After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Chase and Escape
Translated by: Naervon, MetaAthena

“Wait wait, Miss LongTu, it’s not what it looks like.” Lunaria immediately spoke up, fearing that LongTu was going to break down her other body into plant paste.

“Miss Lunaria, you don’t need to cover for him. Guys like this idiot over here won’t learn unless you beat it into them a couple of times with fists of reason.”

No no no, this is a complete misunderstanding! Tyre shouted inside as he shook his head like a rattle drum. Stared at the fast approaching fist with wide eyes, Tyre knew fully well that if this fist landed, his entire lifespan would shorten by at least a third.

Tyre also knew that there was no way to get LongTu to listen to reason with the state that she was in right now, so he cast aside the thoughts of balancing resources with Lunaria aside and took the best option available. He made a 180 degree turn on the spot and ran for his life.

There was no way that LongTu was about to let Tyre get away this time, so with a swift kick to bolster her speed, she activated soul of flowing water with much more mastery than Mo QingTing as she swept behind Tyre like a raging tide.

Tyre looked back and his pupils immediately shrunk to pin points. He didn’t account the fact that LongTu also knew that move, and was way more proficient with it than Mo QingTing. From the feeling of the air rapidly constricting behind him, Tyre could only feel his body gradually slowing down.

But if he was going to be captured by LongTu, then how can he show his face anymore! Tyre’s footwork instantly changed as he bend at odd angles three times in a row! That weird body technique surprised LongTu quite a bit.  

After a myriad of turn techniques, Tyre had refined his three turn technique. This terrifying body technique made it almost too easy to evade LongTu's fists of fury. As Tyre dodged and evaded LongTu's attacks, he quickly made his way towards the forest. At this point, LongTu gave up chase. Instead, she balled up her hand into a fist, a ball of Dou Qi spiraling ceaselessly around her right hand.

Pugilist Technique, Into the Soul!

Tyre turned pale with fright. This was the park. If you carelessly let skills go flying, smashing everything indiscriminately, what would happen to the flowers and grass? Tyre turned back to face her, trying to pull his 【The Fallen One】out from his scabbard on his waist. But, as he faced LongTu's glowing blue fist as it gradually grew bigger, his face sunk. The blood drained out of his face to the point where it had literally become the color of a knife. He didn't have time to use his sword.

Flowing God's Fall, Heaven’s Fall.

BOOM! The explosion was like an exaggerated bombard of explosives, making the entire forest shake violently as if swept up by an enormous gale. Countless tree leaves were swept up high into the air before slowly fluttering back down to the ground. However, the forest was lucky that Tyre was able to resist that attack, otherwise the damage would've been unimaginable and the forest would have simply disappeared.

"What? It was blocked?" LongTu could have never imagined that Tyre could exert the same amount of force as he had done during the ogre mission without his sword. No, wait. If you were to say it now, it would seem that Tyre was now much stronger than he had been back then. Even though his Dou Qi levels were still the same, his skill had become more precise to a frightening level!

If, at that moment, Tyre had been able to properly use his sword, I'm afraid that his power would have been three, no, five times greater than it already was.

It seems if it had been that way, then Tyre probably would not have needed to be hit by LongTu's attack.......

This huge explosion pushed Tyre backwards. That, and his strange maneuver techniques, allowed him to quickly slip away into the woods unseen.

LongTu let out a humph followed by a cold, angry expression. This dirty boy may had gotten away today, but he would pay for it later. LongTu cemented these words into her heart with a stamp of her foot.

Pugilist Technique, Eyes of the Soul!

"Let me teach you. I'll teach you the real meaning of the Eyes of the Soul."

In LongTu's mind, a mental map of the entire park formed from her technique. However, the map that she had created was so expansive, that it even covered some of the overlooking buildings near the park. A saffron colored  blip in the middle of the map signified herself. However, there was another saffron colored blip moving with a faint atmosphere. It had to be Tyre!

