After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 32 part1

Chapter 32: Weird Roommates
Translated by: MetaAthena


~Just a little update: We’re going to be AWOL for a bit. Naervon still needs his computer, and I’m going to be off studying for a subject test, so we’ve got our hands full. I didn’t feel like it was fair to just disappear without telling you guys, so I’ll be back in a week or two. Anyways, the reason as to why I only translated half of this chapter is because I don’t have many hours of free time.
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After LongTu said goodbye, D.Zi and Tyre arrived at the 18th district and saw one dormitory building after another, each one stretched far above the clouds. D.Zi couldn't help but leave his jaw hanging. It was quite obvious that his appearance was caused by the extreme heights of the buildings around the two. Tyre stood to the side nodding his head like crazy. Yep! This is how the average person should react. Heck, as Lunaria, Tyre also had very similar reactions at that time.

However! Today was not the same as the past! As Tyre, he already knew of the existence of powered stairs and could reach his destination, or the 19th floor, in an instant! Such a height could be overcome in just a blink of an eye!

D.Zi said a brief goodbye, leaving his specter stone frequency with Tyre, and left Tyre to leisurely walk to dormitory building T8 by himself. Just as he was about to take a gentle ride on the powered stairs (TL NOTE: Might as well call this an escalator from now on), a middle aged man suddenly pushed the doors of the guard room open, and walked out.

"Where you going, little guy? The stairs are here."

Stairs? Tyre felt uneasy. He turned his head to size up the other party.

This middle aged man had eyes that gave off the aura of a general. Many ruthless years had caused wrinkles around the corners of his mouth. But, a small beard gave off the feeling of an uncle completely. That, in addition to his explosive body, it wouldn't surprise Tyre if the man could chop him in half with a single hand.

"Uncle, and you are.   . . . . . ."

"Little one, you can just call me uncle, my name isn't important. But, if you insist on labeling me with an identity, then call me the administrator because I'm the administrator of this dormitory, here. From your eyes, I can tell that you're a new student here. What's your name?"

Tyre did not like the tone of voice that the uncle used, and, because of this, he threw away precious seconds not thinking about anything. After a few awkward seconds had went by, Tyre responded

"Nice to meet you, administrator. Today, I am a new student, who just recently passed the entrance exam, named Tyre. I will be living in this dormitory building on the 19th floor in room 8. Please treat me kindly in the future."

"Let's drop the modesty, shall we? Here, I don't care how, or what you do to have fun as long as long as it doesn't exceed the dormitory rules and regulations. Oh, and if students from other dorm buildings come and dare make a ruckus, I'll be the first one to kick them out."

The uncle's natural, refreshing personality made Tyre favor him even more. It was much better than those who only pay lip service.

"Right, uncle, just now, why did you want me to use the stairs?" Tyre brought up this incident that still perplexed him. However, the uncle said

"It's because some trashy kids broke the escalator, so it'll take a month until it's officially in service again. So for now, just accept it and climb those stairs."

What? At first, Tyre thought he had misheard. He backed away from the dormitory building, so he could get a better view, and looked up.

"Uncle, but I'm on the 19th floor."

"Treat it like a workout, then, and build that strength that you little ones have so little of. What are you afraid of, you should act more like a warrior! Anyways, you must climb! That is the only option!" The uncle held out one big thumbs up at Tyre and smiled. That smile turned Tyre to ice. The problem was, he only had physical energy, and yet the uncle had treated him as if he had none?


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