After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Yushen Building
Translated by: MetaAthena

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God's Flow, Boundary Breaker.

A buzzing sound could be heard. It honed on and on, and from Tyre's hand emitted a black light. Eventually, when the black light reached a critical point, it rapidly spread out into a transparent blade. LongTu snorted, thinking a single punch from her pugilist technique would shatter it. But, soon, she discovered that something was sapping at her strength. As she approached this transparent blade, every bit of energy LongTu could muster felt like it was taking a nose dive in power. She turned pale with fright, unable to press forward. Immediately, she withdraw, staying clear of the transparent blade. But, in the time that it took for LongTu to step away, Tyre saw opportunity. Quickly, he used this moment to turn around and flee into a nearby forest.

Only after LongTu could no longer see the blade did she sigh in relief. However, Tyre had long but disappeared. At this distance, even if LongTu used the same skill as before, her own version of Eyes of the Soul, it would be difficult and near impossible to catch up, especially at this distance. That, and not to mention Tyre's strange skill, LongTu did not continue to chase.

"This bastard Tyre, you were still hiding this ace up your sleeve?"

LongTu felt a lot of injustice because Tyre had cut her out of his secret. She stamped the ground with a mighty foot, immediately cracking it's surface.

This time, LongTu had eaten a loss, but Tyre was afraid that she still hadn't eaten enough to learn her lesson.


On Lunaria's side, after everyone had given their self introductions and became a little more familiar with one another, Constantine proposed the idea that they should all go visit the Yushen Building. This way, when you finally go to class, it wouldn't be too unfamiliar. Everyone enthusiastically agreed, and soon, the group of a dozen or more people were on a flying train heading towards the 9th district.

On Tyre's side, he also took a flying train. After all, the 9th district was not too far from the 11th district. Soon enough, Lunaria and the others quickly arrived.

"I listened to Avalon TV and they said that the 9th district was the epicenter of clothing stores . Plus, because the 9th district specializes in clothing, it's also the home to many clubs that use a lot of their products like the clothing department, make-up department, theater department, and so on. Because of that, there are also a lot of girls that come to the 9th district." Even though Constantine's introduction of the 9th district wasn't bad, everyone could see his blatant cover up over his true intentions. Still, to become so familiar with all of Avalon in just a few days, one could see Constantine as a genius. Perhaps the department of information wasn't such a bad department to join.

"The Yushen Building is huge. It takes up 11 building numbers, from building 26 to 36. Some say it's only this big because it has to house 2,000 students. But, because everyone has their own varied interests and classes, the facilities have to be huge in order to accommodate them all. Practically anything you can think of is here." Constantine obviously didn't know the right time to lay out this information. The group had yet to arrive at the Yushen building, yet they had already been introduced to it. Even so, this piece of information did allow Lunaria and the others to cut back on their own research.

"Speaking of which, what is that odd chariot driving on the main street?" Niluka all of a suddenly asked. Smiling, Constantine replied

"That is a vehicle that carries 10,000 or less passengers. It's a type of transport that doesn't need any rails, unlike a train. Although it's much slower than a train, it's much more convenient. Not only can you get on at any time, but it's also free. The hard work of walking using your legs is over! Speaking of which, we can get on right now."

"So, Avalon even has these kinds of things!" Although Niluka didn't understand it at all, the way she acted made everyone feel like she knew what she was talking about. Claude nodded his head and said

"This truly is an interesting invention. You can save a lot of time with it, too."

"If people rely on this mean of transportation too much, they may become mentality lazy, though. Even their attitude may change. I can't say I like it too much." D.Zi's argument had a point. Being too dependant on something really made you far too lazy to do it the original way. In the military, that could be a fatal flaw.

There were pros, and there were cons. Even so, this chariot like vehicle was significant, showing everyone the progression of times. Because everyone wanted to try something new, everyone promptly entered the moving chariot. Under Constantine's guidance, they arrived at the Yushen building.


Development street, as the name implies, was still under construction and  incomplete. When construction is completed, the district manager will, naturally, give this street a corresponding name.

In fact, this street was opened because it was home to class nine, and the buildings surrounding the area were related to sorcery instead of a few cosmetic and clothing shops.

Maybe the reason for construction was the fact that there weren’t many students here originally. There were more indigenous people and construction workers roaming around the 9th district than there were students. When the moving vehicle, carrying Lunaria and the others, finally arrived at the entrance of the Yushen building, everyone couldn't help but sigh. Avalon really was rich and imposing. Even though it was only a single freshman class, they still designated a majestic, enormous building for them alone. It's exterior was painted red like a raging flame. Above the entrance lay two grandly carved dragons which looked down at the visitors entering the building. On either side, the building stretched on for almost three kilometers (TL Note: Since I'm an American, that's ~1.86 miles) until suddenly stopping and turning into a right angle pointing upwards, symbolizing a concave character. In the center of the building was a towering clock, it's huge hands pointing to the time 10:20.

The ground outside of the Yushen building was slip-resistant, red and white sedimentary stones. Each stone was split into tiles, each a square with 1 meter long lengths and widths. However, there was an exception from the red and white tiles. There was also a magical ball in the center of a small lawn right in front of the center of the building. Other than that, the tiles dominated the outside ground.

"How is it possible that we can explore this place? It's really big," Niluka exclaimed in admiration. Her voice snapped everyone else out of their trance. This enormous building had to house the entirety of class nine and it's 2,000 plus students. If you were to spread everyone out, the Yushen building wouldn't feel as large. The only problem was, if you needed to find someone without a magic specter, you'd be out of luck.

"Let's go in," D.Zi said as he faced his companions. Claude and the others slightly nodded their heads, still wrapping their minds around the expansive building in front of them. However, they eagerly entered as quickly as possible because everyone was also interested in Avalon's learning Facilities.

Standing in front of the entrance stood four solemn, respectful, and dignified guards. They eyed Lunaria and her seemingly entourage of a dozen or more students walking towards them, and they stepped to the side, not wanting to block the student's paths. They stood still and motionless while allowing Lunaria and the others enter.

Just when everyone was thinking how odd it was, Darmiala piped up

"They probably know we're from class nine because some other guards remembered our faces when they split us into classes."

"Wow, those guards have a great memory." Elena muttered apprehensively. Responding to her comment was Ghost Slayer as he smiled and said

"In Avalon, if you don't have any skill at all, you really can't stay."

Naturally, Lunaria heard this. It was, indeed, the truth. Here, other than the construction workers, the people here were either students, or they possessed a specialty or unique skill. These guards, in particular, must've had high memorization capabilities. Obviously, they weren't limited to that. Their strength had to have been far higher than the students.

It's only natural that many other groups had thought to to visit the Yushen building ahead of time, and at this moment, one could easily see at least three to five other groups. When Claude and the others first step foot into the Yushen building, they heard they heard a voice from the gate. It was Tyre's voice.

"What a coincidence! You guys are here too?"

When Leah saw that Tyre had arrived, she couldn’t help but put on a gloomy expression. With one step forward, she slightly hid Lunaria behind her. Tyre, being acute to Leah's intentions, felt a little helpless. It seems that he had been deemed a dangerous person.


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