After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Meeting?!
Translated by: MetaAthena (With help from Naervon over discord)

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Tyre put a little bit of thought into this matter, but did not speak up about it. After all, the group leader had yet to bring this up, and it was rude to meddle in other people's businesses. Jahe toured around with his group of people, teaching them about each and every place. Finally, after an hour, they reached the flying train. This sparked the interest of LongTu, who had never seen a flying train before. Even Yexi widened her eyes. Afterall, sitting on a flying training was truly fantastic. Normal trains were rare enough. Flying trains were the rarest of the rare. It doesn't matter who you are, literally everyone would have been surprised by a flying train. Jahe saw these people's eyes and let out a little smile as he recalled the day when he first saw and experienced what they saw all those years ago.

"You are now seated upon Avalon's own flying train. It's history is......"

Tyre had long before heard Jahe's history of the train from Lechael, so he didn't care very much. He stared out the window and looked at the tiny students below. Tyre began fantasizing about being able to fly and looking down at the ground. That would be the best.

What a shame, though. In order to fly, you'd need the strength of a Heavenly Son. But, with Tyre's talent, he wouldn't have to ever worry about breaking into the Heavenly Son level. He'd have enough trouble just breaking Army Breaker level, even with assistance. So, instead, Tyre would focus on sword skills, and use dou qi as backups and enhancements to assist his sword skills. The greatest advantage from this would be tremendous boosts to his endurance which would aid him in long, drawn out fights, as well as similar insane boosts to his defense.

However, if against a master, fights would only take tens, if not single digit, of seconds, so stamina would have no use. Only boosts to his defense would matter, but that would be in excess because he constantly utilized thousands of strange, incomparable techniques to evade enemy projectiles and attacks, meaning that he barely got hit.

Tyre sighed gloomily and shook his head. In his current state, he was 10,000 years away from it all, and he didn't know if Avalon knew a method to cultivate his dou qi quicker. As for Avalon's three sacred tools, one of them【Grace of Light】could reawaken people's memories. The problem was, Tyre had no idea where this super weapon was which meant that he had to investigate thoroughly. He'd cross that bridge when he got there, though because nobody could plan out the future perfectly. In the meantime, Tyre had no interest on prying into the secrets of the sacred tool before studying, and understanding, Avalon completely.

By the time Jahe had finished his lecture, the group had arrived at their destination; Avalon's first district.

They took a lightweight chariot on a beaten road and arrived at the Heavenly Hall. While others were stunned by the grandeur structure, Tyre had seen it long ago. Now, it seemed dull and boring. Last time, as Lunaria, he had paid very close attention to all the intricate details of the Heavenly Hall, but did not examine the surrounding buildings. Luckily, most likely due to the direct admission, there was no trace of senior students trying to recruit the new to-be-students into clubs. If they were noticed by that many people again, their misery would have been on the same level as Claude. After all, Claude had told them over spectre stone that it was past 9 in the evening before he was able to escape. It was ridiculous to imagine just how many people had besieged him. There was no way you could describe that situation as anything other than more miserable than misery! After randomly saying things to get people off his back, Claude eventually joined the sword department, the optic association, and the magic ball appreciation club.

Tyre looked all around. Around him, stood lines of trees and groups of students, but, still, not a single queer building escaped his sight. Avalon had far too many surprises, from flying trains to moving stairs, which always never failed to surprise Tyre. Plus, because he had no memory whatsoever, every new experience was more and more exciting for him than for others. If you set aside the fact that you have, indeed, lost your memory, then spending time in Avalon wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Unfortunately, losing his memories made Tyre very troubled because controlling two bodies at made it feel like there was a fish bone stuck in his throat. He must know his past or else what what difference would he have from a zombie?

After waiting on Tyre and the others to finish their registration at the receptionist desk, receiving his dorm cards and uniforms, Jahe threw his arms behind his back and told the group to meet report back to him in two days. Finishing his duties, Jahe  boarded a flying vessel by himself and headed back to sector 1, and left the group behind to their own devices.

Tyre and LongTu looked at other, then at D.Zi. Suddenly, a few people momentary became perplexed. After all, Jahe had just thrown them into such a huge school with little to no instructions. It felt far too free and liberal.

Without saying anything, Yexi suddenly walked off in a direction, freeing herself from the rest of the group. On the other hand, D.Zi simply stared at his dormitory card.

"Hey, Mr. Tyre, Miss LongTu, my dorm is in District 18. Building T7, floor 13, what about you two?" D.Zi said.

"Mine is in District 18, building T8, on the 19th floor. There's probably a dorm building between our dorms. What about you, LongTu?"

Tyre couldn't help but look at LongTu. LongTu returned a blank stare, before snapping back into reality and took out her dorm card from her storage ring. Cautiously, she took a peak at it. Slowly, she whimpered and said

"It says that my dorm is in the 17th district, building T5, floor 17, room 5."

"What?!" Tyre couldn't help but blurt out. His reaction somewhat astonished the two people around him. Quickly, he regained his composure, a little embarrassed, and stumbled over his own tongue a bit before saying

"Nothing, it's just that the 17th floor sounds a bit high."

Of course, the height was no big deal. What Tyre was really surprised about was that LongTu would be in the same dorm as Darmiala and Lunaria.  Even so, the probability that their dorms would be situated right next to each other was low.

LongTu looked up at the towering buildings around her and said

"Listening to you say that, Avalon really is built in an exaggerated way. Plus, I'm afraid that it's near impossible to find a building complex nestled in a mountain range of this caliber and size in the Holy Dragon Ruled Heavenly Empire. It's been called 'the paramount educational establishment' and its fame follows merit. I just don't know how and what they teach here that makes it so famous. I'm also scared of whether the atmosphere is different or not from other places."

While looking at LongTu, Tyre and D.Zi caught sight of other students. They were either buried in books or in an empty corner, deep in cultivation and studying magic, or on benches speaking frankly with assurance with one another. Each one of their eyes was bright with color and they seemed to be thriving and radiant which was rare in the Xigely Empire.

This was because, in the Xigely Empire, they forced children, from a young age, children learned to outwit each other in mutual deception. But even that form of pure knowledge could easily collapse and crumble leaving nothing but chaos and ruins in its ruthless wake. Only a few, such as Claude and D.Zi were able to grow out of the mud unsullied. It turns out, no matter how bad the atmosphere is, it is possible to stay on the path of righteousness and stay true to your heart.

Tyre didn't how know it was in the Vermilion Kingdom, but he thought that Avalon was the most【clean】place he had visited so far.

Not only was it clean on a physical level, but also on an atmospheric and spiritual level as well. People were able to develop relationships with other people and communicate freely. Comparing that to countries, which were always engulfed in wars over simple disputes, you could say that Avalon was like a holy sanctuary.

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