After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Time for Chatting
Translated by: MetaAthena

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Hundreds of thousands of freshmen sat in pre-prepared chairs while whispering into one another's ears. This amount of excitement let the hall feel filled to the brim with vitality. Even people who were not initially excited were washed into the flow due to the overflowing hope and youth that was present.

"Do you know who's giving the opening speech to the freshmen?" Niluka asked Lunaria and Darmiala, who were sitting next to her. Lunarira, without understanding what Niluka had asked, shook her head while Darmiala put her chin on her hand, and said with uncertainty

"I remember my father saying that, usually, the one giving the speech is a respected royal family member or palace tutor. But, there have been cases when a rising gifted person comes instead, but it's very rare. This year, the honored speaker will most likely be Princess Snow Lily's older brother, Pragener. Though, it's not too clear, it's possible that we could have a not too well known rising talent come and give a speech."

"I remember that his majesty Pragner was a very modest emperor, much more approachable than any other majesties. But, a lot of other people are probably predicting his role as a representative for the freshmen opening ceremony, though." Niluka said with a clap of admiration. Looking at her, Lunaria couldn't help but faintly raise her eyebrows; was this majesty really this fantastic?

"Does Avalon have students that don't come from the mainland? In that case, they'd be like me, " LongTu said to Lunaria and Darmiala. Through the past two days of exchanges with them, LongTu had become at ease with Darmiala and thought that they had fixed their once rocky relationship. In reality, though, Darmiala never had any true ill will towards LongTu, everything was simply just to tease her a little.

"The Holy Dragon Ruled Empire is fairly distant from here, and very isolated, so the amount of students that originate from there are few, but not necessarily zero. Well, if we're talking about students that come from outside the mainland, we'll probably be talking about a few isles surrounding us. As to not come into conflict by the emperor and be conquered, they created an alliance called 'The Horizon Ash Alliance.' Although the Xigely Empire and Vermilion Kingdom are a little more powerful than them, they are still not something that you could easily conquer if you want to conquer them."

Horizon Ash......Lunaria nodded her head, digesting this information. When she was still in possession of a map, she remembered that, near the Xigley Empire and Vermilion Kingdom, there was a large group of islands. Together, they could probably account for around 70% of the mainland's total mass. If they were truly united, then that was something that the mainland could not carelessly mess around with.

Yexi and Hana did not say a word. One did not say a word as it was her nature. The other, on the other hand, was simply too afraid of people to speak.

And, it just so happens that one row directly in front of Lunaria and her friends sat Tyre and his friends. Each and every one of them were communicating with much happiness, especially Constantine whose voice could be heard dozens of seats away.

"I told you guys, already, yesterday I watched a bit of Avalon TV and the department of news did a really thorough job of covering things! Especially the【Zhen Xian Qian】show. The chief editor, Mobei, was commenting on everything about some popular freshmen girls, including some of their three sizes!"

"What?" Tyre, who was bored just a moment ago, immedietly jumped to attention after hearing Constantine's words.

"How can the【Zhen Xian Qian】exist on school grounds while doing something like that?"

"Well, it does count as some kind of news, but I did hear that Mobei is always publishing gossip about teachers and students. His years here could be summed up by an unanimous election by the school's female staff and students as 'The most Lustful Student.' But, it's a shame because Mobei's products have enthralled a good portion of the male populace, including many male teachers so it's always in high demand. There was a time when this chief editor did not fully grasp the scene in which he controlled until recently, which is where this【Zhen Xian Qian】comes into play. It's a recently opened news section by him."

Tyre nodded his head. Gossip was something that, if you played badly, could easily kill you (TL Note: figuratively, hopefully). But, when Constantine said it this way, Tyre couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable. Just what kind of freshmen girls were there ......out of the corner of his eye, Tyre caught a quick glimpse of Claude. Even though he had heard everything Tyre and Constantine had said, he still maintained a composure as if nothing had happened. Quite the honest man, he was. He was even indifferent in the face, and temptation, of beauty, making Tyre feel a little ashamed about himself. As for Xiaoqi, the 'big beauty' sitting on the other side of Tyre, he put on an extremely pained, and angered, expression.

