After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Unsatisfied

Translated By: MetaAthena, Naevron

~Naevron’s monitor broke midway through, so they’ll probably be a few translating errors. Anyways, enjoy!

D.Zi saw that Leah did not enjoy Tyre's presence and immediately stood up, coughed, and said,

"Mr. Tyre, what do you see as the point of this exam. The academy never specified a time limit or explained what the task at hand is. I believe that this is a fatal exam to weed out those who do not have a firm mind," D.Zi stated.

After calming himself down. His mind was now cleared and his sense of judgment and mental capabilities increased drastically compared to before.

Tyre nodded slightly, while ignoring Leah's eyes that stared daggers into him, and replied, "The purpose of this test is to see which ones of us can adapt in times of stress and danger. It's a pity, though. Mr. D.Zi here has no need for the ability to change and adapt. Not when you can kill the danger itself."

D.Zi smiled. Actually, while killing the monster, his mind was almost blank. He had seen a giant figure rushing over his head and struck, but didn't expect that he was actually strong enough to make the monster simply disappear. This time, he had killed it easily, but if it had been in the past, D.Zi might of only barely escaped with his life intact.

However, what grabbed people's attention was the fact that D.Zi was still at the Army Breaker stage. After all, slaughtering a level six monster was no easy feat. Even across all the realms and over decades of time, few could claim to had done so.

"So, you're here," LongTu said as she entered the scene with Ghostslayer and Sandsword trailing not too far behind her. The new arrivals seemed strange in stark contrast to their surroundings as they leisurely walked in. Tyre couldn't help but relax his shoulders. LongTu always seemed to have an optimistic attitude. If you were to look at the surrounding people, then looked at LongTu, Ghostslayer, and Sandsword, it would seem that they resembled tourists more than examinees, eager to discover the land.

After secretly taking care of his abdominal cramps, Tyre spoke to D.Zi

"Mr. D.Zi, let me introduce you. This is my friend, LongTu, This is Sandsword, and this is Ghostslayer."

Recognizing the situation, one that consisted of Tyre on one side, and a genius on the other, LongTu immediately took back her lazy attitude and greeted D.Zi with a nod

"Mr. D.Zi."

D.Zi was taken aback by the little girl greeting him in such a formal way, that he almost forgot to respond

"Hello, LongTu. It seems that you all came here together."

"You are correct. However, Mr. D.zi, if I recall correctly, you are a part of the House of Duchy, but Leah is not. If that is the case, why did she travel to Avalon alongside you?"

Tyre asked. He remembered that Leah has seen Lunaria off at the station herself, so why was she here at the Avalon entrance exam, all of a sudden?

Leah humphed coldly. She had no heart to answer Tyre's question. D.Zi gave Tyre a wry smile, saying

"Miss Leah did not have an Avalon recommendation letter, so she could only come here and take the assessment."

Tyre, already knowing this, raised his eyebrows and continued to pester Leah and D.Zi with questions

"So why did you choose to come to Avalon?"

"Are you some kind of detective?" Leah shouted, "Why is it that, when it involves me, you have to ask so many questions?!" D.Zi put on an disappointed face. He had tried to say a less meaningful sentence, hoping that Tyre would understand that Leah did not want others to know the reason as to why she had to go through such ridiculous trials. It was a true pity that Tyre didn't understand his intentions. Now, the once dejected Leah was on fire with anger.

This time, Tyre found that he had bit off more than he could chew. After all, as Luniara, he and Leah were on very good terms. Yet, in this situation, his question was not a polite thing to ask at all.

It was hard to maintain two bodies with one mind. As switching between each memory was troublesome and easily messed up. For example, just now, when Tyre had seen Leah, he immediately took on the role of Lunaria. If it weren't for basic common sense, he might've just yelled out "big sis Leah" without thinking.

"I may not know your purposes for coming to Avalon, but I can assure you that you will not lay a hand on Lunaria, not while I'm around!"

"Eh?" Tyre said, not knowing how to respond. Soon, silence enthralled the scene and it became very awkward.

All of a sudden, from very far out in back corner, Jahe  loudly yelled, "STOP!"

Right after hearing this, the three monsters still roaming around stopped and squatted on the floor. Everyone saw that the monsters ceased their attacks and became very relieved. Some sat down, while others, who couldn't imagine sitting, kept standing, panting. They all knew that Avalon was notorious for having strict assessments. But, seriously, who could bear a battle royale of life and death, of all things?

Ignoring everyone's period of rest, Jahe boomed, "This was the first round of assessment and was used to test your reaction capabilities, physical capabilities, mental capabilities, and comprehensive abilities on when to escape. Do not think that anger will make you fail. As a matter of fact, people who understand anger are the ones who are most likely to survive."

Jahe paused, then picked up a tablet.

"Now, I shall read off a few names. Those who hear their names, come and join me. Tyre, LongTu, D.Zi, Kaermen, Yexi."

Tyre was surprised as he heard his name called, even if he didn't know what it was for. Yet, he was startled after hearing the name Yexi. Initially, Tyre had come into Avalon not expecting to meet so many acquaintances, and did not expect to meet so many people he knew. Even with people, such as Yexi, that he only exchanged a few words with.

Tyre, D.Zi, and LongTu looked at one another before nodding towards Sandsword and swiftly made their way to stand beside Jahe. Yexi also made her way towards them from a different side.

After the fifth member, Kaermen, joined them, Jahe said, "The five of you that have performed exceptionally well in this first assessment will be admitted directly into Avalon. So, after skipping the next assessment, all you need to do is complete the final task, and you may report to the 11th district."

Shocked murmurs  rose from the crowd surrounding the the five exceptional examinees. They had no idea that the exams had such a procedure. Because of this, some depressed people sank further into the depths of despair.

But, many people could not comprehend Jahe's decision. Sure, Yexi had the potential to break past the level of army breaker. People had seen her strangely move around the monsters as if teleporting. LongTu had horrifyingly powerful power, enough to send many strong men to their graves, instantly. Not to mention D.Zi, who was powerful enough to kill the danger itself.

But, what about Tyre and Kaermen? An angry little devil and a "mysterious" man in a mask? At this point, somebody in the crowd couldn't help but complain, "Why is this person, Tyre, able to be directly admitted? He he's able to, so can I!" Soon, the crowd broke out in discord as unsatisfied examinees vied for change in this misconduct. The ruckus became so disorientating that even someone with a terrible voice could not help but frown.

D.Zi, after enduring this for a moment screamed out, "SILENCE!"


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