After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Deja Vu
Translated by: Naervon, MetaAthena

~We're changing Xiaoqi Bayun's name to Bayun Xiao. Sorry for the confusion.

LongTu's guess was already half-right. Tyre, who was already nervous, felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Sure, LongTu seemed almost careless most of the time, but in reality, but her problem solving skills were already far above a majority of people, just like this time. Under most circumstances, LongTu wouldn't dare stick her nose into Tyre's business. However, this time, LongTu had evidence and did not hesitate to butt her way into other's secrets. In the end, this ordinary, plain sentence was probably used to get any sort of reaction out of Tyre.

Quickly, Tyre came to realize exactly what was going on, but it was too late. The muscles in his face had betrayed him as they stood, stiff and rigid, giving away everything. LongTu crossed her arms, quite interested at this point, while continuing to break Tyre's defense

"Looks like you're trying to plan something. However, let me teach you that your Eyes of the Soul is merely only prompted by a simple impulse. But, if this ability is only a trigger, then why aren't you saying anything when I was teaching you? How come such a fast processing speed is unable to come up with something right now? Could it be that that time at the Magician Girl contest you deliberately tried to get my attention by pretending to be distracted?"

Tyre desperately wanted to tell her that she was overthinking it, but that was not reasonable stance to take to settle this dispute. In the end, however, he replied

"You're overthinking it."

……. It seemed his previous thoughts didn't register.

Tyre's mind was blank, and he couldn't muster a stronger reply than that. Or, it should be said that he was panicking so much deep down inside that this was the only thing he could come up with to try and feign innocence.

LongTu stared at Tyre’s face as she raised her eyebrow in suspicion, not looking convinced at all by Tyre’s answer. But, for unknown reasons, she didn’t press the issue as she let it drop. Then, with a shrug, she said

“We’ll discuss this matter later. Now that I think of it, are you sure your roommate is really okay?”

“What issues are you talking about?" Tyre paused. "Okay, I’ll admit that Bayun is really pretty. . . . . I mean really pretty. But the fact that the way he expresses himself and his overall behavior proves that he is no doubt a man: each and every one of his actions has a thick, manly taste to them, so the way that you are questioning him is really rude.” Tyre’s serious expression put a stopper on LongTu’s aggressive accusations as she realized she went a bit too far. LongTu relaxed her crisscrossed arms and muttered

“I only asked because your so susceptible to . . .”


“Nothing! Shut up, Idiot, you eternal Qi Harmony idiot!”

"That last one really hurt." Tyre held his stomach to symbolize his pain. After learning that he was stuck at the Qi Harmony Stage for millions of years, he couldn't refrain from feeling nauseous. Sure, Tyre was the one that said that, regardless of his Dou Qi level, as long as he was able to fight, he would be alright, but in reality, he was still very sensitive about that topic. LongTu, who hardly seemed to be pulling her punches, made Tyre's heart shatter like a glass pane against concrete.

LongTu humphed, then turned around to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"Obviously, I'm going to look for the class nine so-called Yushen building!"

"Okay, I'll be off to the library. I'll come find you in a bit."

"What are you going to do at the library?" LongTu couldn't help but turn her head and ask. Tyre knew he couldn't tell LongTu that he was off to the library to look for any trace of the holy artifact, the 【Grace of Light】. Thus, he spoke without much thought

"I'm a little interested in this school's history, so I'm off to the library to take a look. That place probably has books that are relevant to what I'm looking for, after all.

"You're rarely interested in a single thing......well, do as you please. Oh, also, when the moment comes, don't come find me. It's best if you don't appear in front of me at all today. If you do, my fist may accidentally slip and hit you."

"Eh......" Tyre’s manly frame shook from the shock, and he nodded his head by instinct, presenting a very meek attitude to LongTu out of self preservation mode. Seeing Tyre’s obedient looks, LongTu humphed loudly before turning around and leaving without even a single backward glance.

Tyre stood there with his head still bobbing until LongTu finally left his field of vision.


