After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 40

Chapter 40: A Battle of Chasing
Translated by: MetaAthena

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Tyre fled the forest, and quickly stuck to the sidewalk. A normal student leisurely strolling down the sidewalk watched as a masked man zoomed straight past him, startled. Without saying a thing, Tyre kpt running.  The other party opened his mouth the tell Tye that he was extremely rude, but then another figure, this one petite and small, burst out running right behind him, their momentum practically blowing the student away.

LongTu and Tyre were similar in this sense: they didn't care about the random pedestrian's reaction. LongTu launched herself forward with so much force, that a loud boom could be heard under each step she took. She burst forward with explosive strength, increasing her speed by two or three times!

Tyre's pupils shrunk. Before, in the forest, there had been so many trees that he couldn't bear but run somewhere out in the open. But now that he was on the road, he could finally stretch his muscles. However, he had made one miscalculation.

His pursuer could also catch up, now that she had more space!

(TL Note: We go back to Lunaria.)

"Let me introduce you." D.Zi let out a smile as he gestured to Roselle Butterfly and the others while saying

"This is Roselle Butterfly. These two, on the other hand, are my roommates, Sand Sword and Ghost Slayer. This is little sister Elena."

Lunaria really wanted to ask why only D.Zi had used honorifics when introducing Elena. Was it possible that the reason was because he liked her? Lunaria weighed the pros against the cons. If D.Zi really wanted this elf, and Elena obliged, Lunaria would simply not care, and she may even do them a favor. However, with D.Zi's system of values, Lunaria was afraid that Elena would eventually become unsatisfied with him. After all, Elena was not cargo, she was a living being of flesh and blood whose species', as an elf,  biological structure even more perfect than a human's structure. Even so, if they were to form a relationship, it would cause the Elven Empire, who had not once shown any sign of cooperating, the Vermilion Kingdom, and the Xigley Empire to take a step towards each other. However, for these three giant entities were already far too involved in their own fiascos to pay any attention. Lunaria, who didn't understand politics at all, could only listen to legends. In reality, if any of these three nations had any underhanded schemes arising beneath the shadows, they were only known by the respective nations.

"Sand Sword, Roselle Butterfly, Ghost Slayer, Elena, it's nice to meet you all."

Lunaria slightly bowed to honor them. Her gesture was dazzling and beautiful. Even if  Sand Sword was slightly lost in words and thought because of this gesture, one of his friends well made up for it. Ghost Slayer's face was flushed tomato red as his heart skipped a beat, then it needlessly thumped in his chest so hard that he could feel it all the way down to his toes. Rosalle Butterfly inched away from Ghost Slayer, obviously embarrassed by his performance.

Elena who had some kind of indescribable familiarity tried to cover it up as she said

"Lunaria´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Äen. Then, fellow classmate Lunaria." Elena had put a lot of thought, and time, into finding the right word. Eventually, she did come up with the right wording. This allowed Lunaria to relax a little. It was really alright, her lessons, as Tyre, on human etiquette had not been wasted. If Elena had been wrong, here, it would be difficult to guarantee that Lunaria wouldn't do anything extreme, even in front of so many people. The reason why Lunaria had suppressed herself so much right now could be traced back to her other side, Tyre who was still on the road running away whilst participating in a game of attacking and defending against LongTu. Her attacks were sporadic and terrifyingly fast, meaning that Tyre had to pour a lot of focus into his own body in order to stay cautious and on high alert. The amount of sirens blaring in his head about imminent danger could be compared to that time when he faced off against D.Zi. Taking into account of flexibility during battle and the difficulty to handle, you could say that, right now, LongTu was even more dangerous than D.Zi.

"Fellow classmate Lunaria, you give off a very familiar feeling."

Elena's simple comment jerked Lunaria back to attention, giving her quite the fright. On the other side, even Tyre almost slipped up.

"F-F-Familiar? How could I possibly be familiar to you?" Lunaria had heard that elves have the intuition of a wild beast: sharp and almost never wrong. But, Elena was on the stupider side, there was no way she could figure it out, right? However, if she really were to discover that Lunaria and Tyre were the same person, then this simple jest could become something uncontrollable!

