After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 37

Chapter 37: LongTu's Thoughts
Translated by: MetaAthena

~Well, I’m going to be busy this summer. Luckily for you and me, it seems like Naervon is back really soon!

After Lechael dismissed everyone, the students began leaving the Hall of Origins in groups of three or four. As for Lunaria, she decided to hang out with Claude and the others. Fortunately, Leah and Noah were also placed into class nine. As a result, the entire Duchy had assembled. It was almost completely clear that there was some outside influence involved.

Soon, Tyre and LongTu converged with the group.

However, when LongTu saw Tyre standing with no reaction next to an unfamiliar girl, Xiaoqi, she couldn't help but narrow her eyes in their direction.

"Aiyo, Tyre, yet again, you've got great luck with the ladies."

"Oh, sorry to tell you this, LongTu, but it's not what you think it is." Tyre said this while waving his arms around frantically, trying to explain. After all, LongTu's words could seriously hurt Xiaoqi's feelings.

"How could I possibly be misunderstanding? I really can't see how that's possible! It's only been a single day, and you've already found such a high-class beauty! CONGRATULATIONS!" LongTu had misconstrued what Tyre was trying to convey to her. In her eyes, Tyre was just trying to cover up an obvious lie and was only mocking her with his 'explanation.' However, the one thing Tyre had tried to protect was already hurt. LongTu had hurt Xiaoqi's feelings.

"To this classmate, I say sorry." Xiaoqi put his hands on his stomach. His face was washed in sorrow as he said

"But, you should take a look at my school uniform. It's a male uniform. How about, next time, you look at a person in their entirety, instead of just their face. You judging me like that really hurt me."

LongTu's eyes opened as wide as melons. Her silly appearance almost made Tyre burst out in laughter. LongTu immediately turned and looked at Constantine, who was standing near Tyre

"She's a he?"

"Ehhh~" Apparently, this piece of information ended up overwhelming LongTu. At this time, the lively Constantine, who was just on standby, decided it was now a good time for a proper explanation

"Even though I don't want to be convinced either, he really is a man."

"Male? Male?! MALE!?" LongTu took huge strides forward towards Xiaoqi, her arms outstretched. Then, she struck, groping his chest. Xiaoqi couldn't help but become flustered.

"Hey, LongTu?! What are you doing? That's just not right!" Tyre looked around him and saw his classmates completely dumbstruck. In the end, he couldn't endure it, and warned LongTu to understand exactly what she was doing, and where. However, LongTu couldn't care less about her surroundings, and continued to grope Xiaoqi. Her eyebrows shot up as she realized there really was nothing on Xiaoqi's bosom. However, LongTu would not have been convinced that this preposterous statement was true, had she not done this experiment.

At this instant, Xiaoqi, who had been violently handled by LongTu, freed himself from her grip, taking multiple steps backwards, tendrils of dark elements surrounding him.

"LongTu, you've gone a little far."

LongTu, slightly surprised, was taken aback, and realized just how drastic her actions were. It was just a classmate standing next to Tyre. Who cared if they were male or female? After realizing this, Longtu couldn't help but stare at Tyre blankly. The innocent man in a mask just shrugged back at her. In the end, Tyre had done nothing wrong. But, why did it feel like he had done something wrong?

"Tyre, you're coming with me."

Ignoring everyone’s confused stares, LongTu grabbed Tyre by his collar, and roughly dragged him away from the crowd. Fortunately, Tyre had strengthened his body through the diligent training of martial art techniques. Otherwise, there was no way his body would have withstood being thrown flat on his face, then dragged almost a kilometer by LongTu.

Xiaoqi watched as LongTu gradually became smaller and smaller as he straightened his clothes. He couldn't even get mad. After all, who could have guessed that such a small girl could have exerted this much violent force whilst dragging someone away. Constantine, on the other hand, blinked his eyes again and again until the pitiful Tyre eventually disappeared over the horizon. Then, Constantine let out a sigh of relief.


"I trust you have been well since we last met," D.Zi said as he entered the view of Lunaria and Claude. Next to him stood Leah who bowed in greeting.

"D.Zi, last time we were lucky to be in your care."

"Hahaha, my skill really amounts to nothing. In the end, it was Leah who crashed through everything to stop up."