"Xiaoqi, what's the matter?" Tyre couldn't help but ask. If someone wanted to say something, the best way to make them spill the beans was by asking them.

"Did you know that Mobei bastard made an op 50 most beautiful girls in the academy list?" Xiaoqi said.

"Yeah, I heard. Though, the formal name should’ve been called 【Half-Blossom】," Constantine said as he clicked his tongue. "But, editor Mobei really doesn't have a bad taste in girls. The top 10 places are fully deserving of their places. Even if the other 40 aren't, and are more of a controversy, they all still really catch your eye. Not only that, but he also added the most important part; a lot of those girls' personal information. Let me sincerely respect this editor." Constantine's words made Xiaoqi even more red in the face. His fist, which was rolled up into a ball, squeezed even tigheter. At this point, it looked like as if he might've thrown one or two punches.

"But, did you know that the one in the number 10 spot was me!?"

What? Tyre and Claude couldn't help but look at Xiaoqi.

"This is just like a female leaderboard." (TL Note: I think this is Constantine speaking. It's hard to tell)

"That's why I'm angry! What is this person called Mobei even thinking? Does he really want me to fight with him?"

"Don't be maaaad~" Constantine said carefreely said, "It's just a leaderboard. Do you really need to be that angry? It's just there as entertainment, after all. Or is it that, after seeing it, you hoped to be placed a little higher up?"

"Don't be ridiculous! Don’t you understand that everyone will mistake me as a girl because of this, now!"

"Why don't you take a look in a mirror?"

"CONSTANTINE! ARE YOU REALLY HELL-BENT ON CHALLENGING ME TO A DUEL LIKE MEN!?" Xiaoqi roared, while gasping for breath, back at Constantine in reply to his jest. If there weren't so many people around, the next few moments would have likely resulted in an indiscriminate slaughter.

"Okay, okay. I'm wrong, alright? But, still, take a look. In fact, Mobei writes notes, too." Constantine unawarely took out a thick book from his storage ring and opened to a random page. On the page, was a picture of a smiling, goddess-like Xiaoqi. Looking at it, Tyre really wanted to give give a big thumbs-up of approval and praise this editor for his photography skills.

"Look here. On the bottom, there, he wrote: 'This is a man, but because of his exquisite beauty, he is ranked number 10.'"

Exquisite beauty......The corner's of Tyre's mouth began to twitch. That, and the sight of Xiaoqi, who looked as if he had eaten a fly, Tyre couldn't help but laugh out loud. Claude had finally lost his composure, and was in the same situation as Tyre, his mouth twitching. If Xiaoqi had seen the two, mouths twitching and such, he would have died on the spot.

At this time, the once empty stage began to change as mentors slowly trickled in. Each one wore their own, unique clothes. In the presence of the strong, the freshmen slowly began to quiet down. It did not take long before it was completely silent, each student focusing their attention to the center of the stage and the mentors.

Lunaria saw Leachel within the group of mentors, as well as the first year teacher, Rafi Nasi. He was the extremely hard judge at the Magician Girl tournament.

Knowing that Zamia would be the last one to come out, he really gave Tyre a calm, and collected feel, giving him the impression that he was the one that was going to make the opening speech. It was a pity that, even though Secretary Zamia was a rank above everyone else, it did not give him rights to giving the opening speech.

Gradually, the stage filled with more and more mentors until it was completely full. They split into two groups, one on either side of the stage, and did not say a word. After all, today, none of them had any leading roles.

It was then when a 20, or so, year old young lady with long, purple-hair  strode out from the middle of the crowd of mentors, making use of long strides, and stopped right in front of the podium.


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