After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 32 part2

Chapter 32: Weird Roommates
Translated by: MetaAthena

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By the time Tyre reached the 19th floor, it was already the afternoon. He hastily ripped off his black mask and gasped for fresh air. As a result, Tyre was suffering untold hardships by climbing those stairs. After all, once he reached the end of his journey, he could only dread the next time he had to make the journey in his descent down the stairs; would he be able to even take a breath at the end of that?

D*mn it! Who was the one to break the escalator? Tyre had wanted to level his Dou Qi levels, so why was he forced to level is strength levels? Although both ways could increase his stamina, in different ways, it was quite obvious that the former was more effective.

But as Tyre opened the 19th floor's 8th room, he heard a spry, brisk voice inside talking diligently  about a few interesting anecdotes. However, the other man's voice seemed a little familiar to Tyre.

He fixed his eyes on the source of the voice which was sitting on the side of a bed. Slowly, he realized one of his roommates was blonde. Without thinking, Tyre immediately closed the door.

A questioning sound came from inside the room, as the man was not able to understand why Tyre had closed the door right after opening it. Outside, however, Tyre was hyperventilating, eyes wide open in shock. How unlucky! On the other side of the door was none other than young master Claude. The only good thing was that Claude had his back turned to him, and was unable to catch a glimpse of Tyre's face. If that happened… it would've been really bad.

Tyre took two more deep breaths, put on his mask, and opened the door yet again.

"Hello, everyone."

"Hi. What was that just now? You just slammed the door and exited without saying anything," the boy on the couch said in the same soft tone. He stood up and walked over to Tyre, extending his right hand. Tyre immediately followed through and grasped his hand firmly in a handshake.

"I had just received a call from my magic spector, and had to step outside, sorry," Tyre lied.

"Ah, it's alright. Well, then let's familiarize ourselves, shall we? My name is Constantine, from the Xigley Empire, and this here is Claude, who comes from the Hillier Dukedom and is said to be the son of a duke. And that empty bed's owner just left the room. But, when he comes back, don't look surprised, don't act surprised, don't be surprised. Otherwise, you'll hurt his feelings and break his heart."

Constantine's last sentence shook Tyre. Don't act surprised at all? Was this person that ugly, or something? If the mysterious member was, indeed, ugly, Tyre was confident that he could hold his cool. After pondering that for a while, Tyre beamed a smile directly at Claude before starting his self introduction

"My name is Tyre. I come from the Xigley empire from the Xavier Duchy. Speaking of which, I have already have had the pleasure of meeting master Claude."

Of course, Claude still remembered the first time he had met Tyre, in the forest, so Tyre made careful work as to not mention where they had met before.

"Small world," Claude said, smiling. He slowly stood up and walked towards Tyre, extending his hand in preparation for a handshake. "Hmm, since the Duke's birthday feast, Mr. Tyre, your power does feel very different. It seems that you've obtained some frightening techniques."

"Master Claude, you kid me. How could you say that my techniques are frightening when you're right here?" Tyre said these words in a lighthearted way, but his heart sheltered an unlimited amount of jealousy. But, if Claude had seen his eyebrows, it certainly would have ruined all the effort Tyre had poured into his words! With a lot of hesitation and effort, Tyre clasped hands with Claude and they shared a handshake.

At this moment, Constantine rolled his eyes and said

"What are you guys even doing? What are you talking about, young master and all that stuff? This is Avalon. We are no longer master and servant, noble and peasant, no. We are all students here. It's time to change the way you think."

Constantine's words left a faint smile on Tyre and Claude's faces. Yes, they were Avalon students. No longer were they young masters, ladies, or nobles. They each stood on level ground, in a level playing field.

"If it's that way, for the next seven years to come, let's take good care of each other," Tyre politely said. Constantine and Claude spoke similar sentences before smiling and sitting down on the beds.

"Well, Tyre, from now on, this here will be your bed. This college doesn't have singlar dorm rooms, so it instead has big dorms with four beds in them. I think it's better this way because we can socialize a little easier without much fear," Constantine said, not directing his words at anyone in particular. He didn't mean to single out Tyre or Claude, as both were very powerful men that had no need to hide.

As Tyre processed this, suddenly the door opened gently, and in walked in a girl who shoulder length silver hair. Tyre put on a dumbfounded expression. Wasn't this the male dormitory? Why was there suddenly a girl? The silver-haired girl stared back at him, saw his astonishment, and turned back to Constantine, saying

"Constantine. Did you or did you not tell my classmates about my situation?"

Constantine laughed, saying "More like I wanted to see Tyre's face when you walked in! He's killing me with that face of his!" He roared with more laughter. On the side, sat Claude, whose mouth was curling up in a smile, tried to keep his cool.

"Alright, alright, let me introduce you. This here is Tyre. Like me, he's from the Xigley Empire's  Hillier Dukedom. Don't mind his mask. It's his own unique thing."

Without any explanation, Tyre stared at the girl, still unsure as to why a girl was in the boy's dormitory. At this time, Claude turned to Tyre and said

"Tyre, this is Yao Yunqi, who is a male from the Suzaku Kingdom’s Zhejiang Province."


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