But this guy truly an eternal Qi Harmony level. It had already been half a year, and yet he showed no signs of being even close to breaking to the next level.

LongTu muttered some words under her breath before releasing her Soul of Flowing Water technique, launching her forward in pursuit of Tyre who had already ran deep into the woods.

"Ah~" Lunaria thought about what to say, but at that time, LongTu was not someone an ordinary person could hold back. Lunaria was truly afraid of LongTu. But, if a guy could become friends with her, Lunaria was certain that LongTu could be a dependable companion. But, even though Tyre was already friends with her, why was it that he was always being punched, kicked, and beat up by her? Why was it that LongTu's devil side showed up without warning to bully the miserable Tyre? But, it was useless to think about these things now. For now, the only mission was to run and escape from LongTu's punches! Even from Lunaria's side, he could sense it. If he didn't run away with all his might today, there would be some kind of irreversible damage done to him.

At this moment, Leah came out of the bathroom and Tyre was forced to put a little more focus into Lunaria. Facing Leah, Lunaria asked

"Is it any better? Big sister Leah."

"En......" Leah smiled, a little embarrassed. She continued

"Sorry, I troubled little sister Lunaria. It was only my period, there's no need to fret."

Lunaria chuckled a little. This matter was something that Lunaria would not comment on. Even though she knew that the pain would make one want to die, she knew she had to endure the pain as a warrior.

"We should go back. Young master Claude will worry if we're gone too long."


Lunaria nodded her head and the two of them made their way back to the Hall of Origins. For the most part, the trip was silent. However, Leah suddenly spoke up


"Yes? What's wrong?"

"Actually......" Leah paused, obviously wanting to say something. However, in the end, she shook her head and said anxiously

"Nothing, don't mind."

Lunaria raised her eyebrows in concern and curiosity. Just now, Leah hadn't called her 'little sister Lunaria.' However, in stressful situations, it was obvious that she would forget her wording. However, it was Leah who didn't say it, and Lunaria wasn't in a good position to ask. In the end, the two girls silently walked all the way back to the Hall of Origins.

Claude and D.Zi were still idling around. However, this time, a few more people were heading towards them. Lunaria took a careful look around. It was a congregation of four people along with Noah and his candy.

Noah's sixth sense tingled, and he turned his head around, gradually zoning in on Lunaria. In an instant, a happy smile spread across his face. Lunaria sighed as a thought formed in her head. Even this tiny guy could have heartfelt happiness.

"Sire Lunaria, in just a few days, you've gotten even more beautiful." (TL Note: Noah uses the word  "您," which is a very respectful way of saying "you")

"You flatter me." Lunaria playfully struck Noah's head. Immediately, Claude asked

"These people are......"

Lunaria turned to look at them. Although she had met Elena before, it seemed that, other than her, she had never talked to Roselle Butterfly and the others. However, it felt like something a little strange was about to happen. Even so, Lunaria was miserable. She was preoccupied on the other side, with Tyre, as she witnessed a horror movie like chase-scene

"LongTu! I'm telling you, stop chasing me! It's pointless! My acrobatics make it so that I am far superior in running away from the average person!" Tyre hurriedly tried to persuade LongTu who was hot on his heels. But this sentence didn't at all impact LongTu, who continued to chase him.

"So basically, you're calling me an 'average person'?!"

"H-How could that be!" Tyre denied without the slightest bit of hesitation. LongTu nodded her head and said

"Then I can definitely catch you, right?"

"......." Where, and when, did she learn the word game? Well, it was probably from Darmiala. After locating the source of his new troubles, a crude, smiling face appeared, taking the shape of Darmiala. Tyre's whole body shuddered as he, once again, increased his speed of escape.

"Stop chasing me!""

"I WILL chase you!"



The two bickered and argued like children for what seemed like half the day until, finally, the park's forest ended. Tyre watched as the dark forest gradually became brighter with sunlight before pushing off his feet with an intense burst of strength, running straight towards the exit of the forest.


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