After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Acquaintances are Everywhere!
Translated by: MetaAthena

~Got Yao Yunqi's name the wrong time around. It's actually more along the lines of Bayun Xiaoqi. I went ahead and changed the last chapter as well. Sorry about that πŸ™
Sorry to all grammar nazis out there; wrote this without checking my work.

"Tyre, this is Bayun Xiaoqi, who is a male from the Suzaku Kingdom’s Zhejiang Province."

Tyre stiffened his face up in even more confusion. This, in short, caused Constantine to burst out in even more laughter. He laughed so hard that his sides shook and he started coughing as he came back up. All the sound, and what his eyes saw versus what he was told, made Tyre's brain buzz.


"Oh my lord," Xiaoqi said, covering his face in his hands. At this point, it seemed as if he had no choice but to explain everything to Tyre. "You're right there. I'm a guy. How about we go take a shower together to confirm that."

"N-no thanks," Tyre said. After being severely confused, he couldn't help but feel a little curious. Even so, he felt it it wasn't right to go that far. It would all be confirmed in the future.

"AND THEN THERE'S YOU! STOP LAUGHING!" Xiaoqi fiercely grabble a bottle out from his bag and threw it directly into Constantine's forehead who proceeded to to collapse, screaming as he went down.

"There's also a bottle for Claude, and a bottle for Tyre." Xiaoqi took another two bottles, throwing them to the pair. Claude and Tyre were confused after witnessing this event. Even after turning to face each other, they still couldn't figure out what it had meant.

Xiaoqi took out one final bottle from his bag, opened it, and took huge gulps of the drink. A strong fragrance wafted from the bottle as he was drinking, making Tyre very surprised. Just by looking at the way he held the bottle, you could tell that it seemed that Xiaoqi was a man that liked to communicate through drinks.

The indescribable sweet smell spread and drove Tyre's unconscious desire to take a sip from the bottle. The moment he took a sip, and it hit the bottom of his stomach, the sweet water lubricated his throat and rolled gently down his esophagus, causing him to want to drink more and more. It was cold but much better than coffee. The pair couldn't help but question Xiaoqi with their eyes. Then, Constantine screamed

"WOW! Is this the academy's revered canned drinks? I thought it was no different from coffee, but this thirst quenching power is even more powerful than coffee!"

"Well, I decided to buy a few as a test, but it tasted better than I could have ever imagined. No wonder quite a few students buy this very frequently."

Xiaoqi wiped away a bit of residue from the drink from his delicate, ruby-lipped mouth. His white face made Tyre's face wander about, but eventually, Tyre snapped back to attention and asked

"Then, should I call you my '8' classmate?"

"No, don't. My last name is '8.' My first name is Ming Xiaoqi, but you can call me Xiaoqi." (TL Note: His last name is ε…«δΊ‘ and ε…« means 8. I guess a literal translation of his last name is '8 cloud,' but I just translated it to 'Bayun' because that's its pinying)

"Well, now that everyone's here, and the introductions are finished, how about we celebrate and go out to play?" Constantine said, lively. Tyre couldn't care less about any suggestion and Claude didn't want to spoil the mood. Instead, the only problem arose from Xiaoqi, who grumbled about having to make the walk down the 19 floors after just walking up.


"Lunaria, you're not mad, right? I was only joking yesterday." Although Darmiala knew that Lunaria was not the type to be easily angered, she continued to ask out of concern. Eventually, Lunaria shrugged and said

"It's alright, it's alright. It was just a bit of a surprise, after all. Actually, I'm the one that should be apologizing after suggesting to bathing together and then escaping."

"Then, how about we seriously shower without the jokes?"

"Big sister Darmiala, please let go of your little sister." Lunaria sincerely bowed her head in response to Darmiala. That appearance made the two blue-haired girls shake with laughter. It seemed if Lunaria were to raise her head now, she'd be devoured by the other beauty.

Knock, knock knock.

A light knock came from outside. That type of courteous manners immediately gave the two girls a good impression of whoever lay behind the door. Darmiala rescinded her initial actions, corrected her appearance, and properly said

"Please come in."

Lunaria couldn't help but click her tongue in surprise to Damiala's tendencies to change quickly. Just now, she was like a mischievous child. Now, she was already acting as if she was a educated and well-balanced young woman.

Outside, another sound was heard, and the door was slowly pushed open. Behind it, stood a white-haired girl girl that quickly caught Lunaria's attention.

When Lunaria finally caught onto exactly who this white hair belonged to, she couldn't help but stare oddly. What was up with today's circumstances? How was it possible to run into so many acquaintances?

"I'm Yexi from the Vermilion Kingdom's Yellow Spring's Province."

That's right. Standing in front of her was none other than the white-haired young lady that had saved Tyre on the train, Yexi!

Lunaria really couldn't figure out how these slim probability chances were happening, maybe it was foretold by the Mandate of Heaven?

At this time, Darmiala took the initiative and replied

"Hello. My name is Damiala G. Morpheus. I come from the Xigley Empire's Tifmia duchy. From now on, I hope that everyone can accommodate and mutually help everyone else in their college life. I hope that, whatever arguments we get into, we can overcome them together and maintain our friendship."

Yexi nodded and Lunaria followed up

"Damiala is correct. I am Lunaria and I come from the Xigley Empire's Xavier Duchy. I hope that we can help each other as roommates in the future."

"En." Yexi made a serious sound of approval and nodded her head. That kind of appearance made Lunaria wonder if she had remembered the wrong person. Maybe, on the train, Tyre and Yexi were complete strangers, so her personality was a little cold. But, here, they were all roommates, so Yexi did not bring out her personality that she used with strangers.

But, this way was good, too. Her relaxed expression was much more favorable than her previous expression which looked as if she thought the world owed her a lot of money. Yexi, whose beauty that could match Damiala's own beauty, added a bit of angry charm, making her look even more attractive. Eventually, while looking at Lunaria, she said

"I'm sorry if this is offensive or rude to Damiala, but you are truly beautiful."

Damiala shook her head to indicate that it did not matter. In any case, Lunaria's beauty even made the hearts of young women pound, not to mention the fact that she made other beauties look like nonsense.

Lunarias mouth began to twitch. Aiya (TL Note: This is pretty much frustration in Chinese, for those of you that didn't know), shoot! Did this little lady have a physic mind reading ability or something, making Lunaria do exactly what she didn't want to do? Instead of praising herself, she praised the other party first. If Yexi were to have said that she (Yexi) was pretty, Lunaria might of been a little more optimistic because she wouldn't have to say anything back. But, because Yexi had praised Lunaria, Lunaria had no choice but to say the same thing back in good manners

"Yexi, my classmate, you are also very pretty."

Yexi shook her head, not because of Lunaria's praise, and not because she disliked it, but instead because her body was not worth mentioning. Her body, after all, was like an empty shell.

After a short period of time, the quiet silence made the room feel awkward. But, the the next moments following the door was struck open with an immense amount of force, and in strode a blonde-haired little girl.

Little girl?

Tyre took another look at the girl who was distinctly shorter than the rest of them and sighed. He could accept Claude's appearance or Yexi's arrival as a coincidence, but now, because of this little blonde girl, it became clear that this was a miracle.

This blonde-haired little girl, not caring about the other three's eyes, loudly, and clearly, said

"Hello there! I come from the Holy Dragon Ruled Empire, and if you have any difficulties, you can just leave it to me! My name is Longtu!"

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