After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 3

ATF V2 Chapter 3
Translated By: Naervon
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“Why, I’m heading to Avalon Academy of course.” LongTu answered matter of factly, confusing Tyre somewhat.
*Wait isn’t she already 27 years old? What is she going to Avalon for…*
Of course, Tyre wasn’t going to be an idiot and ask for a beating by saying that out loud, so he rephrased that and said
“Do you have any matters to take care of at Avalon?”
“Yeah, I’m going there to enroll, duh.” LongTu’s reply almost caused Tyre to choke on his own words, and it’s a good thing that he wasn’t afraid of dying from lack of air, because he did his best at keeping his face straight and calm despite needing to cough his lungs out.
Naturally, Tyre was not going to ask LongTu why she wanted to go to Avalon, because even someone as old as Sand Sword was going to go, why can’t someone like LongTu go.
However, Avalon is not someplace that anyone can get into, because just the difficulty of the entrance exam alone is famous worldwide to the point that not even the biggest empire like the Holy Dragon Heavenly Empire has an Academy on the same level as Avalon.

“Now that I think about it, where were you during the feast a month ago?” Tyre was pointing to the night at the feast, because at the time, he had looked around for LongTu but didn’t see her anywhere. LongTu shrugged her shoulders and replied
“There was too many people, and I didn’t feel comfortable so I went outside to breathe some fresh air. But just a few moments after I left, that thing happened, and things went out of control.”
“Yeah, especially the battle between Deities, that was way too terrifying.”
“Ma~ It was mainly the demi-deities fighting, and as demi-deities, the amount of divine power they can use is limited and the power is also much weaker than what a Deity can use. A Deity has an entire world backing them up and they also have the Divine Fire burning inside, which produces endless Divine Power. Adding to that is the Laws and the power of faith that they can use in their domain to suppress their opponents. With so much added up, a full on fight between Deities can probably raze a small country to the ground just from the aftermath of the fight.”
“You sound like you know a lot about this~”

“Humph, naturally. My goal is to become a Deity afterall.”
“Uhh… that seems a bit far off don’t you think.” Tyre thought about his own eternal qi harmony stage and didn’t even consider the extravagant hope of becoming a Deity. As for LongTu, she was only an Army Breaker stage herself, which is light years away from being a legendary Deity.
“This all depends on how determined you are. Don’t you know that Jia Yuan and Jia Lou from the Holy Dragon Heavenly Empire only took less than 18 years to become Deities?”
“Eh?” Tyre’s expression changed as he quickly did some math in his head, even if they started cultivating as a baby in their mom’s belly there was still no way they should have reached the Deity Stage so quick! Could they be the reincarnations of Deities? LongTu did not dither on this topic as she continued

“Slow maturing talents can also achieve the Deity stage, just like one of the ten Earthly Sage Kings, Yesuore Deity, who started his path of dou qi cultivation at around 50 years of age, then took it slowly step by step, reaching the limits of his mortal life span before breaking through to the next stage, creating one miracle after the other before he finally became a Deity. Even though as a Deity, he gained eternal life, but he still cultivates without stop, until he finally obtained a spot as one of the ten Earthly Sage Kings and became one of the supreme leaders in my homeland, the Great Holy Dragon ruled Heavenly Empire.”
Tyre got LongTu’s message, but saying and doing are separate things because one is just a possibility, such as if they can do it then so can I, but there is something he must consider before following that hope blindly, and that is to consider why they are able to achieve their goals before he acts on it. If he does not think it through, then the only ending for him is to be crushed by his own pride and start to despair and abandon all hope. The greater the hope the greater the despair. Tyre does not really care about how strong he is able to become, because as long as no one bothers him or wants his life, then he is content with his current level of strength. Sadly, based from what he has heard of the high expulsion record held by Avalon, he needs to motivate himself to keep up with the paces and not become the next person to be expelled from the academy. Tyre also knows, Avalon has the fame of having so many of its graduates achieving the titled emperor or the demi-deity stage has a lot to do with their harsh expulsion policies!

“Speaking of which, LongTu, we’ve been sitting here awhile now, do you know who should be sitting next to me?” Tyre pointed at the empty seat next to him. LongTu took a glance, then shook her head.
“I didn’t seen anyone. I’m guessing they get on at a later stop?”
“Sand Sword.”
“Yes, what do you need?” Sand Sword leaned forward on his seat to get closer, but Tyre waved his hand and said
“It’s nothing, I just wanted to see if you are used to the train.”
“Haha, Mr. Tyre, I have taken train rides before, so I know how the train works.”
“Great, then if you need something don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Oh yeah, can you go and see how Roselle Butterfly and the others are doing.”
“Sure.” Sand Sword said as he got up and walked to the adjacent compartment.
LongTu stifled a giggle on the side and said
“What a worry wart, why, are you afraid that the two pretty ladies are going to be kidnapped?”
“What, No!”
“Oh ho? Then could it be that you are worrying about the guy instead? So Tyre has that kind of tendency, I see.”
“. . . . . . . .” Tyre could only use a helpless expression to express the emotions built up inside. He decided to ignore his side and put more attention on Lunaria’s side, after all, most of the people in the private train are people that he knew, so if the need arises, he doesn’t mind getting to know them(feminine) better.


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