After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Shocked!
Translated by: MetaAthena (With lots of help from Naervon over discord!)

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"You're all like a group of jumping clowns!" D.Zi thundered. , his voice echoing through the square. Many protesters averted their faces, afraid to meet D.Zi's eyes directly. After all, they had hear the voice of a very powerful man telling them to stop. "Mr. Tyre here is a man that even I fear! You, on the other hand, are nothing but small fry compared to him. So, if you disrespect him, you disrespect me!"

Everyone was taken aback. Everyone, that is, except for Jahe, who admired the show while keeping  a straight face. Tyre narrowed his eyes and looked towards Jahe, trying to read him.

He stepped forward and waved his hand towards D.Zi, telling him to back off. Slowly, he sauntered forward, hand on the hilt of his sword,【The Fallen One】.

"I'm Tyre." He paused, looking over the crowd. "You got a problem with me? Step right up. But the price you'll pay is your life." After the Magician Girl contest, Tyre had confirmed a theory. People are bullied by others, that's a natural process. In fact, the more you pretend to be indifferent, the more likely it is to be bullied. But if you step up to them with a serious attitude, they all back down.

Unlike the Magician Girl tournament, this was all a bluff. This time around, he stood against tens of thousands of powerful people who could easily tear him to pieces.

But the result?

Nothing. No sound from anyone. Even the fiercest ones who had started the lemming train were silent. But, why? It was all because of D.Zi's words, and Tyre's actions, a man who dared step forward against thousands of others and challenge them all. The crowd backed down, scared that a single breath could kill them. They couldn't afford to gamble their lives away, not on a silly matter like this. After all, they had come to Avalon to chase their hopes and dreams. Slowly, the ruckus died down, but how long would it take to arise again?

Jahe looked at Tyre again, taking note of his quick reaction speed, and immense courage to resist opposition against all odds. He gave an invisible nod. Tyre was just the type of person Avalon needed; an enemy to those not making any progress at all.

Seeing that nobody came to oppose him, or flank him, in that sense, Tyre sheathed his sword, and turned to face D.Zi and the others. D.Zi smiled towards Tyre in approval. On the other hand, LongTu hit Tyre in the chest, saying

"Do you like fighting entire gangs, or something?"

Tyre  laughed at Longtu's appearance. Or, at least, he would've if not knocked breathless by Longtu's 'tap of love.' On the contrary, Yexi closed her eyes and ignored the quarrel. It had nothing to do with her, she concluded. Jahe also left them alone. There would always be an out-of-control croup every year, but they would usually resolve themselves, which is why he was so calm. If they couldn't, then, and only then, would Avalon intervene.

"Okay, Then you will follow me."

"Ah, hold on a second," Tyre said. Jahe glanced towards Tyre, remembering that there were still two young girls around him that wanted to say something. He was not an unreasonable man and still cared very much for possible candidates of Avalon.

"I won't give you a time restraint. Just finish up quickly." Jahe left a very positive impression on Tyre, and nodded towards him.

Tyre turned the the rest of the examinees and said

"Work hard, and I'll see you in Avalon."

Of course, Tyre did not say this directly to Roselle Butterfly and the others because if the other examinees knew that they were related to him in any way, they might be targeted by a plethora of narrow-minded individuals. Knowing this, Tyre decided to be a bit ambiguous and not directly say his farewells this time around.  

Tyre's followers were not fools, and caught on easily to what he tried to say to them, remaining oblivious that these words were directed towards them. Only Elena opened her mouth to speak, but she quickly caught sight of Roselle Butterfly's eyes glaring daggers at her to hold her tongue.

As Tyre said his goodbyes to the examiners, D.Zi did not say anything to Leah. They were merely peers. D.Zi had no reason to protect Leah, nor did Leah need his protection. Because this mutual action between them was so decisive, it was also very unlikely that anyone would remember the two as a pair.

Eventually, Tyre looked at Jahe, telling him he was done. Just in case, Jahe waited for everyone to finish their farewells. Other than LongTu speaking to a few people near her, it was silent. Smiling and unfazed, Jahe continued his speech from before

"Follow me in."


Avalon is divided into 23 different districts. Among the first 16 districts, only district 11 wasn't dedicated to big clubs and engineering departments. From district 17 onwards lay dormitories and lower level school districts. While the dormitories provided a place for staff and student, alike, to rest, the lower level academy only recruited child geniuses under the age of 10. It was said that these children who grew up in Avalon would go on to be even more successful than regular students after graduation.

After Jahe's simplified explanation of Avalon's to the five of them, he pointed at the underfoot pathway

"We've arrived at the first district which is also Avalon's main entrance. The back door is in the 22nd district. Both entrances have very powerful guards posted at them, so if you want to cut class, you better understand your own strength." Jahe's sentence made LongTu snicker a bit, but the others didn't make  a face or lose their cool. None of this, however, affected Jahe. He had already met numerous troublesome new students, but in the end, they were put in their place by Avalon's atmosphere. So, he didn't worry at all.

"Ahead of us is a very important piece of Avalon, the 【Heavenly Path】."

Jahe pointed at a giant white road, not too far off in the distance. In the direction of the giant pathway, Tyre could make out a far away 【Heaven’s Wheel】tower. These two stunning structures seemed to shake the scenery around them and even made Tyre click his tongue in astonishment. It was hard to wrap your mind around how much time, effort, money, and craftsmanship went into the architecture of the 【Heaven’s Wheel】to build it from the ground up.

Continuing his introduction speech, Jahe recited the history of the 【Heaven’s Path】, but only D.Zi and LongTu listened with enthusiasm. As for Yexi, she continued to express an ignorant and bored expression with Tyre, as they seemed to drift off into their own world. Tyre loosened his shoulders. He had already heard this introduction speech once before from Darmiala, so he really couldn't care less whether he could or couldn't hear it all again. Then, something nagging at him came to mind. It seemed, just a moment ago, Jahe was talking to five people. But, if he counted himself, weren't there only four people around him?


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