Tyre unconsciously rubbed his chin as he turned his mind to more pressing matters. Lunaria had already arrived with Leah at the bathroom, which is located just around the corner. This was a rare opportunity to pass off the cultivation resources on Lunaria to himself without anyone dogging Lunaria like normal. The amount of resources that Lunaria has when compared to himself is just like comparing a poor country farmer to a rich noble. So he has to take this extremely rare chance to balance the resources between both of his bodies while he can, because even a small sliver of what Lunaria has right now would help him out tremendously, and with that, his life at the academy would be much easier.

Not one to tarry once he’s made up his mind, Tyre decided to act immediately once he deemed that this was the best shot he’s got. Immediately, Tyre took a quick glance around before dashing towards where Lunaria was.

“Oh yeah, Tyre, you forgot to tell me about that thing from before . . . . . .” Completely not expecting LongTu to show up again by a small question, Tyre was already in full dash mode, leaving LongTu to gawk at the dust Tyre left behind as she watched Tyre vanish around a corner. LongTu squinted her eyes as she quickly considered the possibilities. She knew that the library for sector eleven wasn’t in that direction, so with that in mind, she muttered

“Smells fishy.”

LongTu gathered her presence into herself, and became as silent and as quick as a ghost as she tailed Tyre.

Lunaria knew that Tyre was about to arrive, so she picked out a spot in a small tree park nearby. The little park was called Louise Park because this was the only park for the entire street. Only, due to the gargantuan size of the place and the fact that the Heavenly Hall and the other buildings being close by, not a lot of people visited this park.

Inside the park, there was a clear pond kept with pretty fishes inside of it, but from the leaf strewn paths, she could tell that not a lot of people were here recently. The park formed two rings, with the trees forming the outer ring and the pond making the inner ring, and when the fall breeze blew by, the leaves rustled with the wind, making some drift off the branch and fall down to the ground.

At this very moment, Tyre had just arrived. He panted a little, but he was in a hurry, so he didn’t have the time to stop and enjoy the natural scenery of the park as he make a straight line towards where Lunaria was waiting. At this moment, he locked eyes with himself. Tyre looked straight at Lunaria and Lunaria looked straight back at Tyre. Both let out a sigh at the same time, too much in sync to be called a coincidence, because he had finally relaxed the split control for a brief moment. However, it should be noted that Lunaria’s sigh was that of a beautiful art that can bring people to tears as they are entranced by her, whereas on the other hand, Tyre’s sigh looked like he had given up on life after being stuck with a three week long constipation.

He could hardly remember the last time he was together with his other body, all alone. . . . . at least 4 months ago was his rough estimate.

What a long four months. Back then, he was just a normal person who was completely helpless with no power to speak of, but now, he was talented genius with some fame to his name, and was someone who held the acknowledgement of famous people like Claude and D.Zi. At the same time, his body as Lunaria was also in the same boat, starting out as a nobody but now was powerful in her own right. Possessing of three types of elemental bodies, being a duo practitioner, and known as the disciple of a demi-deity, cared for by the Duchy.

Tyre shook his head as he rid himself of the thoughts, letting the feeling of accomplishment slide out of his mind as he focused back on the task he was here for. He reached out at the same time as Lunaria and took his own dainty little hand in his own.

Drool begin to drip out of his mouth as his mind started to go wild with fantasies of what he’s going to do with all the resources in that storage ring on Lunaria’s hand, which was now in his hand! Tyre was so impatient that he completely forgot that he was drooling in broad daylight with Lunaria’s hand still in his. He was truly scared of being impoverished, because even though he got a lot of gold from the magic girl competition, but it was completely not enough to do everything he needed to do, and as the level of his little band grew, that gold became even more worthless. Not only did Tyre had to take care of himself, but he also had to take care of the four people who followed him. Turning the one mouth to feed into five mouth to feed. How could Tyre not need more money! Adding to the fact that he had just spent another ten thousand gold when he was trying to rescue Jack, Tyre was certain that he could make his purse into a jingle instrument with the amount of room in there.

Just as Tyre was about to transfer the resources from Lunaria’s ring to the one on his hand, a voice rang out from the trees.

“You bastard, let go of her!”

Eh~ Tyre’s heart almost jumped out of his chest from dejavu of those words.

Only, the golden haired loli who showed up was completely different from the golden haired bastard from the last time.


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