After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Let Year 1 of the Academy Begin!
Translated by: MetaAthena

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Although this purple-haired woman was clad in student attire, her piercing gaze made everyone hold their breath. Her amber eyes slowly swept through the hall, picking out each and every student. Finally, she leaned forward, and talked into the magical sound stone (TL Note: Microphone)

"Hello, freshmen. I am Avalon's student council president, Kuu. You can all call me President Kuu, or even Student Kuu; both are fine with me because I'm only a sixth year and it's still not time for me to graduate. However, do not be like Secretary Zamia, or others similar to him, generally taking a governmental job at a school."

Kuu's words were simple, yet concise. It was clear that the whole hall was murmuring in agreement.  

"First of all, does anybody know what the meaning of a student, is? When a baby is born, all they know how to do is breath and wail, toddlers learn how to talk, children learn how to run, and then there's you. You have all learned to correctly choose Avalon! We, as people, will never quench our thirst to learn. After All, isn't it a student's job to learn for an entire lifetime? We, here, at the student council exist only to supervise the people, the rules, and this mainland. But, most importantly, the student council exists because of you. Today, I am sincerely happy to welcome the arrival of many new students. Let us give each other a warm welcome of applause!"

The crowd clapped, slowly at first,  as Kuu's voice died down. Soon, the sound spread across the hall like a wildfire, causing everything to rattle and shake.

After many long seconds passed, Kuu waved her hand, and the applause slowly died down. Kuu opened her mouth to speak

"There is not much to talk about. I want you to experience Avalon's livelihood by yourselves, and I want you to have a good start here! Then, I shall now declare that Avalon's 3,097 newest freshmen's first year has begun!" (TL Note: Hundred thousand, ten thousand? Now only a couple thousand students? I'm probably translating something really wrong. It probably means the 3,097 generation).

This time, the applause that came was no longer half-hearted, but instead full of excitement of students who were looking forward to the future. Many of them, including Niluka, had even given standing ovations, shouting slogans and whistling with enthusiasm. The atmosphere was so intense that even Kuu had to crack a smile.

She whipped her hair back in one smooth motion, turned around, and said to Zamia

"I will now turn the stage over to you." She turned around, one last time, and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I hope we meet again!"

President Kuu finished her speech and turned around to leave. That, and  her courageous attitude, made numerous freshmen fall for her in a flash.

Following her cue, Secretary Zamia slowly walked out, exchanging faint nods with the surrounding tutors and teachers. Then, he stepped forward to the podium, saying

"Well, we will now have the second part begin to continue our inauguration ceremony. The following two speeches will be given by freshmen representatives of the two empires. Student Pragner – Kear Jantis, please come up to the podium to speak."

"Yes." Pragner stood up from the middle of the crowd. In only a moment, he had attracted the attention of thousands of pairs of eyes. This emperor's son seemed to possess identical white skin and golden hair to Princess Snow Lily. However, he had long hair, held back with a headband, and was seemingly far from having a spontaneous temperament.

Even each of his steps seemed to be cared on by some deity. Even Lunaria could distinctly elements bowing down and worshipping him. This was truly the aura of a  supreme emperor, one that even deities had to honor.

When he stepped up to the podium to speak, every student sat in silence, all their attention focused on this empire representative.


Pragner continued to talk, but did not exceed five minutes. Naturally, he knows how a person feels when faced with countless never-ending speeches, as well as the fact that everyone was young and restless.

"Wow~ your Majesty Pragner is so~ handsome~." Niluka's smitten feel made Lunaria uncomfortable around her, making her scoot to the edge of her seat as far away as possible from her. Other than Niluka, there were a quite a few people also smiling. This royal highness truly did have some kind of a unique charm that drew people in.

After Pragner left the podium, Zamia returned to the front, saying

"Following Pragner, please welcome to the stage the representative from the Vermilion Kingdom, Shuu Jingshen, to the stage."

Shuu, without answering, immediately stood up and took large strides towards the podium. When he got there, he placed both his hands on the podium and said

"Within the Vermilion Kingdom, the people do exactly what I tell them to. I hope that it's the same here. From here on out, without any exceptions, we shall be obedient to our parents and studious, that is my command. If there are violators, I hope they will take responsibility of their consequences."

Shuu's overbearingness shocked the entire crowd. As if he had not yet shocked the crowd enough, he continued to speak his mind

"If anyone dares disobey my orders, I will make you pay for it."

Then who would stand out, Tyre silently cursed. You are a grand prince, who would dare disobey your orders? However, this Vermilion Kingdom Majesty unexpectedly wanted to hide the truth from the masses and indulge in his own desires.

Unfortunately, nobody dared say a word. Nobody dared step up to defy Shuu's words. Afterall, a prince's influence could affect your entire family, causing them to encounter a series of 'accidents.' In fact, that was the biggest reason as to why nobody dared to stand up to him; they were all afraid to die.

This prince's tone was far too overbearing and was not afraid to overstep its boundaries. It was clear, almost too clear, that this was the tone of a spoiled prince. But, nobody dared to speak up about it, and they could only release their bitterness inside their hearts. A prince and a commoner. This was not a battle of power, but a battle in the difference of status.

"Alright, listen well. I am the Vermilion Kingdom's 17th prince. Wherever I go, is my domain. Those other princes, that do not have a single good point about them, are relentless. If I were  lenient and soft while sinking into my school life without thinking of danger, I would be no better than those pieces of trash. If you have the same thoughts as I do, in this sense, then do not be afraid to kick them out of your life. Remember, this is not a warning, nor is it an order. Instead, this is in order for all of you to develop a proper habit."

After Shuu finished his speech, he completely ignored the attitudes of many surrounding teachers. He walked down according to his own agenda, making a few teachers furious. However, many chose to ignore him. Zamia, obviously, was one of them. With a smile on his face, he opened his mouth and continued

"Carrying on this opening ceremony, we will now enter our final stage. I invite all teachers to find their students and divide them into their respective classrooms."

As soon as Zamia's voice died down, the teachers began to act. In a matter of seconds, tens of thousands of students were divided.

Lunaria, Tyre, and Claude were unexpectedly put in Lechael's classroom. In their class, also included none other than Constantine, Xiaoqi, Niluka, Darmiala, LongTu, Yexi, and Hana. The students didn't know if the teacher had randomly grabbed students to be in her class, or if they were assigned to her class prior to the ceremony. Tyre and the others considered themselves lucky to be in the same class.

Afterwards, Lechael brought her entourage of over 2,000 students  to a corner, faced them face to face, and said

"In the future, I will be the teacher in charge of your class, class nine. Let me count how many people were assigned to class nine......Altogether, there are 2,163 of you. You will, once again, be divided into 26 different classrooms from A  through Z. When that time comes, there will also be corresponding teachers for each class. After school, you may go to other districts in order to pursue your interests in the form of clubs. As for our school building, it will be in the 9th district on Feilan Street  in the newly built Yushen building. If anyone has an opinion on the name of this building, please speak up. There are a total of 13 teachers in class nine. You may meet and build relationships with each of them one by one. These teachers, including me, are all dedicated to teach you in the coming years. They will not leave without warning, and will not teach students outside of class nine. If you're wondering why this is, I shall inform you about this topic in time to come. In the meantime, this will be all for today."


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