"Mr. D.Zi," Claude chuckled, "I guess I'll just call you D.Zi from now on, now that we're classmates." Claude smiled. D.Zi smiled in return. It seems that this pair only found friendship through exchanging blows. At first, D.Zi had shot down any attempts Claude had to socialize with him, but now the two of them could ridicule the past together. This truly was a genuine, stubborn mannerism.

"Claude, we're now in the same class. I'm afraid that we'll have to compete against one another someday. I have a feeling that, when that day comes, the fight will be even more fierce and intense than what we're capable of now." D.Zi's words made Lunaria and the others stare blankly. Nobody had expected D.Zi to think of that. However, Claude's smile didn't waver at all. Even though he didn't use words, His overbearing presence and aura let D.Zi know that he would not be surpassed by D.Zi.

"Where do you live? Ah, that's right. Tyre lives in the same dorm as me."

"What a coincidence!" D.Zi's eyes were as wide as platters. He could hardly believe the odds of the two being in the same room. Could it be that there truly was someone arranging all this behind the scenes?

"Though, it's a shame that I couldn't live in the same dorm building as you guys, though. But, something I must tell you is that my side also has quite the coincidence. Tyre's two followers, Sand Sword and Ghost Slayer, are my own two roommates!"

What?! This time, Lunaria almost screamed out loud. How could, out of 100,000 freshmen, could they pair up people that knew each other so many times? Was this place haunted? Once or twice was weird, but fine. But three, or even four times? That was beyond a coincidence!

However, where this 'demon' came from, Lunaria was clueless. At the very least, it was someone with a lot of power. Otherwise, roommates could not have been moved around like this so easily.

"Hmm~" Suddenly, a humming sound came from Leah, whose complexion began to change. This change confirmed to Lunaria that Leah had also realized the severity of the situation. On the other hand, the two big men, Claude and D.Zi, were completely clueless and unaware of what they saw and heard inside the academy. They were completely clueless.

"Sorry everyone! I need to use the bathroom!" Leah at last spoke up in an anguished tone while clutching her stomach. Lunaria promptly supported her, and said to Claude

"I'll go with her. You can just stay and chat."

"But......" Claude had wanted to say that it was risky letting two girls go off on their own. But, with a sharp glance from Lunaria, he quickly bit his tongue. D.Zi, with a knowing look on his face, simply smiled and did not interrupt.

"There are no toilets around the Hall of Origins. So, if you really must go to the bathroom, you must exit, the hall, go onto Origins street, and arrive at Kuanhu street. Only there, will you find the nearest toilet." After being glared at by Lunaria, Claude was hit with a key, brilliant idea. This made Leah's face very white, making Lunaria promptly say

"Then, we cannot make any stops. We'll go first and when we get there, I'll contact you by specter stone."

"Okay, be careful on the road there." Claude couldn't refrain from being overly concerned. Lunaria nodded her head as she supported Leah and led her out of the Hall of Origins.

"Hey, hey! Claude." D.Zi shouted at him with a considerable amount of sound. However, Claude's mind was blank, and it took his mind a few seconds to register everything. Eventually, he came to, and replied to D.Zi

"W-What? What is it, D.Zi?"

"Don't 'what' me. How have you been these past few days?”

"What about how I've been these past few days?"

"Just tell me anything about how things have been between you and Lunaria." After D.Zi finished his sentence, Claude's face began to visibly change. Even though he felt his face begin to heat up, Claude still put in a tremendous amount of effort in order to stay calm and act nonchalantly.

"What kind of things? Don't overthink it, D.Zi."

"Ha, ha, ha. Alright, alright. After all, we still have seven years, I'll watch you two from the sidelines."

"......" Claude could only meet D.Zi's words with silence. Could he really trust himself to not do anything in the next seven years?


After Tyre was pulled out by LongTu, the unreasonable, little girl asked a stabbing question

"What's wrong with you recently?"

"What? Nothing! I'm still sleeping and eating with ease."

"Your 【Eyes of the Soul】is very strange, you know that?" LongTu made Tyre stand a little more alertly. However, LongTu did not take note of his reaction, and continued to speak

"Back then, you were way too calm. I didn't even get the feeling that you were even human. But, I could still see parts of you from the way you acted and gestured."

"So, what are you trying to say, why bring this up?" Tyre tried to test the waters of this conversation with his weak question. LongTu, crossing her arms, thoughtfully said

"I wonder if your Eyes of the Soul is just an inspired existence, or if it's what your head's calculating power  is truly capable of."


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