extremely short desk. He could only use it properly while kneeling down on the floor.

It was after a while before the three understood what he was saying. They slowly took off their shoes and walked in.
“Um, please excuse us, but you are. . . . .” Lunaria asked the red haired man out of courtesy as a visiter and seeing Niluka apologizing.
The man slowly lifted the hand with an ink brush and calmly opened his mouth
“If there hasn’t been any changes, then I should be your teacher.”
So it really was the teacher… Afterall, there was no mistaking that presence of perception all about him. Adding that to the fact that they found him alone in a room inside of this building, the only possible explanation was that he was a teacher, for only teachers are allowed such privileges.

"Hello, teacher. Sorry for not greeting you before coming in." As Lunaria spoke, the teacher they faced slowly placed a piece of white paper on his desk. Then, he picked up his ink brush while smiling and shaking his head indicating that they need not be this sorry.
Lunaria breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it seemed that this teacher was not one with a terrible temperament. Then, Darmiala asked
"Teacher, if I may ask, what is your name?"

“Hmmm, my name you ask. . . . .” The red haired man hesitated for a beat with the ink brush in his hand, then in one swift motion, three big words appeared on the paper.
Niluka tilted her head, out of curiosity, as she read the words on the paper out loud
“The, Number, ‘Three’?”
The number ‘three’? Was that supposed to mean anything? Lunaria looked at Darmiala and found that Darmiala was looked back at her with a face just as puzzled, obviously stumped by the name. Making it a quite rare moment for both smart ladies to be stumped at the same time.


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