After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Opening Ceremony
Translated by: MetaAthena

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"You......" Darmiala was astonished. She immediately walked in front of LongTu, bending her body in order to get a good look at her smiling face, before saying

"Little girl, this is the advanced dormitory, the college dorms, if you may. The little children live in the 18th district."


Lunaria opened her mouth slightly, before remembering that Darmiala had met LongTu before. This sentence was only meant to poke fun at her.

Yexi unexpectedly adhered with Darmiala's joke, nodding her head. This led a once happy and in high spirited LongTu to become a little depressed.

"Miss Darmiala, I know you remember me."

"Ah! LongTu! My fellow classmate! In school, we students need to match with one another."

"The opening ceremony hasn't even begun; don't be so hypocritical now."

"Being hypocritical is the embodiment of inferiority, I'm simply getting into the mood"

"The mood? You definitely aren't an old lady."

"This little child says her big sister is old. It really makes my heart hurt."

"Only you would call yourself the older one. You were still being breastfed when I was on the battlefield battling in close-quarters combat."

"In other words, LongTu is actually older than this old lady?"

"Eh......" LongTu put a crooked smile on her face. It seemed that her brain had stopped after hearing that. On the side, Lunaria knew just what kind of temper Longtu had, and immediately stepped in between the two, saying

"Okay, Darmiala, you too; don't abruptly say stuff like that."

Darmiala shrugged and lost interest as if it didn't matter. Apparently, only when Tyre was being beat with fists did it become a point of interest that she couldn't shake. On the other hand, LongTu was still unsatisfied, but sighed and said nothing. As for Yexi, she had not once experienced a situation like this, and kept debating on whether or not she should talk. While hesitating, she watched as Lunaria brought the two sides to an agreement before saying

"How about we grab a meal and calm down?" Yexi proposed abruptly, causing the three others to quickly face her. Being the center of attention was new to Yexi, but her proposal still garnered the favor of the other three girls.

Avalon's meals are really flavorful and tasty. Not only that, but there are also big restaurants from around the region. It was said that if you could imagine the dish, it was there. People from western countries could eat eastern cuisine while people from eastern countries could enjoy western food. This, of course, was a plan erected by Avalon in order to bring the two closer together.

In the next moment, three silhouettes appeared in the doorway that LongTu had roughly opened. Among them included Niluka and Angel.

"Eh~ You guys don't want us You met your new roommates, eh, let me introduce our lovely roommate! La, la la~" Niluka happily pulled a girl alongside her. She had black hair, which gave her a serious aura, but her eyes gave off a feeling that she was scared of meeting strangers, making Lunaria smile gently

"There's no need to be shy. Come, give everyone a self introduction."

"Th- then." To be truthful, this shyness, along with her slender figure and beautiful face, make Lunaria's heart pound. When faced with such a cute, delicate thing, a man would obviously revert back to their primal instincts. Although conquering rounded mountains was a dream many men yearned for, it was obvious that some prefered to conquer plains or even canyons.

"Then, hero everyone. I am Niluka and Angel's roommate, Hana Fuyuki, from t-the Vermilion Kingdom. P-p-please keep a close eye on me~"

Poor Hana; not only stuttering, but also also misplacing an entire word in her sentence! Her failed attempts at introducing herself made her feel helpless and discouraged. At this time, Darmiala smiled tenderly and said

"Hello, Hana."

Lunaria and Yexi also greeted her. After everyone had finished introducing themselves, the once unfamiliar atmosphere changed and became more harmonious. Schools are mysterious in this way; relationships thought impossible in public were possible within in hour on campus grounds.

Even Yexi was absorbed by the gentle atmosphere, letting out a faint trace of a smile.

After the party of seven majestically descended down the escalator, they just happened to bump into Shu Yueti. This pretty administrator had pushed her long-sleeved shirt to her elbows,  and tied her hair back into a ponytail. That refined look could easily brighten anyone's day.

"It's almost dark outside, yet you girls are still going out to play?"

"Hello, administrator, we're just going out to grab a bite to eat." It was unquestionable that Darmiala had a great ability to communicate. Even LongTu had been pushed into a dead end eating defeat after defeat under her words, so everyone shut up, leaving Darmiala to speak.

It was evident that the administrator had a good impression of Darmiala. Smiling, she replied

"Well, having a few familiar faces with you should make things alright. It's good to have people that can care for you in college. But, remember, in my dormitory, don't be afraid to quarrel, it's a part of friendship, afterall. But don't you dare raise your hand in these arguments, understood?"

"Okay." Naturally, nobody would dare disobey the administrators warning, and Shu Yueti nodded in satisfaction and immediately walked through the group to check on other rooms.

Lunaria couldn't help but let her jaw slightly drop as she recalled the administrator’s name. She felt a little familiar. It seemed that Lunaria had heard her surname be used somewhere before......


On the third day, Tyre heard that Sand Sword, Roselle Butterfly, and Ghost Slayer, and Elena had all passed the exam. Tyre felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. Afterall, if even one of them had not passed, Tyre would feel very disappointed in them, and himself. Tyre had already put quite a bit of time and effort into these people, like a farmer and his crops. If they couldn't succeed, it would make Tyre feel like all his hard work had amounted to nothing.

On this day, Tyre and his dorm roommates chose to become shut-ins, either looking at the student manual, looking at maps, or looking at Avalon's television service programs. With the way people were relaxing, it was weird to think that, just the next day, their school life would begin.

But, on Lunaria's side, everyone was everywhere. Darmiala and Hana accompanied Niluka and Angel for checkups. This task should've been easy, but, instead, they were anxious and worried. On the other hand, Leah called Lunaria through the specter stone, making plans to go to the 12th district to play one day. This plan would be postponed due to the construction in the 12th district. But, because of the many necessary high-rise buildings that were being constructed, from the departments to the stores and shops, it was obviously not an overnight task.

As for Yexi and LongTu, they lazed around in the dormitory, not willing to do much anything.

And so, the third day passed as well.


On the fourth day, hundreds of thousands of freshmen gathered in the Hall of Origins. A stage, that was set up long ago, was present for all to see. Red curtains acted as a backdrop as an extremely fancy and elegant podium sat at the heart of it. The stage was also equipped with three magical columns that amplified the speaker's voice by so many times so that, not only could you hear them clearly in the hall, but you could also hear them from any corner in the 11th district.

A large part of the hundreds of thousands of freshmen had been favored throughout their lives. Now that they had congregated to this magnificent sight, many people were flabbergasted. But, to Avalon, this was nothing special.

Avalon was a place where being a genius was simply the foundation, like their stage that had wowed so many people. To be special, you had a be a genius within a group of geniuses.


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