Lunaria starting overthinking it. At the same time, Elena left her in suspense, not saying a word. Lunaria felt like she would have a breakdown if she had to wait any longer.

"That's right! Fellow classmate Lunaria, weren't you the one that kissed Tyre at the Duke's banquet?"

HOLY HELL! This time, Lunaria just barely managed to keep her calm. Even so, this elf felt like a natural enemy. Every sentence she said seemed to penetrate through Lunaria's defenses, bringing up secrets and things she had forgotten about. Every sentence she said made Lunaria want to challenge her to a fight even though Elena had unknowingly provoked her.

"Yes, it was me. What about it?" Lunaria really wanted to say something else, and she thought about how she could steer the conversation away. However, she didn't want to take too long as the dialogue had to continue. Next to her, Claude scowled. It seems that something he had chosen to forget had just bubbled to the surface of his memory again. In his dorm, whenever he saw Tyre, Claude would restrain himself. However, Elena's impolite attitude made Claude hate Tyre more and more.

"Nothing. It's only that classmate Lunaria and Sire Tyre seem to have some things in common. That's all." Elena just couldn't stop but astonish Lunaria over and over again. Just when Lunaria had just settled her nerves, her heart jumped into her throat yet again. Who could've known that Elena had this kind of intuition. The only up side was that her words had yet to have any sort of impact just yet. Lunaria muddled through her thoughts before trying to change the topic. At the same time, Lunaria considered the fact that she had to teach this stupid elf some more things, otherwise, when the time comes, her mouth would run freely as if oiled, exposing Lunaria and Tyre in their entirety. If that ever happened, there would be a lot of tears.

"Well, if anyone else wants to say anything´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Ä´╝Ä" Lunaria looked towards Roselle Butterfly and the others while asking this. The group looked at each other. Eventually, Sand Sword took the lead, saying

"We were originally assigned to class eight. However, it appears that some special parameter arose, and we were finally placed in class nine. I hear Mr. Tyre is also in class nine, but I do not know where he went."

"Oh, the one you are asking for was dragged away by LongTu!" Niluka, who came out from who knows where, suddenly piped up. Behind her, trailed Darmiala and a few others. As they turned to face Claude and D.Zi, they started to uttered slight salutations towards the men.

"In Avalon, we're all classmates. There's no need to be so respectful." Claude said this promptly. Darmiala smiled a bit while nodding her head and continued to speak

"Well, this is a rare opportunity. From now on, we are all classmates of class nine, so let's have a brief self-introduction."


What was rare was that Yexi and Hana were there. Constantine, who stood off a little to the side, kept nodding relentlessly. Because there were so many beautiful girls introducing themselves in front of him, he would obviously give them a huge welcome. Even if it was speculation, it seemed that some great things did happen in academies.

However, Bayun was still depressed because of the previous incident. Not only that, but his impression of LongTu had plummeted like a vertical line.

Either way, the group of a dozen or more people joyfully, and harmoniously, introduced themselves. On the other hand, Tyre was still at large with a figurative target painted on his back as LongTu continued to pursue him, hot on his heels. She gave off a frightening aura as she ceaselessly chased him, pressing closer and closer towards him. Every attack she threw at him pressured him more and more. It is necessary to know that Tyre's Dou Qi levels were inferior to hers. But, even though he boasted about his stamina, Tyre was rapidly running out of it. He knew. He knew it was only a matter of time before LongTu caught up with him. Even though he knew that it would happen eventually, it was just a matter of when. Tyre couldn't help but quake in his shoes as he continued to run. If he had suffered the beating in the very beginning, or even a little after that, he may have gotten off easy. But, now that he had come so far with LongTu, he was afraid that she would not stop after a single blow.

All because of this, he knew that he had to win this chasing battle

Without warning, he jerked back, stopping in his tracks, skid marks appearing on the sidewalk. LongTu stopped, surprised by Tyre's actions, and looked at him. Tyre's eyes were filled with nothing but determination, the true look of a warrior. As he faced the fearsome and aggressive LongTu, Tyre's right hand slowly moved towards his waist before he grabbed the hilt of his ŃÇÉThe Fallen OneŃÇĹ. Around him, you could feel his vigor suddenly growing larger and larger.

God's Flow, Boundary Breaker!


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