After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 2 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Acquaintance?
Translated By: Naervon

Everyone thought that the objective of this first round of the exam was to run away from the monsters and try to stay alive. After all, the monsters chasing them were all Level 6 Magic Beasts, with power on par with a Emperor stage Cultivator, and one must know that an Emperor stage person is an existence that have surpassed their first mortal restriction, allowing them to fly freely in the skies. After breaking through to the Emperor stage, it becomes a joke to even try to compare the difference in power between an Army Breaker and an Emperor, for there was no way that an Army Breaker can stand before the might of an Emperor Stage.
But, before their very eyes, a tiny girl has done just that.
LongTu with her 1.4 meter height and her tiny little fist shocked everyone. Even though the monster that was sent flying got up and shrugged off the pain after just a few shakes, it was obviously hurt by that punch. If the monster was a normal magic beast, it would have definitely been angered and would have charged LongTu as if she was its mortal enemy, but as a Level Six Magic Beast who has already gained intelligence close to an actual human, it knows clearly that rather than facing a choice between trying to eat this difficult prey who fights back, and trying to eat the weak fleeing sheep, it might as well just ignore the first choice and go straight for the second choice.
Having made up its mind, the Beast completely ignored LongTu as it charged towards another group of fleeing weaklings without even so much as looking in LongTu’s direction.

The monster’s choice clearly shocked LongTu as well, for she stood there completely dumbfounded at seeing her punching bag running away from her when she wasn’t even warmed up!

Ghostslayer slowly inched his way closer to LongTu with his face practically oozing respect, but from far away, his looks gave the other people an impression of a parent who was proud of his kid for walking out into the world alone. Sandsword looked much more calm in comparison, but nodded his respect for LongTu and her techniques silently inside, because he was a man who respected skillful martial artists with a passion.

Jahe was also shocked speechless by the unexpected development, once he recovered from it, he immediately ordered to another worker who was on standby
“Add her to the list too. Even though her age and her looks don’t match, but she is obviously another talented person we must have. She is also to be exempt from the rest of the exam like that boy.”
“Yes sir.”

Tyre had already arrived at the edge of the platform with Roselle and Elena in tow, but he had truly never considered just how wild a Loli LongTu was. Now, with the other side of LongTu displayed in all its brutal glory, Tyre just stood there slack jawed along with Roselle and Elena. Even though Tyre already had his suspicions about how strong LongTu truly was before, but this display of raw power still shocked him. Sending an Level six monster flying was way more scarier than killing a level 5 troll king with a forbidden technique! But, from this Tyre could also see just how much LongTu has grown in the past few months, and based on this, he was sure that if the current LongTu was to face that Troll King Memeda again, she would probably turn that monster to meat paste in a single punch.

Time ticked by second by second, and just when Tyre thought that this round should be over soon, he saw a familiar huge clock suddenly appear in the distance.
“Formation of Holy Punishment!” Tyre shouted out in surprise as he recognized that clock, for it was exactly the same one as he had seen D.Zi use with his flashing sword style. Could D.Zi have joined this entrance exam too?

With his curiosity itching, he couldn’t resist getting a closer look. Tyre give Elena and Roselle a look and the three ran towards the direction of the clock to get a better look.
Before they even got close to the clock, Tyre already heard D.Zi’s excited voice, the one that made D.Zi sound like a battle maniac when his bloodline completely takes over his normal elegant manners. All Tyre could hear was D.Zi’s excited roaring
“AHAHAHAHA, Not Bad Not Bad. Only an exam of this level can live up to the name of Avalon. If the monsters for this round was any weaker, then it wouldn’t even be a challenge!”
As the huge clocked ticked down, a huge level six magic beast repeatedly slammed against the Holy Shield protecting D.Zi!
Despite the enormous impacts from the level six monster, D.Zi’s holy shield didn’t even shimmer, let alone crack. To be able to stand up to the powerful attacks, D.Zi was obviously much stronger than he was back at the Duke’s feast. Even if the monster managed to crack the shield during the 5 seconds of respite, there wasn’t the slightest possibility of it breaking through to D.Zi.
And Tyre knew, 5 seconds later, D.Zi will launch his strongest attack!
“Die you lumbering garbage! Saint of Punishment!”

Tyre quietly stood there, silently praising D.Zi and his shameless habit of yelling out the name of the moves that he used.
As D.Zi shamelessly announced the embarrassing name of his finishing blow, the two motionless angels that stood behind the clock moved. Each angel raised their hands as holy light coalesced and formed swords in their hands, looking like two goddesses as they flew towards the Level six Beast.
Their frightening speed didn’t even give the monster time to react before their swords pierced the monster. But that wasn’t the end, for a huge pillar of light blasted down from the heavens and rotated like a gigantic twister of light, tearing the monster apart in an endless torrent of energy and dou qi! The monster cried out in an anguished wail as its intelligence realized its impending death, its cries shaking the platform with its power, and almost shattered Tyre’s ears with the booming sound waves.

