After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 2

ATF School Arc Chapter 2 Farewell
Translated By: Naervon
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The interior of the train was huge, and when Tyre entered with the others, a crowd entered their sight. Good thing he had already experienced the procedures of getting on the train as Lunaria, so he was already kind of familiar with what to do and doesn’t have to seem like a total bumpkin.
In actuality, Roselle Butterfly and the others were all baffled by the train, because they had no clue on where to go and how this metal box can take them places at all.
“Follow me into the train.”
Tyre calmly said with confidence as he took the lead and walked into a train compartment. As he walked in, the sight of no empty seats caused him to frown and bit, so he turned around and said
“Look at your train ticket, and go find the seat with the same number as your ticket, that is your seat.”
“I am E-7!” Elena piped up first, then Roselle followed saying
“Um, I am E-8.”

“Hmm, it looks like we got the connected seats. Mine is E-6.” Ghost Slayer seemed to know a bit about trains from his overnight adventure camp out, so Tyre responded with a nod in his direction then pointed at the three seats and said
“Your seats should be over there. My number is F-14. Sand Sword, what’s your seat number?”

“So you are behind me. Good, we don’t have to be too far apart. You three listen up, our journey to Avalon will take about a day, so don’t sleep to heavily because you don’t know what kind of people is sitting on the train with you.”
“Yes!” Hearing Tyre’s orders, they all became serious, not because they were afraid of Tyre, but because the train compartment was truly too tightly packed, so there was bound to be some thieves lurking around, as for the perverts and other types of weirdos there was nothing they can do but be careful.
Good thing the train that Lunaria was on only served the elite. Other than the fact that the people on the train with her were all full of attitude, there was really nothing to worry about.
“Then you guys be careful. Sand Sword, lets go.”

“I, this is the first time that I am on a train.” Elena looked around curiously. Her small hands held on to Roselle’s shirt and Ghost Slayer walked in front of them to make a path to their seat.
“You two, hurry up and go in.”
“Eh? But I should be sitting in number 8 seat.” Roselle said with question marks floating over her head, but Elena let out a tiny hehe and made a dash for the innermost seat by the window, then she leaned on the the train window looking outside. Outside the train, all she could see was a pitch black view, for the train has not started moving and so there was no lights to light the way.

“Aiya, you must know that my job is to protect you two ladies from suffering any harm, so I must be the one to sit facing the outside naturally.”
“Are you implying that I am weaker than you?” Roselle crossed her arms and puffed up her chest while looking down at him. Ghost Slayer waved his hand and said
“I’ll admit, if we were to spar before this, then I won’t last over 10 moves, but today it different. I have taken on Mr. Tyre’s legacy and his body techniques. As of right now, I am confident that I can even one vs one that Ogre lord Memeda and kill him!”

“I, I can do that too!” Roselle Butterfly was about to retort back, but the train suddenly made a clunking noise as the machinery started up. The poor little girl mercenary almost fell on her face. Good thing Ghost Slayer had a fast reaction and pulled her up, or else she would definitely have made an intimate contact with the floor.
“Just go in and sit down, the train is about to move.” Ghost Slayer said with a smirk on his face as he stared at Roselle Butterfly, who felt her face blush red. She decided to ignore Ghost Slayer and went in and sat down.
“Remember, don’t sleep too soundly. I’ve been on a few trains and there are a lot of thieves on the train, so even if we don’t have any valuables on us, we must still be aware and not let Mr. Tyre worry about us.”
“Mm.” Roselle Butterfly understood this, but when the two turned to look at the sleepy looking wind elf, they felt their heads start to hurt.

Over on Tyre’s side, he had already found his seat along with Sand Sword. At this time, the compartment was very tightly packed, and the people without tickets could only stand there. Even though standing for a day is nothing to the martial artists, but when you just stand there for a day doing nothing, your mind would still get very tired.
Tyre found his own spot and sat down without even thinking. Even though his eat was nothing compared to the one that Lunaria sat in, but he still felt that the seat was wonderful and new, afterall, it was still a new product wasn’t it.
Thinking more about the seat, he couldn’t help but wonder at how smart someone would have to be to come up with something like a train. When he was free, he did do research on who invented stuff like the train, the specter stones as well as other strange stuff. It turns out that all of these strange inventions were made by a single person, and this person’s name was famous too, for he was one of the Earth Sage Kings, Heavenly Machine Deity, ranked number 9.

Just as he felt awed by the genius of the Heavenly machine Deity, the figure next to him spoke up.
“How coincidental. Why, isn’t this Tyre?”
“! !” Tyre’s pupils shrunk, for he did not even look at who he was sitting next to. He turned around and looked, and a small girl who was shorter than him entered his vision.
Tyre blinked a few times, then his brain caught up
“LONGTU! Why are you here!”


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