Not wanting to be caught up in the huge disaster zone, almost all the exam takers fled the area, looking more terrified than they did when a level six monster chasing after them!

Boom Boom BOOM! The tornado of holy light grew stronger with every passing second with no signs of letting up, the extreme heat let off by the attack caused the plasma like hot air to rapidly expand and shoot off in every direction, causing a shockwave to form. The weaker of the exam takers were knocked down on their butts as they stared at D.Zi in disbelief, completely terrified by D.Zi’s might!
“AHAHAHAHA, turn to dust! You lowly maggot!” D.Zi laughed wildy as he roared with the monster, and as he finished his words, the Monster begin to disintegrate like a huge sand castle in a galewind, dispersing rapidly into dust and ashes.

Jahe was stumped for the third time in a row. After quite a while of speechlessness, he shook his head with a slight smile on his face, then he nodded his head as he muttered
“No bad, this kid’s better than me when I was his age. Put him on the list to be exempt for further testing too.”
“Yes sir.” The white clothed worker jotted down D.Zi’s name, obviously shaken by D.Zi’s powerful attack and potential as a genius.

The entire platform was held in awe by the sheer power that D.Zi showed in his outrageous attack, and his dashing looks along with the ‘cool name’ of his finishing move caused many of the young man and young girls to become his fans. Tyre facepalmed when he saw D.Zi making embarrassing poses in the distance, then he turned the other way and pretended to no know that guy. After quite a bit of posing and looking wild, D.Zi gradually calmed down as his blood stopped roiling. As his blood filled face gradually returned to the normal white color of his usual looks, his elegant airs recovered around him.
Tyre shook his head as he tutted. D.Zi might be strong, but that crazy battle maniac look and those embarrassing words were something that Tyre would never copy, and even if he could imitate D.Zi’s moves and poses, he still cannot see how that was cool or handsome in any way.
Tyre made up his mind and decided to go talk to D.Zi after he recovered, after all, it was better to have a friend by your side in a strange new place. “Mr. D.Zi.” Tyre approached D.Zi and said
D.Zi saw Tyre walking towards him with two girls behind him and gave a brilliant smile, answering
“Mr. 123.”

“You can just call me Tyre.” Tyre shook his head as he cried on the inside, because his merc name 123 was too embarrassing. Tyre considered whether he should make another account with the Mercenary guild and register another Merc Id.
D.Zi gave him a look that says ‘I feel you’ and then said
“Mr. Tyre, it’s been a long time since we last met. Also Miss Elena. Mmm, ….. This is . . . . . . ”
“You can call her Roselle Butterfly.” Tyre said casually, D.Zi nodded his head
“How do you do, Miss Roselle Butterfly. My pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
“How do you do, D.Zi Sire.” Roselle felt a terrifying pressure radiating from D.Zi, and facing the powerful D.Zi, she instinctively changed his title to Sire.
D.Zi was caught off guard by the respect, then he shook his head and was about to say something, but a red streak arrived and interrupted him.
“Mr. D.Zi, you are truly strong.”

“Ah, sorry about that. Everyone, allow me to introduce her.” D.Zi pointed towards the red figure standing next to him and said
“This here is the descendent of the famous Demi-Deity General Ness from the Duchy of Xavier. Her name is Leah, Limaer.”
Tyre’s pupils immediately shrunk to pin points, for he didn’t need D.Zi to introduce Leah at all, he could tell who she was just from the smell alone! He couldn’t even count the number of times that he was assaulted and teased by this very girl in front of him!
However, this Miss Leah only revealed that lively and cute side of her only when she was alone with Lunaria, and when she was with Claude, she would be just obedient and intelligent. In front of strangers and other people, Leah was an iceberg radiating coldness. When Leah saw Tyre, her eyes immediately turned cold and she almost pulled out her sword and attacked.
Tyre thought about her actions for a brief moment, completely confused as to how he somehow managed to piss off leah, for he couldn’t remember a single instance where he might have met with her, let alone piss her off somehow, so why did she look like she hated his guts??
What poor Tyre didn’t know was, when he accidentally kissed himself as Lunaria, Leah blamed everything on herself for the ‘shame’ that Lunaria had to suffer. Now with the perpetrator right there in front of her, there was no way in hell that Leah could contain herself. If it wasn’t for D.Zi and the others here, she might have really just let it all out. Maybe not to the point of actually slashing at Tyre with her sword, but Tyre would definitely know what it feels like to be pointed at a nose by a pissed off girl and getting cussed at for a very long time.


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